FOREVER ANS ALWAYS- A love story full of passion (Chapter 1)


Guys sorry for the confusion and yuvraaj is not there its vivaan kapoor so sorry for the confusion .
Thak u to all the readers….
FOREVER AND ALWAYS – a love story full of passion
It’s a beautiful morning birds are chirping sunshine has brighten the whole place…..
A girl can be seen exercising in a park and after she is done she went towards a boy and then both head towards home………

A big mansion is seen its written Kapoor mansion both boy and girl went inside they took blessings from their mother and father and then went to wake someone a big room is seen its a beautiful room with walls painted white and black and a wall having beautiful poster of trio
The boy is none other than Vivaan kapoor and that girl is ragini kapoor they went to wake up there dear sister swara
Vivaan : swaru wake up plsss….
Ragini : diii pls wake up
Swara : bhai rago pls 5 minutes
Ragini and vivaan : no 5 minutes now
She didn’t wake up yet then vivaan winked at rago and he poured full jug of water on swara
She wake up with a jerk
Swara : rain rain floods run run….
Both vivaan and ragini were laughing seeing her reaction
Swara got angry and she started running behind them they were running in the whole house and at last she caught them and then trio burst out laughing trio shared strong bond a very special and inseperable bond
Trio went to their rooms to get ready
After around half an hour trio came downstairs at the same time no they directly went to diningg area for breakfast….
Vivaan is wearing a grey suit with black shirt he is lukingg very handsome
Swara is wearing a very pretty blue saree with black border it’s very elegent yet very formal she is looking very beautiful
Ragini is wearng a white short dress and left her hair lose she is looking very beautiful
Trio setleed down there father shekher kapoor and mother sumi kapoor were already there
Vivaan : swara is there anything special that u r wearing saree
Swara : yes bhai actually today is a very important meeting for the endorsement of my fashion range
Shekher : with whom is ur meeting
Swara : sanskaar singhania
Ragini : OMG sanskaar singhania will be endorsing ur brand
Swara and vivaan chuckled as they knew that she is a big fan of sanskaar singhania……
After breakfast trio went
Swara to her office
Vivaan to his office and ragini to college
No one knows them like they are at their home they are altogather different person outside….

@singhania mansion
Two boys are seen playing basketball they are enjoing playing the game and then one guy pushes another one so that he can won after the game one was cheering i won i won and other was accusing u r a cheater u are a cheater and then they both burst out laughing and hugged each other and they went inside….
Those are nnone other than laksh singhania and sanskaar singhania
They got ready and came out for breakfast
Laksh was wearing black suit(he is a businessman)
Sanskaar is wearing blue ribbed denims with plain white shirt and black blazer
They came for breakfast greeted their mom and dad
Dp: sanskaar today is ur meeting with swara kappor r u going to endorse her brand…..
Sanskaar: yes dad she is offering a very nice deal and her brand is quite popular so its quite beneficial
Dp: hmmmm
Laksh: bro pls do tell me if u liked her she is very pretty i have seen her pics
Sanskaar: lucky…. and glared him
Lucky chukled
And after breakfast sanskaar left for meeting and laksh and dp left for office….

Precap : swara sanskaar meeting….

Guys for vivaan i have decided Ritwik Dhanjani as i love him a lot….
And pairs are going to be
SWASAN AND RAGLAK as i love swasan and raglak
And for vivaan there will be a entry soon

Credit to: veronica

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  1. Thanx a lot Veronica for accepting our request n doing d pairs as swasan n raglak as swasan pair is adored a lot by everyone??

  2. Awsm epi….

  3. Superb dear and thanks for raglak

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