Forced Marriage- A SwaSan Story (chapter 2)

Hey guys!
It’s me with the 2nd chapter. Thank you for all the support you’ve given me, it means so much. Well, before going ahead with the story I have a question for all of you. I watch lot of American and British shows, so do any of you watch them? If anyone does, please tell me the names.

“Wake up” someone was trying to wake me up. Let me tell you something, No one has ever dared to wake me up in the morning, but now it looks like someone has got a death wish. “Get you’re a*s out of the bed, it’s 8 in the morning!” looks like Mr. Perfect lost his cool, so did I. Whack! I gave one tight slap on his face not daring to open my eyes. After giving the payback I turned back and pulled the sheets above and clenched it tightly. For a few minutes there was dead silence, but suddenly someone poured cold water on me. God! What is this ice bucket challenge? Fed up, I sat up and looked at the man who dared to that, but to my surprise, Sanskar was there in all his victorious glory and said: “Payback is a b*t*h, huh?” As an annoyed, irritated, angry 24-year-old woman, I started to throw all the pillows I could find on him. “Stop it” he deadpanned with a cold voice. Who on Earth gave him the damn right to use that tone with me? “I came here to wake you up… (Pause) As a wife you’re supposed to cook breakfast for me” He told me or ordered. Ordering me? No one has ever dared that to me. “Shut the Fu*ck up! You don’t have a godamn right to order me around, and I’m not your freak in’ wife. All I am is a replacement.” I shrieked at him. All the happiness I had before marrying this mutt is long lost. “Well, you’re right about that. A replacement that’s all you’re to me, but unfortunately to the society you’re Mrs. Sanskar Maheswari” Was he being serious? “You are an ugly, stupid girl who was supposed to be my sister-in-law. Now, you can sleep for as much as you like.” he retorted and left the room. What the hell? If I got a firm grip on reality, I would choke it. I followed him till he living room and yelled back “Now, I understood the actual reason why sister left you” as soon as I said this, his features started to stiffen.
“Do enlighten me why?”

“You’re a halfwit jackass, with poison your head. You don’t know the meaning of ‘give respect, take respect’. You think everyone is below you. Moreover, you need to get admitted in a mental asylum, Poisonous Jerk” I insulted him. Didn’t I mention I am the queen of insulting? “Poisonous Jerk, huh? I thought you were a quiet little girl” That’s what he thought I was? ‘Quiet little girl’ “Don’t judge me cause I’m quiet, No one plans a murder out loud” I spat back smirking. “You and your sarcasm” he murmured under his breath but loud enough me to hear it. “I’m 145 pounds of pale skin and fragile bones. Sarcasm is my only defence” (the original quote was by stiles stilinski) I answered his so-called question. He started to roll eyes at me. “If you don’t want a sarcastic answer then don’t ask a stupid question.” I turned back to head to my room, but I stopped right in my tracks when I heard him say
“Get ready at 8 in the evening, we are going out”


Hey, I am back with the update. Due to my school I may not be able to update regularly, but you can expect an update every week, most probably on Friday. I am terribly sorry for such a crap update, I promise I’ll make it up in the next chapter.
I also apologize for a short chp, from now on I will try to make leat 2000 words long, sorry for inconvenience.
Qstn on the chp: Favourite sarcastic quote?

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  1. mou(swasan lover)


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  3. Hey!!! Don’t call it a crap ……girl u really don’t know the meaning of crap then..
    Fantastic effort…
    I loved both of them & thier sarcasm…
    I had enough of this bechaari & ablanaari thing…..& your ff is quite out of all these nonsense stuff & i just love it….
    Well ,i do watch some holywood shows ,that are Supernatural ,Vampire Diaries and Suits..
    If u could suggest me a good show ,i am looking forward to that…….

    1. Thestarkfromhogwarts

      Thank You A Lot!!! thus means so much!
      I too love supernatural and vampire diaries. But, I don’t watch suits as it’s a courtroom drama.
      You should try watching ‘the originals’. it’s a spinoff of the vampire diaries which focuses on the Mikaelsons.
      Looks like a finally found a friend to talk about TVD!

  4. Kakali

    Awesome dear

  5. Tara

    hey ruth.. its short but fab… u are really doing wonder in such a tender age…
    lot of sarcasm huh??
    keep it up..

    1. Thestarkfromhogwarts

      Thnx a lot!!!
      Can’t help it. Sarcasm is my first language ?

  6. Alvia

    must say you have got some superb writing skills uh waiting for the next episode
    and yes yes you said series i love friends and sherlock if you might have seen them

    1. Thestarkfromhogwarts

      I love sherlock and friends!
      but unfortunately friends is over and sherlock airs only 3 episodes once in 2 years. 🙁

  7. Alvia

    and and supernaturals teen wolves

    1. Thestarkfromhogwarts

      i can’t wait for october 13!

  8. Alvia

    and originals secret circle psych if you have seen them
    sorry for the fan girl popping out and oops i dont even know your name

    1. Thestarkfromhogwarts

      I’ve heard about the secret circle but i don’t watch them.
      And yes, me myself is a very big fangirl
      ya’ know fangirls rule!

  9. MOU

    Itz Fab!!!

  10. superb awesome

  11. Geeeez, Ruth
    I knew you would post it!
    all my hard work hasn’t gone to the drain! I am so proud of you!!! (Fake Tears)

    1. Thestarkfromhogwarts

      Woman, stop exaggerating so much!
      As I’ve posted stop stalking me and my homework! LOL

  12. Nice

  13. I also watch american tv shows–
    Flash , agents of shields, agent carter
    Awesome epi
    What shows u watch dr??

    1. Thestarkfromhogwarts

      That’s so cool!
      I watch game of thrones, the Originals, once upon a time and supernatural

  14. Awesome………!!!!!!

  15. Vyshu10

    nice…i do watch pretty little liars, quantico, modern family, big bang theory…used to watch vampire diaries…..friends is my all time fav

    1. Thestarkfromhogwarts

      friends is the best show in the history!!

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