Forced Marriage- A SwaSan Story (Chapter 1)

Forced Marriage- A SwaSan story

Who leaves the wedding altar on the big day? Well, my sister. She ran away with her boyfriend and destroyed many lives including mine. Now, I Swara Gadodia twin of Ragini has to marry my sister’s groom whom I thought was my brother-in-law till now just for my family’s respect.
Will my so-called husband take me as his wife or just a replacement?


An hour ago, this was Ragini Gadodia weds Sanskar Maheswari and it changed to Swara Gadodia weds Sanskar Maheswari. Right now I am in a car with my so-called husband traveling to his house. Mr. Maheswari was so engrossed in his phone that he didn’t even take a glance at me. Right, I have got a ton of questions to ask, but looks like I ran out of guts. Few minutes passed by and I was just staring out the window. “Care to come?” I looked up and sanskar was staring at me. Dear God, I was drowned in my thoughts that I didn’t realize that his home has come. I quickly got out of the car and followed sanskar, while the driver carried the luggage. His house was elegant two-storey and seemed like he was alone. I followed him to a room in the top floor and he suddenly spoke “I am 100% sure that neither I nor you want to share a room with each other. So, this is your room. I will be staying in the next one.” I never thought I would agree with him, but this was the truth. He left the room, and I was left to myself. I changed into a nightgown (hey! It was rits who put them in) as I didn’t have my PJ’s.

I noticed that one of Sanskar’s bags was with me, so I decided to give it to him. I went to his door and pushed the door knob. Through the first glance, no one was there so I went more forward and the door closed as soon I left it. “What are you doing here?” as soon as I heard this voice, I turned back only to see a shirtless Sanskar staring me. My eyes drifted to his perfect 6 packs and his V-line was visible which made me look further, but I was interrupted by him “like what you see?” he asked smirking. Holy marshmallows! I just realized I was checking him out and started blushing. That’s when reality hit me hard. I was supposed to be tough, not easy. “Only if I liked trash” I replied with my famous sarcasm. You know, they don’t call me sarcastic Swara for anything. He just stared at me surprised and all I did was to keep his bag on the chair nearby and leave the room. I went to the bed and as I was trying to drift into sleep, the only thing I thought was, it isn’t going to be easy living with him.
I wrote the first chapter after like a millennium. Lol, I know I’m exaggerating too much, but ya know I can’t help it.
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