Forbided Love by Crazy {Episode-8}


—– * —– * —– * —– * —– * —–

anika comes down..
all elders were sitting there..
she was about to go when anikas’mom interuppts her
mom-kaha jarahi ho beta?
a-personal stuff
mom-oky..but take driver with u..and be carefull as u dont know much about the city..
she was about to hug her..when anika steps backward..
oberoi family notices this..

on the way she meets RV(in hall itself)
a-bhai..bye..i m going to shopping..and then some small personal work..
love u bye..
RV-but choti
a-hanhan i know take care of ur self..keep calling me after every 30 min..dont fight with anyone and take panga..and love u chuti..u ll say this only na..i know all these..challo bye..
RV-smailes…no re baba this all is there but one more thing is u take shivaay also with u..he was also going there only..
he too dont know much of roads..and one car is available now..with one driver..hope u dont mind..
shivaay smirks and looks at anika anika makes faces but agree..
they are done at shopping..and come back..
days pass and both become friends..not only this but they infact become close dont think i miss wrote it..
yes guys they became close ENEMIES..who are ready to fight for each other..with others..but keep fighting for small things with themselves..strange friendship na?they keep fighting every min..
nonstop bbut cant tolrate others blunders! priyanka and RV had bullit a strong bond among themselves..and all was oky..
but not with anikas’mom..she was with oberois when she shared her pain with shivaay’smom
A’mom-u know na(to shivaay’smom) that now i have really less time..and stoll anika is angry at me..thinking that i m the reason behind his death..
S’mom-time heals everything..
A’mom-how much time ? how much time..
S’mom-believe in god..he ll set all fine..
A’mom-i dont care now if she speaks to me or no..but i think its time to execute our plans..
S’mom-yes,i think ur right..

so..whts the plan?
Y anika angry on anikas’mom?
and lots more to be revealed soon..

its a pleasent morning..
shivaay’smom and anikas’mom are in RVs room..
hes sleeping peacefully..he gets up to the alaram..and says goodmorning world..and opens his eyes..and then..& then
shouts badly…terified and in full of fear..imagine if u get up from ur peacefull sleep,and open ur eyes and find 2 faces so close to ur face..& worst of it is the two faces staring at u..
more worst of it would be..the 2 turns out to be ur mom & mom in his scream..both of his mom closes his mouth.and asks him to get ready..he nods..and in full of tension he comes to them..first he peeps out out of his washroom..and sees if they are present..not finding them he relaxes a bit then again goes down and meets them..
now both MOM & MIL of RV
start their atyachar on him..
anikas’mom-beta i want u to getanika married..
RV-what?..i mean its good but shes a kid..
shivaay’smom-shes not dud pite bachhi
anikas’mom-so u talk to her..
RV-what?i..u mean dont u want ur son to be fit and fine with both legs and hands safe atleast till his marriage..
both’smom- give him what the hell type look
RV-i m saying truth..

—– * FLASHBACK * —–

all are in party..
a old aunty comes to her and asks where are her parents..
anika polietly replies that she came with her bhai..
the lady asks her to take her to him..
anika asks if its for any business deal then he wont speak he dont mix any such bussiness parts in persnal..
aunty says no beta its personal only,so chill..anika nods and takes her to RV
LAdy-hello beta
RV-hello aunty
Aunty-actually i was thinking of my sons proposal for ur sister..
(looking at anika)i mean..thats cool..but we dint think of any such things yet..shes still small
AUnty-kis bhai ke liye apni behen choti nahi much ever she grow old u ll say either any bro would say her sis lil only beta..
RV-oky..i ll think of it
later RV and anika reach home..
then Boom boom
anika taking belan and running behind RV..and RV getting many kicks from her later
and then to repay what he said he had to agree to her terms and conditions which were going to shopping with her..
and carrying her bags


RV-uff mom..i m one of the biggest bussiness man of state and i was behind anika like servent..i mean i can be her servent whole of my life as i lov emy sister a lot..but can never bare her shopping bags..her shopping for 1 function=an years shopping of me..and u are seding a rat to lioness den its something like
aa beil muze mar..
anikas’mom-beta..u know i cant talk to i came to u..
RV-oky but first u find a guy..
anikas’mom-i found him..a perfect match for my kudi..
shivaay’smom-whos he anikas’mom?
RV-yeah mom whos he..?
anikas’mom-u know him..RV..and shivaay’smom u though are full to familiar to him
guess who?
oo ho shivaay re baba
shivaay’smom-what?i mean are u sure
RV-falls down..and starts laughing are have u lost it
chutki and what a pair..
shivaay’smom-y whts wrong in my son..infact i m happy at this anikas’mom.i ll send one daughter to ur home and so i ll get ne..priyanka ki kami anika puri kardegi
RV gets up side hugs both his mom and MIL and says
my dearest MIl if these both get married na then insted of doing romance their fight would be more..and imagineboth in one room..
and what whould be the halat of room?it would be just mess but my dear MIl u are benifited by it as if they are married then u dont need a TV in ur home..full to entertainment machine..hahahaha!mom sorry to say but i complety disagree with the proposal of shivaay and anika..
just then they hear some noise
RV-lo shaitan ke bare mein abhi pori bate hRVi bhi nahi and they are here
challo lets c how wht these are up to..

shivaay is full to wet and is running behind anika..
a-sorry shivaay..i really din c u
s-ohh really..?
a-bhai ki..nahi..browni ki..nahi nahi meri kasam shivaay
s-dont lie panika….i now u
a-aree my cutie pie i m saying truth only
s-first dont call me that and u wait..
anika runs towards RV and hides behind him
s-DJ move away..i m not goinfg to lev this panika today..
RV-abb kya hRVa
a-bhai i was watering plants and talking to bhabhi on cell..
i din c shivaay there and splashed water on him..
s-dont lie oky siyappa queen
a-i m not lying sadu oberoi
s-cant u see a 6ft tall handsome and hot man
and hot also? hahhahhahahha!
shakal deki hai kabi ayeenee main?(did u c your face ever in mirror)
s-now i m not going to spare u..
u wait..
anika runs and shivaay chasing her..
suddenly anikas ankel twists and she falls down..
all are shocked at this..
shivaay immediately runs to her and cares her leg
asking if shes fine..
he immediately pics her in his arms..and moves in..
RV smiles at this..
anikas’mom and shivaay’smom are tensed..
and were about to go in
maaa..,a voice is heared from back,yes its RV
han beta,says shivaay’smom and anikas’mom
RV-i think ur right
shivaay is perfect for our anika..

moms-we are always right!
trio share a hug..

shivaay places anika on bed..and asks if shes ok..
she nods..he asks if its paining..she says no i m fine..
s-let me c once..he touches her ankle..she feels a unusual feeling he gives a massage..and asks her if its feeling better..
she nods..just then our trio enter-shivaay’smom anikas’mom and RV
s-so u fine na?
a-han shivaay i m..and ur massage was good..y dont u open a spa..u call ur self handsome and hot na u ll get to know through it..when all girls will run far away from u..shivaay gives his dedly look..that look with which all girls can fall off..guess which?seeing this anika says but u dont get sad ok..i ll cm to ur spa..
s-ohh really?and starts tickiling her …
RV-anika ur fine na?
a-yes,bhai perfectly
RV-btw say me one thing..u guys are friends or enemies ?
some time frnds ..some time enemies
s-let me clarify..
a&s lok at each other and shivaay winks at her
s-I m her enemy
a-he is my enemy
a&s-and so what are enemies enemy called
friend! but v are Enemity+friend=Enemend
all laugh..just when anika notices her mom standing their.and stops laughing..just then anika gets a call..
she attends it..and starts jumping..she hugs RV and shivaay and shivaay’smom and was about to hug anikas’mom but stops..
RV-kya hRVa y so happy?
a-bhai i had applied in clg..and i just got a call that i m selected..
s-Ohh no..bagwan ko meri kushii dekhi nahi zati kya?
abb muzje isse clg mein bhi zelna hoga?
a-that was my dialogue..she says i m so happy i ll call bhabhi and tell this news..

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