Forbided Love by Crazy {Episode-5&6}


well Devil Owned angel stands for most shared and talked story on watpadd so i m very happy therefore a back to back episode for u all..

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Episode Starts from Anika waiting in lobby for Shivaay to come by finishing his meeting..
Two of the employess come their..
and ask the reason..
She says none of ur business..
they say oky mam y r u gettting angry..we just asked
and by the way such an beautiful girl and such anger dont suite..
she just ignores them..
just then tia comes their..
and sees Anika..
tia-maam u here..
ohh ucame to meet sir right?
and y dint u say ur name to recep’st if i was knowing its you..
anika-hold on tia..i m absolutly fine..and say how was ur meeting..?
just then Shivaay comes down..and watches Anika
shivaay-Anika..tu yaha kya kar rahi hai..
shivaay-chall..itoky..we ll talk n my cabin..come..

He takes her from their..
he makes her drik water and makes her feel comfortable and ask the reason for comming to office with out informing him..
anika-abb..pati ko surprise dene ke liye b permission..
shivaay-smilingly..n wher r bodyguards..
anika-i said them to wait outside..
so how did this surprise idea strike to ur head..?
anika-Bcz ur wife is genoius..
shivaay-Genious…hmmm..after memory loss i must say u became genious..
anika-very funny..i m genious since i m born..
wese how was the meeting..
shivaay-it was good..u just wait here and drik this juice..i ll cm in 5 min..then we ll have the lunch together..

tia-what the hell rajat..
how could u pass such comments on her..
RAjat(just a employee)-are is she ur frnd..
shes so beautiful..
Rahul(another employee)-perfect ptaka..
kya mast mall hai..setting kara de if u know her..
i think shes new here as sshe was looking a bit scared..
and if shes the new emplyee..then tohh..hayyyy maarjava…

SHall i help u in making the setting?,a peak voice choked from behind..
yes ur guessing it right..
its our hero,Shivaay
he gives a tight slap to rajat..first
shivaay-first learn respecting a girl..ur working in the most reputed company and ur paid here to work not pass cheap comments on girls..
he comes towards Rahul now and slaps him hard..
shivaay-And mr what ever u are,shes not any emplyee and yeah ..her name is not “phataka or mall” her name is Anika..
Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi..
bewi hai vo meri..
did u get that..
and tia i want the resignation letter of both of these within 2 hrs on my table
Rajat-sir v r very sorry..
shivaay-i said ur fired off..
means ur fired off..
Rahul-sir,u cant fire me off..i m handling a projectwhich is in its half completion state and all details are know by me in detail..
and i m sure u ll not need such big loss for ur company..

{look at this shameless employee crosing over the great SSO}

shivaay-no,mr u r wrong..
my first priority is my wife..and i can under go 100 such loss
and ur mistaking it again..
I m ur boss and 2 steps ahead of u..
so i keep all details of each and every project assigned to anyone..
and so u dont need to worry about my company..worry about ur stake as u both have got a black mark in ur carrer..
tia just 2 hrs not a sec less not a sec more…
hope u got that..
and leaves

Rajat-when did sir get married?
tia-u fools insted of asking him sorry u challanged him..
and s hes married
not only married but also..
(and stops thinking what Shivaay told her,about not letting his personal things)
and hes married or not is not what matters but how could u disrespect a girl
(guys i took up this topic as eveteasing is the biggest problem..if i would be in his place i would take my hokey bat and start hitting him,infact would suggest all girls to do so..)

{And someone asked me if tia is a negative charcter or a postive character..guys i too dont know seriously..actually in my recent FF devil owned Angel i have creted such a devil that i want a break for now..from villan so this story ll have no villans for now but cant say further coz a story is incomplete without villan}

Shivaay comes back to his his lady love..
anika-hogaya tumhara kam..
anika-asa kya kamm agaya tha?
shivaay-vo actually mujze..kuch kam tha..par chod na..
challo let have lunch..i m hungry..
she takes out plate..and serves him and in another plate she serves for herself..
Shivaay tum bule toh nahi ho na?
shivaay-kya ?
anika-u promised me to take to shopping and also said u ll make me talk to aria..
shivaay-yeah i have not forgot about it..
i took the whole mall for ..
anika-(before he could complete)Mr sadu Oberoi v are going in formal..
just as all husband and wife go..
we are not taking any guards with us..
shivaay-what?No way,i said s to shopping na..then y these all
anika-i dont care we are going on shopping as all couples go..hand in hand..
we shall have icecreams and panipuri and lods of fun..
shivaay-No..i mean oky we shall have icecream ,panipuri and all stuff but bodyguards are must..
anika-no no no no bodyguards
shivaay-pulling her cheeks ,Yes
shivaay-no,wait i mean yes,hai it was cheeting
anika-i m sorry hubby but no bodyguards..and everything is fair in love and war..
shivaay-no way Anika..its not possible..
anika-fine,then i ll go alone and ask tia to acompany me..Shivaay plz try to understand and by the way all dont know me that i m the wife of the Shivaay Oberoi..
shivaay-fine..i ll come with u..
but tommo..and i know without any security..if u promise to not to create any siyappas
Anika hugs him..

They both had finished lunch..when
anika-Shivaay,i wanted to ask somethinng..
shivaay-abb kya hai meri wild cat..
anika-where are our families..?
shivaay-where they should be
anika-no i mean which city..
shivaay-Amritsar..(as these are punjabis so lets keep it as amritsar)
anika-what?then shall we all go their..plzzplzzzzzzzzzz
shivaay-oky i ll think of it..
anika-think of it?
anyways u said me u ll say all the things related to past..
shivaay-(taking a deep beath),what u want to know..
(and are interupted by knowck on the door)

shivaay-yeah plz comein..
ohh tia u here,
tia-sir,these resignations of rajat and rahul..
shivaay-yeah keep them on table..and yeah pay them their till date dues..with the bonus if they were in the list..
i dont want their family to suffer for their doings..

tia leaves and Anika is very happy as Shivaay cares for all..
shivaay-Anika i think v should leave..i have done all work even i ll acompany u..challo lets go..
she says oky..
both lev..
all Office staff stare Anika and have a big bright smile on their face..
she notices this..
all greet her hello mam hello mam..
she looks at Shivaay..but Shivaay just drove off fastly as he knew that Anika is ready with questions now..he wanted to ignore all of them..
she looked at tia and said her bye..
tia also greeted her..
and our couples left..

all office staff at once looked at tia..
tia gave them what look?

shivika reached homw..
Shivaay sensed before only that Anika is ready with questions..
so he huridly went off to study..
Anika was suspecious on him..
he went behind him slowly..
she hid beside the door..
and listened the talks of Shivaay..
pata nahi abb kya siyappa karegi yeh..i m sure she got many douts now and shes ready with all them and shes waiting for me as i ll b balika bakra now..
its better i be buzy full time..
and what should i do of that shopping..
han i ll purchase the whole mall for tommo and make my guards as customers ..
so no dout to Anika and shes safe too..
wahh Shivaay..wah..anika ke sath re re kar uska asar tuz par bhi dikraha hai..
Anika (to her self)-ohh so this sadu Oberoi is thinking smart of c mr sadu Oberoi what i ll do..

she knocs the door..
Shivaay i want to know about family..and want to talk to her..see her pics..
just a min
(to himself-its good that she just wants to know of family..and no other matters ..i l just tell her all good memories )
anika-kaha kho gaye tum..
shivaay-nothing..let me get ourmarriage all family members are their….
anika-Our marriage albus..
shivaay-nahi..hamare padosiyonka marriage album.anika-so funny that i forgot to laugh..
shivaay(get the album)-
oky so here it it..
he point to every one and starts introducing them..
She is ur mom,Leela maa
She is my mom,
he is my dada,
teri bhabhi and meri behen,mahi
bhaiyaa and bhabhi
and he is ur Brother RV..
and shes dadi/bebe
anika-y is she not in our marriage..?
shivaay-she din attened it
shivaay-i dont know!
anika-how u dont know?
shivaay-coz i never asked her
anika-you could have asked her..
shivaay-i din feel its necessary
anika-shes eldest and she should have attend it
shivaay-meri..maa kitna questions?thoda tho brek laga..
shivaay-(he cuts her)stop..i have some work..u go and take rest..
anika-i m fine..i dont need any rest
shivaay-fine..tommos program cancel..
anika-you cant do it..
shivaay-i can do it..i can coz i m Shivaay Oberoi..
anika-making a cute innocent face..
fine i ll rest..but no cancelling the program..
shivaay-thats like my good girl..

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hope u liked it..
i know u are bored now of reading my episodes..but bare me for few more minutes..
the next one ll be short i promise..
so heres the next episode

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Anika is sitting alone in her room..
looking at all the albums
(she had bought up all alubms)
few questions were strinking her mind..
she saw her album and the year of their marriage was 2014..
but ariya is 5yrs old..
she started thinking and just fell off..

it had been 2 hrs
Shivaay was in study..
he asked one of the servnt to call Anika..
and just then came the voice of servent letting Shivaay know about Anika..
doctor was called..he examined Anika..and said shes in stress..did she get to know anything..
shivaay-no,infact nothing such..she talked me 3hrs ago..
then i asked her to rest..infact she was resting and i was in study..
i asked servent to calll her for dinner and then..
Doc-dont worry..i made her go in mild coma for that she can rest..u take care..
Shivaay was in tears..he held Anikas hand and was crying..
he was happy as atlest Anika is with him now..

—– * —– * —– * —– * —– * —–

Guys now i ll start the older story..
so plz dont get confused with past and present..
and hope u enjoy the tour.. 🙂

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—– * —– FLASH BACK —– * —–

An airport is seen,a girl comes hushing and rushing..with huge bags with her..having a small glass piece with one hand..her hair is tied up in apony..
and then something happened..
what happened..?
read this to know->
a boy dasked her..
and that glass piece broke..
she went furious..
the boy is revelead to be Shivaay..
shivaay-i’m really very sorry..
plzz i din know u could come hussing in this manner..
Girl-what sorry han
shivaay-kaha na yar,sorry
Girl- sorry se yeah yeah tik ho ga kya?
do u know how valuable was that..
shivaay-ohh..i can pay it for u..
Girl-to whom are u showing the power of me..?
shivaay-it was also ur mistake..but i said u sorry..and when i m saying it..u are bursting on me..?..i said na i m ready to pay
girl-fine pay me the love..
Girl-i bought it with love can u pay me?no na
i said u sorry t=n thats more than enough
aur if i m mistaken even u were the one to strike me..
tumhari akeehn hai ya button..?
Girl-it was ur mistake..u striked me..this girft fell..
and ur bursting like volcano on me only
shivaay-yeah i m so what ll u do
Girl-chill u
girl-wait here..
she goes and gets the chilled water and pores it on his head..
now become cool..and never ever try to come infront of my face..
the girl is revealed to be Anika
she walks off..

he looks at her furiously
—– * —– FLASH BACK ENDS —– * —–

hope u liked it..

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