Forbided Love by Crazy {Episode-7}


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RECAP (story abb tak)
(*)All the characters were introduced..
(*)anika met with accident..
(*)Shivaay and Tia helped her..
(*)anika lost her memory,she is wife of Shivaay who were seperated few years back
(*)anika and Shivaay enjoying their day with each other
(*)anika was in few office staff eve teased her (they din know that twinj are hubby-wife)
(*)anika had head ace..due to which she fell unconcious..
(*)Doc made her go in mild coma..
(*)Shivaay remembering the earlier days of their life
(We are in flash back..)
were Shivaay is remembering his and anikas first meet..

—– * —– * —– * —– * —– * —– * —– * —–

anika leaves Shivaay in shock..
he is such a shock that he could not defend him self..
and he was feeling ashamed..
behind there far away stood a guy..who was so eager to meet his little sister that his facialy expressions showed all what he only wanted..
then in that crowd he saw a girl..
a chubby,fair.thin,and her eyes just like a twinkling star..or a pole star..and the glow on her face was as the glow on moon on full moon day..
he ran to her and hugged her..
he fliped her and said chotiii u are back atlast..
she huged him and said i missed u so much..
she just said that went forward..
(yes,the guy was RV..anikas big brother)
he noticed that something was fisshy..he asked her the reason..
and she shewed off the question..
and asked where is my bhbhbi..
i want to meet her..

meri anika koi wish mange and vo complete na ho..thats not possible.. na
So come..
Anika-dont tell me..shes here..and u bought her here..
she ran toward the enterance leaving her huge bags..their..
making Rv(Ranveer anikas brother) just look like a koli..
but he was waiting for someone else too
now who was that some one else..?
guess guess?
so ur guess is right
its Shivaay..
Shivaay waved him from far..and his tall figure made him visible..
both had a cute hug..
shivaay-so how r u..rv..or should i say my DJ
(now dont say u dont know what DJ means..

DJ is what i call my jiju..
DearJiju=Dj..just gave the name what i call my jiju..
Just wish he would really be so..)
Rv-hmm.rv sound better..
shivaay-then i ll call u DJ..(both laughed out)
well were is my behena
Rv-with my behena..
shivaay-ohh yeah i forgot..
RV-well y r u wet
Shivaay-forget it..coz i dont even whnt to remember..
and fumes..
and wese U became kuli again na?
soon u ll also be..dont worry..
rV-yup ..

now lets go out..
else both behena wll make us do baingan ka benena..
shivaay-wow what a PJ
rv-yeah seroisly man..
that was so bad word forming..
they both move towards enterance..

here anika was hugging Priyanaka,a most simple girl u can ever meet..
with her formals..
Anika-i was just dying to meet u..
priyanka-i too my dear nanadji
Anika-anika sounds better na..
just then Shivaay and rv also arrive their..
Shivaay notices anikas pony tail..
and he stops..
RV-kya hRVa salle sahab..?
Shivaay-vo pony tail..
(to himself- i just hope the girl and anika are not same)
Rv-ooo..shes anika..
he screams anika..
and she turns back and looks at Shivaay..
Shivaay&Anika together-tum?
Anika-what the hell are u doing with him bhai..
Anika-i m not talking to u ?
Shivaay-who the hell said i m talking tou..
i m talking to Dj

Anika-now who that bl***y..
before she could complete..RV kept his hand on her mouth..
its me its me..
now stop..
Anika-first say how u know him..
RV-hes my..(before he complete anika interruts)
Shivaay-yeah Dj is she….(before he complete anika interruts)
Anika-stop calling him that..

Shivaay-i ll call him..
Anika-no u wont..else
Shivaay-else what han..again u ll put water on me
Anika-i can do that..
Priyanaka and RV look at each other..
and screm stop…!!!!!!
they stop at once..
bahi bhabhi u dont know him..
he broke the gift i bought for RV bhai..
do u know the gift had perl in it..
i started to prepare the gift since 4 yrs..
and u cheptster u were showing toward Shivaay..
he was showing me the power of money..
just then anika starts crying..
Shivaay feels sad as he broke her gift..
RV-are its oky….u are my biggest gift..
and u are with me and thats enough for me..
before she could say anything she just went and sat at front seat of car..
as she knew RV only would drive it…

RV-Shivaay..dont feel sad ..shes a bit sensible about ..
Shivaay-actually i must be i broke..
i must say her sorry..
RV stops him..
priyanka-plz Shivaay dont go to her and come with me..
plz be silent and dont utter a word..
RV-y are u scremiming at him..
anika is nt a kid she should understand..
priyanka-Shivaay is at fault..not anika..
cant he see and walk..
RV-u know what talking to u is just waste of time..
priyanka-then y are u wasting ur time..
now Shivaay shuts stop plzz…
Priyanaka goes in husss..
takes the bags from RV..(of anika) puts them in car..

and goes and sits in car and drives..
Anika-bhabhi where is bahi..
he said he has some work..
he ll come..
(still anika dont know that Shivaay is Priyanakas bro)
RV and Shivaay are pampering each other..
and waiting for taxi..
at last they get one and reach home..
anika an Priyanaka had already reached their..
anika was hugging everyone..
all were standing in a line…now..
all servents of her home too as all were old..
& they knew anika since she was small kid..
she was kissing all on cheeks..
then arrived Shivaay and RV..
and they were also standing in line..

(and u might have guessed what might have happened)4
yup anika kissed Shivaay on cheeks and all were shocked…
Shivaay-i know i m plz control ur self..
Anika-to her embaresemnt wanted to run away but cant
handsome?hot?dashing? n u ?My foot mr sadu..
and what r u doing in my home..
u bought him here also..
this time RV choose to stay silent..
as he knew that if he spoke then Priyanaka ll be miffed with him

S&A’s mom-Shivaay beta..
he runs to them and hugs both and takes their blessings..
and hugs tej..
anika is shoked..
so mIss..?
whts u r name
han anika the siyapaa quenn i m Shivaay Oberoi..
son of these both..
and brother of Priyanaka Oberoi..

all laugh at his introduction!

anika huss off to room in anger..

Shivaay had freshed up and was roaming in house when his eyes fell on a beautiful girl..who had spread her hair..
her long left straight hair..
her back was facing him..
he wanted to enter but stoped hearing a voics
(u guys might have guessed who the girl was..
yup she was our star..our twinkling star our anika)
anika was talking to some one..
Shivaay was hearing their talks..(note-K din know that the girl was Anika)

Anika-u know na i love the this i m back again..
and again i din speak to ur mom..
i m still very angry on her..
u know what i met a mad person today who broke my gift
(by now Shivaay knew that the girl was anika)
he is just ssoooooo saduuuuu i wish i could kill him for breaking my gift..
and u know what the worst of all..
he is my bhabhis brother..
and worst of this is hes calling our bhai as DJ..
and more worst or worst of it..
bhai supported him

Shivaay peeped a bit into room…as he was desperate to know to whom was anika speaking..

but when he enterd there was no one in room..
he heard some noise from washroom so he taught that she was there..
suddenly he noticed a picture frame there as he went forward to take it..
he scremt in fear..
and climbed the bed..
saying chu chu chu..
yes…u guys guessed it right..

there was a dog there..
the bog started wagging his tail..Shivaay became scared and started running all over the room making it messey..
anika from washroom made a loud cry aasking whos there
are panika zaldi baharaa..plzz meri maa..zaldii aaa…,said Shivaay
anika hearing his voice and quickly came out..
and started laughing aloud…

guess what the dog was on Shivaay..and Shivaay on floor…
and Shivaay shutting his eyes in fear…

anika took the dog..
and said browine..u go..mumma ll be back..
go..she kissed him and sent him out..

Anika-mr sadu u can open ur eyes..
Shivaay-dont call me that..and what were u saying..
mumma ll be back..
are mummy hone ka itna shock hai toh shadi karke bachha pada karleti..y did u make this dog as ur child?
and do any one keep such dangerous monter like dog as pet?
and that to in room..?
Anika-first and formost..
it my life..
second..the dog is not monster its name is browine..
third and most important..
wht the hell are u doing in my room?
Shivaay-vo..sorry i din know its urs..
anyway frnds..?
Anika-no way..
and was tying her hair..’when Shivaay interrupted Kulle hi rehedo plzz.
it suits u more..
(let it be open only,it suits u)
Shivaay-beheri ho?(are u deaf?)
i said lev ur hair open it suits u?
Anika-and y shd i listen to u?
Shivaay-coz i guess i m ur frnd?
Anika-no u guessed it wrong..
as ur not my frnd..
Shivaay-toh bohot zaldi ho haunga..
Anika-now u can lev..
Shivaay-oky..but remember u ll be my frnd soon
Anika-u know what?my memory power is a bit dumb..
so i ll not remember..

Shivaay-attitude han?
Anika-any promblem..
Anika-then..plz lev

both the moms who witnesd all this..
anikas mom-thanku so much
shivaay’s mom-thanku kyun?
Anika’s mom-ajj after 7 yrs i saw anika laughing like she used to laugh before..after Tejs death..(no not shivaay’s dad some ther tej oky)
she had stopped laughing..stoped enjoying her life..
and today though it had scared Shivaay..but still she laughed coz of it..
now i just hope she starts talking to me..
shivaay’s mom-she ll..coz i trust my Shivaay..and my would be DIL too..
Anika mom-DIL?

shivaay mom-dont u think they make a good pair..?
Anika mom-u mean..
shivaay mom-yes,i want anika to be my DIL
Anika mom-whats the happiest thing in world than this..
but i should talk to RV..coz only RV can make her convince..
RV-no,u dont talk to him..
we ll make both fall in love..
and then u know..
both hug each other

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Hope u liked it..
do share ur views

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