FOREVER ANS ALWAYS- A love story full of passion (Intro)


FOREVER AND ALWAYS – A love story full of passion….
Hello guys i m veronica and this is going to be my new fan fiction it’s a introduction and a small prologue. pls do tell if u liked it or not . pls do tell

Swara kapoor : pure punjabi girl of delhi. Very bubbly full of life makes friends very easily and very caring of her family and loves her brother and sister very much. A fashion designer has her own fashion range.(24)
Ragini kapoor : Punjabi girl very fun loving a big prankster and very lively loves her sis and bro very much can do anything for them(21)
Vivaan kapoor : elder brother of swara and ragini very much protective of swaragini and very caring for his family and a businessman. (26)
Shekher kapoor : father of swaragini and yuvraaj pure Punjabi blood businessman and very caring for swara
Sumi kapoor : mother of swaragini and yuvraaj very caring women.

Sanskaar singhania: eldest son of his family very caring and protective towards his family and a singer very matured and a bit arrogant but can even die for his family (26)
Laksh singhana : younger brother of sanskaar very lively and full of life loves his family more than anything a businessman (25)
Annpurna singhania : mother of laksh and sanskaar and loves her children very much
Durgaprasad singhania: father of sanskaar and laksh a businessman loves his family very possessive for his family and a bit arrogant or the world.
Pairs are already decided… will reveal it later

Love is beyond imagination and so is the power of love. It happens by chance but it is not something to give a chance for it is something to shot on. Love should be endeared it should be cared it should be handled. Love has such power to overcome all the obstacles, all the hurdles and all the challenges.
This love story is something that happened by chance but it was full of challenges and full of hurdles and full of passion. Passion for love passion to do anything for love to die or to kill anyone for love…… what will happen when love and passion meets……….
Thats all for the introduction and a small glimpse of the story please do comment and pls suggest someone for the character of vivaan

Credit to: veronica

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  1. Nice but who is yuvraj

  2. nice continue…. i think arjun bijlani of naagin aka ritik.. or manish raisinghan of ssk aka sidanth.. or good for vivaan character.. but you gave in shomi and shekar introduction father and mother of swaragini and yuvaraj… is you typing by mistake in place of vivan you put yuvaraj.. please clear name of brother… i got confused so asking.. sorry…

  3. Nice…for vivaan-karan tacker or karan wahi is best….

  4. Amazing intro dea…
    N yeah for vivaan, it can be karan tacker or rithvik dhanjani.. I am a huge fan of rithvik though.. ♥

  5. Vivian disena for vivaan

  6. Wow waiting 4 ur nwt episode

  7. Plzzzzzzzzzz do it swasan n raglak???????

  8. Interesting hope it’s swasan raglak

  9. Nice hope it’s swasan raglak

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