Forbided Love by Crazy {Episode-3}

23 were the past episodes?

—– * —– * —–


Tia comes to the room..
she sees the message..
and giggles..

—– * Tia POV * —–

i was thinking so rubbish.
sir is declared to be the eligible bachlor and i was thinking
something like mad..
she removes her cell..and looks at the pic of Shivaay and says goodnight my Love..

—– * —–

Shivaay cares the girl..
the girl is none other than Anika..
Shivaay-u dont know Anika how happy m i seeing u with our bedroom after so many years..
i m just like i cant express this in words..
i just hope u remember me..Our baby Aria(yes guys Aria is the darling of Shivaay..his little daughter…his shinking star)

he gently kisses her on her forehead..

he then thinks what if she dont remember me..?
what if her memory is not gaied?
no i cant..
he proceeds to go and sleep on couch..

but sees that Anika blood drained clothes are on couch and now its dirty..
he thinks to sleep with Anika only but get up early..

He sleeps with her..

Its morning..
Shivaay gets up sees that his hand is tangled with Anikas..
he kisses her cheeks..
and says goodmorning Anika and goes to freshen up..

Anika opens her eyes..
HE loves me so much..
but y m i not able to remember him..

—– * Flashback * —–

Anika gets up as she was thirsty..
she sees herself sleeping with Shivaay..
she says how m i with this stranger..
her head starts paining..
but sees the pics in room and says i m not able to remember anything..
but y?
is he my…?
NO No how can he be..?if he was then i would remember him..!
but if he is not then y m i with him ? and these pics..
she sees the water jar their..
and goes their driks it and sleeps back..thinking that she will ask him later

—– * Flashbac ends * —–

Shes heres a sound..
she again acts as if shes sleeping..
Shivaay comes out from washroom..

Shivaay talk-Ohh god..
Anika is still unconsiious..
before she regains consiousness i should remove all pics..
as doc has already given me warning that she can have chances of memory loss..
and if she tries to remember anything forcefully then it can hurt her..
he comes to Anika cares her hair..
tu toh janti hai na..
ki i cant see u with pain..
chall Shivaay beta before ur wild cat gets up..
u should remove all the pics of urs and Anikas..
atlest till it confirms that she has memory loss or not..

—– * Anikas POV * —–

he loves me so much..
and his name is Shivaay..
but he also mentioned that my name is Anika..
Shivaay Anika..
Sounds good..
but y he called me wild cat?
anyway i ll ask him..
but before that i should act as if i know him..

—– * —–

Shivaay-ohh shit..
I completely forgot about that Tia..
she came with me yesterday just to help out Anika and Anika ke chakkar mein i forgot..about her..
i should see that shes fine..
and time..
yes i ll go in quick see Tia ,ask driver to drop her to her home and then take out all pics from here..

He runs down..
Anika open her eyes comes to few pictures..
and says i m glad that i married this guy..
though i dont remember anything..
and y is he again n again telling that he ll remove these pics..
she goes towards the pic of a baby..
(i mentioned earlier that their was a pic of Shivaay.Anika and a baby)
whos this cutiee baby..
and y m i and Shivaay holding her as if shes my baby..
if it is so.
then i should meet her..
if i m her mom..
then i ll meet her she must be worried for me and top on that shes so small too..
she kisses the pic of the baby..

she goes down..and thinks to talk to Shivaay..

Here Shivaay comes to hall and notices Tia walking here and their..
Tia – Good morning sir,
Shivaay – Goodmorning,i ll tell driver to drop u to ur home..u may be getting late and yeah thanku so much..for yesterday..

(Anika watches this from upstairs)

Tia-sir,u remember i said u yesterday that their something important to discuuss..
Shivaay-han..yeah i remebr..
plz say whats that..
Tia-sir,its personal cum official..
n i know u dont like personal question..
Tia-sir,media wants u permission to declare something..
Shivaay-and whats that something..?
Tia-actually they want to declare u as the best bachlor ..
Shivaay-what?are they out of their mind..?
do u even know what are u speaking..
Tia-sir,but whats wrong..
Shivaay-Tia just stop it….
infact i have a kid..
u asked me yesterday whom did i call darling..the girl was my kid..
and the girl inside their..

n hes interupted by a voice calling him

Shivaay-turned to see that their was Anika who was calling him..
Anika tu yaha..
Anika-whos she?
Shivaay-just ignore..shes just a employee of my office
Anika-she din knew that u are married..and its not her fault..
then y are u scolding ….
(and she faints)

Tia was all in tears..

Shivaay huridly took her back to room..
And asked Tia to cal doc immediately..

Doctor examines Anika..and comes out here Tia and Shivaay were waiting impatiently..

Shivaay-doc vo teek tohhai na?
Shivaay-and what that u said me yesterday?
Doc-cant say..
Shivaay-she called me by my name..
when i was talking to Tia..
she din ,mention my name but Anika knew it…
Doc-ur a personality now..many members know u..its comman
Shivaay-but no one knows i m married..
what did u just say..?

Shivaay narrates everything to him..
Tia was just listening to the convo all time..

doc-thats a great news Shivaay.. is good if she regains all..
they hear the sound from inside..
and all 3 rush in..
Anika was holding her head and waking up..
Shivaay hepls her get up..

Shivaay- are u fine?
Anika- han Shivaay i m fine..
Shivaay-what did u say..?
Anika-are u dont say me u have hearing problem too..
i called my husbands name thats it..
Shivaay looked towards doc..
and then without thinking anything just hugged her..
It was an passinate hug…
Doc- beta u remember that u are his wife..?
Anika-actually no and actually Yes..
yeah han bhi and nahi bhe ka matlab..
doc-beta Anika tell me exactly what are u feeling..
Shivaay-cups her face..plz say truth only Anika and plzz no lies ..
Anika-vo i remeber that i m married to Shivaay..i remember about my kid..
i know i m Anika Shivaay Oberoi..
But i m tring to remember other things..
and when ever i try my head starts paining..
(she starts crying)
doc-the main thing is..if u remember this then u ll remember other things too..
so chill
Shivaay-and plz no tensions and no stress..
Anika smiles..
Shivaay says i ll just come..
Tia plz be here till i be back..
(tia was in tears but composed herself)
Tia-hello Anika mam..hope ur good now..
Anika-yeah better..
shall i ask u one thing..?
Anika-from how many years are u working under Shivaay.
Tia-2 yrs..
and since a year i m his PA
Anika-then how come u dont know that hes married..
Tia-actually..ths is the first time that i enterd his home..
and he never lets anything personal outs..
and hes so strict that to ask him anything prsonal..i should ask my self..should i ask him this for several time
Anika-laughs alod..
is this sadu so strict..
Anika-aree ur boss
Tia and Anika both start laughing
Shivaay comes their..
Anika wispers Tia lo agaye tumara sadu..boss.
Shivaay- i heard it..
Anika-Shivaay i want u to ask Tia sorry..
Tia-no mam that was my mistake..
and its obvio that sir rection was cmpletly oky..
where did he go..?
Tia-never mind mam..hes my boss..people go mad to work under him..and girls go mad for him but u know what now their hearts will break..when they will get t know that sir is not a bachlr..

(secne shifts)
Shivaay-even i cant believe this maa..that she;s back..
i just hope all goes well..
and yes say aria that their a big surprise for her..
now i ll leave and call back after talking to Anika and yes i know u are also exitd to talk to her ..
challo u bye..

Tia was standing back of Shivaay and was waiting for the call to end..
Shivaay-yeah..u here..
Shivaay-abb kya hai..
Tia-what should i reply to them
Shivaay-say them i have refused and u better get that i dont like my personal things comming out..
Shivaay-driver ll drop u to ur home..
and u can take a leave i m also not going to office and doing all work being in home..
and one more thing..
neva eva try to reveal what u saw yesterday and today..

Tia-Mrs Oberoi named him right,
and hushes off..

Anika heared it all..and was confused just when Shivaay enterd..
Shivaay-so,what is my wife thinking..
Anika-Y are u so much sadu
Shivaay-what?what did u call me SAdu?
Then do u think ur Mrs India..?
No ur just panika throwing water all time on me and a big wild cat..
Anika-stop calling me that..and did u scold her?
shes so nice..
Shivaay-then make her ur PA!
they keep fighting..

Do u want to speak to maa..
Anika-yes,i want too speak to all..
My maa.
and yeah Aria also
Shivaay-what?u said aria?
how u know..
Anika-Afterall..i m her mom i know her..
shivaay-oky then we shall have a chat in evening..
u take rest now..i have some office work i ll be in study if u need anything call me..

—– * —–

Prcep-left to my shaitani dimag

—– * —–

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