Forced Marriage- A SwaSan Story (chapter 3)

Forced Marriage- A Swasan Story (Chapter 3)
Hey stranger!
I don’t blame you I know it’s been weeks. Well to my defence I have KHDA inspection in school and being the one of the most recommended person I get loads of work.
People don’t understand I am a human not a robot.
Question for the chap: Favourite Singer male and female. Fav Band, and Fav song.
On with the chap.

“Get ready at 8 in the evening, we’re going out”
As soon as he said that I turned right back at him and stared in disbelief. “Going out?” I asked him. “Don’t get your hopes up. There is nothing between us. We are going to a party organized by Meiuller Diamonds as they want to me introduce my wife to everyone.” He answered. Following few rolling eyes I spoke up “FIY, if there is one thing I’m offended with, it’s your breathing” I shot back. If he really thought I am some gold digger who would do anything he says, sorry I am not.

I wore a red and black saree with light jewellery and waited for sanskar to be back. I heard the doorbell ring. I sighed and went to receive the door. When I opened it I saw sanskar in his normal black tux. “Least you aren’t those women who take a millennium to get ready. Come on I don’t have the entire day” trying to stop my brain cells processing any comment I just followed him. The entire ride was quiet I spent my time gazing through the window while he was focused on driving. We soon arrived in a place which was full of paparazzi and flicker of light. Now, ladies and gentlemen me the famous swara suffers with anthropophobia and I don’t have a goddamn idea how I am going to survive tonight. When we got down I started to have inner panicking and my vision started to get blurred but I felt someone comforting me by holding me tight by the waist and sort of hugging me tight. Technically my knights in the shining armour come to my rescue and guess who that is? The infamous Sansakar Maheshwari. When I stole a glance at him I could feel home in those comforting eyes. So was this another façade of my so called husband? Maybe there are. Tonight I may get know some of them.

Damn, I am currently penning down the 4th chap and it will definitely make it up.
Question for the chap: Fav singer male and female. Fav band and fav song.
Ans: Bruno Mars, Adele, Imagine dragons, Years&Years, one direction, the chainsmokers, Major lazer, Martin Garrix.
Fav song: All we know, starboy, in the name of love, 24K magic, desire, Ocean drive, Demons,etc.
Can’t wait to hear yours!

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