Forever In My Heart (Episode 2)


Hellow all of u….hw r u all….???? this my advance b’day gift for all of u.. coz kal I am celebrating my special 15 th b’day….that’s y this from my side to all of u….
nd thank u all of u for ur comments on previous episode…I love u all infinite… nd chill guyzzz its not my personal experience….coz I am accha baccha…I kn u all there for me…

so let’s begin

Like this only days passed, and this year also came to an end . slowly.. slowly… I started excepting my feelings and I came to the conclusion that no matter Wt , he likes me or not , he loves me or not rather he loves someone else BT my heart will always beat for that rascal only and only….
I never ever wanted him to kn my feelings in my worst dream also coz if that would happen then I kn myself I would be fully shattered. The little hope which I HV been carrying that sm day he will come to me and will say that beautiful words for which I am dieing …. BT after that hope will also deminished like me…
After few month………

I was walking through the corridor while reading my favorite novel “forever in my heart” by Arindam dey. my full concentration WS in that BT suddenly ….Boom!!!!!! oh god .. I bumped into a guy ..(any guesses for that) OK yes you all are correct he is none other than my cute rascal… BT that day he WS looking quite weird I mean he should be happy coz few weeks before only he proposed to that stupid girl and after that by doing some ‘nautanki’ she said yes to him and now as much I know they both are in relationship and he is very happy… and I am also happy for him….
But now Wt happened to him …y my brave rascal is looking like little kitten… and that too so dishearted??

Then I came to my senses when he took my name.He was about to ask something but I cut him off and asked about his health Wt happened to u?? is everything alright?? something wrong?? arey…y u r not saying thing…speak stupid…say something…???
I was continuously blabbering.. exactly don’t kn wt…BT something …
BT then only he did something unexpected.. he covered my mouth with his harsh but lovely hand…( BT my eyes widened in shock)…
After that when I came to my senses that tym I realized ohh…Frick… dint I over reacted , he was just sweating badly nd I assumed something wrong….I am literally a big fool with 2 horns…stupid I…

we were looking at each other means ( I was observing him nd he.. don’t kn) that tym again he shook me nd this tym it was awful ( hurt hua tha yr..)
Hey dude were are u…I think something is wrong with u only coz these days u r dreaming a lot “babe”…nd jahan tak meri baat hai I am all well …nd just chillofying after breaking up with that b*t*h..

( wt??? I am dreaming a lot I feel)
me -” NYC joke stupid” huh..
he -“oye..ullu ..I am not joking ..I broke up with her seriously”
me -“ohh god …BT wt happened?? ”
he -“u kn wt I think that WS just infatuation nd not any love shv sort of thing …nd bcoz of this I ended with this blunder… BT now I am clear with everything nd pretty sure sure abt her ..that she is not my type…so that’s the reason I am chilling ”
me -” Okkkk…but y are u sweating then??”
he -“ohh this…oh f**k..this is all bcoz of u stupid…I am going …need to use washroooomm…fast ..side u idiot”( by saying this he jumped nd ran like a jet nd went for his private space)
BT after his explanation also I was not convinced.. idk but something was wrong in his behavior… I felt that may b he was crying or what??? I don’t kn exactly… bcoz he was not the 1 Jo aise hi relationship

break kar de…nd vo bhi bcoz of such idiotic reasons… his eyes ws saying something which mujhe samajh nahi aaya…I was failed to understand him. ….but I kn one thing that cum wt may …by hook or crook I WILL FIND THE HIDDEN TRUTH…..

“Mohhabat ka imtehaan aasan nahin,
pyar sirf pane ka naam nahi,
mohhabetein beet jati hai kisi ke intezar mei,
ye pal do pal ka kaam nahi”

huh…I kn lots of grammatical mistakes. .BT u all shud kn that I am very bad at grammar u see. that’s y sorry for that… nd love u all for ur support nd love…love u all…muahhhhh

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  1. Oh my god you are just 15.but you story doesn’t show that.eagerly waiting for next.wish you a many more happy returns of the day.may all your wishes and dreams come true.

    1. Aana

      Don’t say like that Di…I am not just 15 coz from today my 16 will b running… U mean it ??? Really?? BTW thank u so much for ur support nd love…nd do comment on next episodes also…

  2. Jnana

    Haye huzur…. Kya bath hai…..break up in few weeks….. Kaise? And why? Well find the reason soon…… Lagtha toh nahi ki aap itni choti hai….. Shayari bhi likhti hai….. What do you wanna become? Anyways….. Many many happy returns of the day….. In advance though….. May all your wishes come true…. Waiting for the next…. Tc…. Post soon….

    1. Aana

      Break up …kyu ..kaise…u will come to kn in further episodes… Nd ys …Di I do write shayaris…my dream…I mean firstly I want clear NEET then I want to study psychology… Thank u so much for ur warm wishes…plzz let me kn something abt u also…I will love to kn…
      Bye…love u…

  3. Brin

    Awesome episode, waiting for the next update. 🙂

    Happy 15th birthday, hope you have a good one. 🙂

    1. Aana

      Thank u so much Di….grt that u commented nd liked it.

  4. Gauri

    Happy Bday Aana ….. may god bless you with all the happiness …good health and million smiles 🙂 stay blessed

    1. Aana

      Thank u gauri Di…nd if u all there with me nd ur wishes r there…then definitely I am going to rock

  5. arti viswanathan

    Outstanding and excellent episode aana….. I loved itto the core……will be waiting for next episode….

    1. Aana

      Thanks arti Di…I am feeling so good that u liked it…love u a lot… Muahhhhh…

  6. Shoryu

    Tears may come and go,But there’s one thing I know. All my life you’re a friend of mine.You can depend on me.I’ll be fine… ‘Cause you’re a friend of mine.
    There are friends, there are lovers, there are partners. And then there are those rare people who seem to somehow move fluidly between all those places in one’s life.
    Ritika .. a advice to the role model of the story .. say her that be strong and don’t lose faith . And saala pyaar itna tadpaati h na . And also convey message to that stupid girl if possible ke stay away from cute rascal .. or else acha nhi hoga .. he is of only her and her..
    And coming to plot of the story awesome ..
    Continue with that flow only ..
    Love u Ritz..
    Your Shona..

    1. Aana

      I kn dear u will be there…nd u kn Wt..u HV to be…coz without life is incomplete… U kn na?? I love u more than u love me…nd ur words are so soothing that jaise hi u will come back I am going to gv u a tight hug…nd jahan tak role model ki baat hai…u kn hr very well she is very strong… No 1 can break her nd not even any emotio can let hr will power down…nd can’t say anything related. To that stupid girl…… Nd its destiny my sweetheart if they both are ment for each other then rascal will always b there for hr…nd if not may be something unexpected will happen… But thanks my shona…love u lot…miss me…nd enjoy ur mini vacation…

  7. Sulbi

    Good one dear and happy birthday tc 🙂

    1. Aana

      Thank u Di…love u

  8. Kavina

    Happy Birthday. Loved the update

    1. Aana

      Thanks a lot Di….I loved it coz u loved it.muahhhh

  9. Rossy

    Happy birthday….beautiful update ? enjoy ur day fullest

    1. Aana

      Thanks Rossy Di…nd us I enjoyed my day fullest… Nd all of urs comment made my nyt also…special..
      Love u

  10. Jessie

    Anaaaaaa… sorry my lil sissy…catching it late…upar se..missed to wish for ur b day….am catching all the past 15 days updates now….Belated Birthday Wishes..and advance New year wishes…..

    Story is proceeding too good…I so love when the girl calls him as rascal…lol…so realistic…..will read the next too …TC you

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