Forbided Love by Crazy {Episode-4}


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and for all those who wanted all the name of my stories heres it
1)Love Triangle(completed)
2)Beast and his…?(completed)
3)Devil owned An Angel(ongoing)
4)Rejected Princess(two more episodes to complete the ff)
5)Duva (may be ll be starting it by tommo)
6)Night after marriage(one shot-completed)
7)Forbided Love(ongoing)
8)You are sold(comming soon in the upcoming year 2017)

Heres the episode update..

—– * —–

Anika is bored sitting alone..
she peeps from the window..
and sees that their are ahuge number of body guards guarding their home..

And says to her self i think i m wife of really great prsonality that is why their are so mant guards here..
and that is why Shivaay din like to reveal personal things..

She checks her wadrob..

And starts screaming Shivaays name
Shivaay Shivaay…Shivaay..
Shivaay comes running to her..and asks if she is fine?
why are u screaming are u fine..
He cups her face and hugs her tight..
and asks her why did she scream..
she peeps a bit and see that few servents are also standing their..
Shivaay turns back and asks them to go and do their work he ll be their with her..
Now Shivaay turns towards Anika who had made a cute wali puppy face and asks her y did she scream..
she says see this..and takes hm to wadrob..
he stands their folding his hand on his chest and says what?
she says are u really my husband..
hanhan i know u are ..then c these clothes are so outdated..and became old..
they have dust too..
Shivaay realises that her wadrob is opened after many days and that is why it happened so..
S-So u want me to take u to shopping? husband is intelligent han..
S-and is this the reason u sremt so loudly.. realises what she said..
i mean no…i mean yes also and no also…
and Anika starts runing all around the room with Shivaay chazing her..and running all around with some cute pillow fight..

they both get tired and settle down..
A-Shivaay i want to go for shopping..plzzzzzzzzzzz
S-oky u ll not go but shops ll be here..
A-what?(In raised voice)
A-My husband is so unromantic…god knows how i married u..and what i saw in u..
u are so sadu..
u are not handsome..
U are not hot..

U are unromantic also..
i taught i ll put my hands around my husband and do shopping and u..
are so..LEV IT
S-comming close to her..
(they were on bed)
she starts going back slowly..
he comes close.
she agin moves..
he agsin comes closer..
now there is no place for Anika to move as Shivaay has his hands beside her and no chance for her to escape..
a cute eye-lock is done..
S-so i m sadu..
A-yes u are..
S-I m not handsome..
A-han matlab..not like SRK..
he comes still close..
S-i m not hot..
anika starts stammering..
S-i m unromantic also..

and holds her by her waist..
she closes her eyes..
Shivaay smiles..
and leaves her..and says get ready..
first we shall go for temple..
maa said so..
Anika starts blushing and says yes..

Anika gets ready and comes dowwn..
she wore a peech color saree..
with a few accesseriers that made her look exactly like a princess..
Shivaay was lost in her..
Anika-so shall we leave..
Shivaay-No,first have ur breakfast then we shall leave..
and take this..
he gives her a cell phone..
Anika-for me..
Shivaay-nope for walls of my house..
Anika takes it ..
he says i have saved everybodys number that is related to u..
she smiles..
S-now stop blushing and come and have breakfast..
Anika-first we ll go to temple and then i ll have..
Shivaay-No,first have breakfast
Anika-plzzz Shivaay..I want to thank god for saving me..
though i dont remember anything..i want to thank him..plz..
Shivaay-tu nahi manegi na?
Anika-to tum manjaooo..
Shivaay smiles..

Both proceed towards the temple..
there were total 2 cars and 4 bikes..
in between led the car of our shivika..

A-we are going to temple only right..?
A-then so much of security..?
S-its needed for safety..
after all ur wife of Shivaay Oberoi
they reach the ashtavinayak temple..
there were many people standing in q..
all are spread aside and shivika are made way to take darshan first..
Anika feels sad..

A-Shivaay..cant we stand in Q can take darshan?
afterall these are also humans and we too..
and god has neva given any special rights..
to us..
Shivaay smiles and says now i m totaly confirmed that u are the same Anika..
but just today lets take darshan and i promise from next time we ll take darshan in if media gets to know anything that i have reached here that to with a girl..
then their question ll make me mad..
and i litrally dont like to share my personal things

Anika-just say them that i m ur wife and then nothing matters..
S-till now i din let it know and today in sudden..
we shall think of it later..comes lets take darshan and go back u r not well also..
Anika sees a old lady strugling to stand..
Anika goes to her and 2 of the body guards follow her..
she asks them to stop following her..
but they say sorry mam its for ur safety..
she goes to lady and takes her with her..
and makes her take darshan..

shivika too take darshan..
Shivaay-bagwang thankyou so much for getting her back to my life..
but i have fear of loosing her once RV(ranveer -here ACP ranveer) gets to know about her..
but i ll tell her the truth today..
plz give me strength to tell Anika truth and given strength to Anika to bare the truth..

Just then media enters..and starts rushing towards shivika..
Shivaay sees them..
S-Anika they ll start their questions but plzz dont make any probelms and dont answer any question of theirs..nor smile..
just follow me and sit in car..
and yeah i know u like cameras a its ur passion but no need to look near the cameras too..and now before u ask anything
U ll get ur answers once we reach home..
now shall we go..
shivika walk down the temple..
Media had gathered their..
and shivika were holding each others hand..and bodyguards to protect them..

MEdia-sir,whos the lady with u?
do u have affair?
is she ur GF?
do u have any relation with her?
is she ur wife?
is she the reason behind ur sucess?
is she aria?the girl whom u dedicated the award yesterday?

shivika moved to car..
and they went off..

A-which award are they talking about..
let me c…and y did u not say
that i m ur wife..
S-coz i dont want any of my business rival to hurt my family..
so i kept all of them far away from me..

and i know u want to know ur past..
i ll tell u when time comes..
so plzz dont take stress..
i need to go to office urgently..
i ll be back soon..and yeah have ur breakfast..and medicines too..

she nods and Shivaay hugs her and says bye..
she says hubby..and ur really very cute one and pulls his cheeks..
S-i m not cute and plz dont do this..pulling of cheeks and all
she goes out and again peeps in kisses him on his cheeks and says bye cutieee..
he was still in shock..for her reaction..
he was smiling all while..

he reached his office and all were staring him..
as he was smiling ..he saw them and asked anything special looking here that u guys are staring me..
stop the nonsence and get back to work..
all were laughing
(any guesses why?)
he saw tia their..
tia was shocked seeing him ..
he just asked her to come to cabin..
and moved off..

Workr-is he Shivaay sir,?i dout today? he was smiling like anything and then..
tia-stop the nonsecne u fools..and start working else u know na that sir ll fire u off as he did this with others too
tia huridly goes to his cabin..
he was facing his back..
sir,u called me asked tia politely..
S-i had given u day off then y did u come?
T-sir,i had work
get me the files of Mehra’s
Shivaay turned towards her now..
and what has happened to all of them..
y the hell are they behaving werd?
cing me?
i m same ..and my rules wont change..let all of them better get that..
and my face..whats so funny on my face..

tia-sir,vo actually
Shivaay-kya hai “vo..actually” ki train next patri par jayegii or still mers there only..?
TIA quickly takes out her cell removes her carmera and shows to Shivaay..
he was shocked to c it?
HE then remembered that Anika kissed him on his cheeks and so the marks might have..
S-Y dint u say this earlier?
tia-u din give chance..
Shivaay-oky now get the files and take ur cell too..
tia leaves and Shivaay blushes
he then wipes his cheeks..but the lipstik spreads and he goes to washroom to wash his face..
he come sout and thinks of calling anika..
he calls her and Shivaays name falshes in her cell..and she gets super happy as she was bored in home..

A-hii..itni deer bad meri yadd ayiii..
i was so bored..
S-hmm…u are litrally a like to do jaali works my jalli queen Anika..
A-now what siyappa did i do
S-askwhat u din do
and he tells her whole story..
A-then say them that i kissed u
and starts bluhing..
S-stop u know how many girls hearts will break when they ll know this..
A-stop it..if any girls eyes u na then i ll break their eyes..
S-so..someone is getting jelous..i can sence burning smell

their tak is interrupted by tia..
sir its meeting time..
all are waiting for u in conference and hers the Mehra file..
just 15 min..then we shall start it..

S-oky..u chk out the differnt arrangemnts..
tia leaves..
S-Anika i ll call u later..
and did u had brekfast and medicines..
A-yes..had it..

Anika ends call and is totaly bored..
suddenly she gets an idea..
she googles “Shivaay Oberoi”
to know more about him
she sees all this and gets super happy..

and decides to visit his office..
she asks the maid about lunch..
and suggests them to make palak paneer and some other stuff
and says she ll go to his office and dont tell Shivaay about it i ll give him a surprise..

Anika enters the office and asks the body guard to not to be behind her as she is in Shivaays office..but u can stand out..
and asks them to go and give this lunch in..
the she ll come..
(REMEMBER-in office only tia knows about Anika)
they give the lunch and leave..

Anika comes to recepstionist..and asks about Shivaay..
R-u belong to which company & do u have any appointment ?
A-why dont u ask Shivaay?(and corrects her self,thinking aboutShivaay words )i mean Shivaay sir..
R-she calls him through intercom..
tia picks it..
R-hey,tia a some guest has come to meet Shivaay sir,
tia-ask to wait in lobby and make sure they are comfortable..
R-oky baby..
A-(shocked) u call ur sir baby?
R-aree no no..i called sir and she are in conference u plzz wait here..

Precap-Anika is in danger..

hope u liked it..

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