Forbidden love(Four and Tris) Chapter 21: Surprise date!

Chapter 21: Surprise date!

Hola I’m back again. So this the chapter of the date.

So what Tobias has written for her will be in bold, but when she interrupts him it will be written in italics.

-Tris’ pov-
I opened my eyes and saw that my blindfold wasn’t here anymore. Where’s the blindfold?!” I asked him, he chuckled and said, “I took it off you as you were fast asleep and now my shoulder hurts, because of you.”
“Aww my poor baby?!” I said with an annoying baby voice. “You are so adorable my guggu.” He said as well with a baby voice. “Okay, okay guys stop doing that as its creepy and please no naughty business in this car, because it’s my baby.” My dear cousin Zeke said while fearing for his damm car. “Your baby is as ugly as you.” I said, before he replied back sarcastically, “I love you too.” I know he does love me like a sister, that he never had. Sure we are cousins, but I don’t care as he is my blood and my brother. As soon as we got out of the car, Zeke drove away, but after saying, “have fun kids.”
“We’re not kids,” I said, “but you are one.” He muttered something and soon he was out of our sight. When I looked around, I saw that we were by the Ferris Wheel. “What are we doing here.”
“Here we had our first date as a couple.” he said. “I came here with you to remecise that date as it was the first time our love had bloomed into passion. So I had the idea to write something for you!?” He continued after a short pause. “What?!”
“Something that is close to my heart.”
“So please tell me, what you have written!?”

After that he went onto his knees and said, “Tris, when I had laid my eyes on you, I was smitten by you, at that moment I knew that you are special and I wanted to make you mine. I’m sorry for being so po-“ I cut him off by saying, “you never were possesive, but you were very protective about the people, you love.”
“The next time, you interrupt me, you will be punished Mrs. Eaton.” He seriously said and I kept mum. “I’m sorry for being so possesive about you. I never told you that, but you were in my fear of landscape and my fear was losing the people, I love, so naturally I grew more protective about you as I didn’t wanna loose you.”
“You will never loose me Tobias.” I said softly to myself. “I never loved anyone more than I love you and Theo, he is a part of my soul just like you are. When you left me that day, you took a part of me with you, the part that has known the true meaning of love. Love is not about making love to eachother every day, but about trusting eachother, understanding the feelings of the other, respecting one another and falling for eachother in every aspect. So I always wanted to ask you something, but I never got the chance too. So here it is.” He said, then I saw that the lights on the Ferris Wheel turned on, I could see that the lights were stating a question: “will you marry me Tris?!” The tears automatically started to flow from my eyes, when I read the question three or four times. Tobias’ smile dropped, when saw the tears and before he got up, I emotionally replied back, “Yes, I will marry you a million times, if I could.” His smile widened, he got up, hugged me, he twirled me around while I felt like I was flying and I could see his happiness that knew no bounds. “You just made me the happiest man ever.”
“But we are already married Tobias.”
“I know sweetheart,” he said, “but I wanted to have a proper wedding with you, with our families and friends.” That’s so sweet of him as our marriage was done in a hurry. “I always wanted that too!?” I answered back, he grinned at me and said, “I have known that since ages. When do you wanna get married?!”
“As soon as we can.” Was my answer. “In April or in June?!”
“June would be perfect as the weather will be lovely at that time of the year.”
“So June it is. Do you want a big marriage or just a small one with only friends and family.” He asked. “A small one with our close friends plus family will be perfect. What do you want?!”
“The same as you.” He replied back. “We can plan our wedding in a few months as I want to spend some time with you and if it is possible without any interruptions.” I demanded. I was still in mid air, so I leaned down with my head and captured his perfect lips in mine. Our kiss was soft at first, but then the fresh air was suddenly getting hotter and hotter. I couldn’t breathe anymore and it was happening to him too. As we were breathless we broke apart. We didn’t have to say anything as we both knew the right answer.

“Tris,” he said and his voice deeper than usually,” I need to tell you something.”
“About what?!”
“I need to tell you about my fears, so that you can understand about the fear of landscape,” he answered my question, “so that you are prepared for the small test.”
“So how does it work?!” I questioned. “You get injected by the fear serum, which activates the part of your brain which then shows you, your worst fears.”
“That sounds bad.” I surprisingly said.
“So my first fear was hights, the second one was that I have Claustrophobia, killing someone innoncent and the worst fear is about loosing the people I love and the worst part of that fear was loosing you Tris over and over again.” He said after a pause, I saw the tears in his eyes and I slowly kissed them away. When I think about our relation, I know that there’s trust between us, but sometimes it just goes missing and we end up hurting eachother.
End of her pov

-Tobias’ pov-
Today I confessed to her, what I felt all these years without her. I love her more than anything. Today I proposed her for marriage, I know that we are already married, but she desserves the whole world. When she kissed my tears away I knew that this time we will trust eachother even more. “Tobias the five years without you were unbearable, but I only lived for our son and for you as I always intended to come back to you.”
“Why didn’t you come back earlier?!” I asked her while I was hurt that she didn’t come back sooner. “Because even after all these years I felt betrayed, she sadly said, “but now I know the truth.”
“Thank god for that,” I stated, “because living without you was like living without oxygen!?”
“You wouldn’t be able to live without oxygen as you would have been dead by now.” She seriously said and I casually answered back, “because you are my oxygen!?”
“You and your little imagination of cheesy romance is so overrated!?” She sarcastically said. “If you have forgotten that my second name is romance.”
“So you are saying that my second name is cheesy?!” The way she said it was so hilarious and I just laughed, because of it. Tris pinched me while glaring daggers at me and because of her, I fell into the grass as well as she fell on top of me. I was holding her by the waist, while her hands lay on my shoulders and we were firmly pressed together. Now I was the one, who was glaring while she laughed at me. “Oh my god,” she worriedly said, “I’m so sorry Tobias. The inpact must have hurt you.” I calmly said, “no, the impact didn’t hurt me, but now I have the most gorgeous woman on top of me and she’s my wife.” She just rolled her eyes at me and I know that she doesn’t believe me. “I need to show you something.”
“What is it?!”
“A surprise.” I responded while she pouted at me, she looked so adorable. “You can pout as much as you like, but I won’t tell you anything.” I whispered into her ear, before I bit her earlobe and kissed her neck. “Tris can I blindfold you again?!” I aksed her and she nodded as answer, so I blindfolded her again and took her to the lake nearby. I opened her blindfold, so that she can see the surprise that I had made with my own hands.

There was a painting just infront of her, she looked at it, she saw all the details before asking, “who is this beautiful woman that you have painted?”
“That beautiful woman in the painting is standing right beside me.” I answered, she looked around, but she didn’t see anyone else and that’s when she realized that I was talking about her. “How can you think that I’m beautiful?!” She questioned. “Because my eyes were always searching for you, only you as I have never seen someone as breathtaking as you.”
“Don’t flatter me so much.” She shyly said. “I’m just saying, what I feel about you baby mamma.” I went to the painting, I retrieved it and gave it to her and she held it, while admiring the painting. “I never knew that my husband could paint.” She said to herself, but still I heard it, so I asked her, “did you like the painting?!”
“I don’t like it,” she said and my face fell and then she continued by saying, “but I love it as it is a fine piece of art just like you.”
“Did she just wink at me?!” I asked myself on my thoughts. “Yes, I did.” Was her answer and I looked at her with a perplexed look. “You said alound and not in your thoughts. I hit my head on a tree and she was soothingly rubbing the part where it hurts. For a while I was lost in her. Her eyes were calling me in for a kiss, so I leaned closer to her, she leaned close until our lips touched. I know I shouldn’t kiss her so much, but I can’t get enough of her, she is the fire that keeps me alive. The way we are pressed together, I can feel her body heat and I’m sure that she can feel mine too. “Tobias, do you still have another surprise for me?!”
“Yeah, there is one,” I replied back, “but I was hoping that we could stay here a little longer.”
“I’m not telling you anything.” I sternly said as I was waiting for a message from Eric or respectively Zeke. We were sitting on the grass and enjoying our date without any words spoken.

After a while I received a message saying, “all done, have fun with your lady.” I knew that it was Zeke that wrote it from Eric’s phone. I didn’t answer back. I took Tris’ hand, I held and said, “it’s time to go to the next surprise.”
“Really?!” She asked adorably and I kissed her cheek after saying yes. “I’m nothing special Tobias, but still you are doing all this for and I really appreciate it. “Why can’t you see that you are so special for me. You are my first everything and the life without you is not worth living for. I want to surprise for the rest of my life like that and love you like there’s no tomorrow.”
“I’m not worth it.”
“Yes, are worth it to me.” Hand in hand we went to our last destination for tonight.

The small hut for the next two days was decorated beautifully, Tris gasped looking at it and then asked me, “did you do the decorations?!”
“Yes, with the help of Zeke and Eric.” I said truthfully. “I love it!?” She exclaimed, while hugging me tightly and I hugged her back. “Glad you love it my love.”
“I would always love everything you do and make for me.”
“Do I have the honour to make you mine?!” She kissed me and in between the kisses, she said, “I was already yours and always will be.” These words were enough for me and to be honest I wouldn’t like it another way. Before I met her, I never knew what love really is. Yes, I have seen my parents being in love and all that, I never truly did understand love and felt like it was overrated and boring, but now with her, I know the feeling and do understand it as well. Finding true love is difficult, but not impossible. “What were you thinking?!”
“About love and the feeling of it is extraordinary.” I said while being in deep thoughts. She kisses me again and then she said, “we should go to bed and sleep.”
“What do you think about love?!” I curiously asked her. “I thought about it a lot and wanted to know, what the feeling of love is like, because of you I know it and I do understand it now.” I looked at her as I couldn’t take my eyes off from this woman. “Tobias is everything alright?!” She asked me with a concerned voice, so I said to her, “I wanna take our relationship a bit slowly.”
“Because I don’t want to repeat, what happened that day.”
“So what are we going to do?!”
“You can take the bed and I will take the couch.”
“For what?!”
“To sleep as I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.”
“Babe, you won’t do that ever and I need you to be by my side, even when we are sleeping.” I take her hand and lead her to the bedroom which was decorated as well. In the middle of the bed, a letter was laid down there, so I took and read aloud, “hola lovebirds,
I want you guys to enjoy the whole weekend and hopefully, you guys will give us a surprise.
Lots of love Zeke, winkie, winkie.”
“What surprise is that idiot talking about?!” She asked and I have already guessed about what he was talking about.
“He wants to have more nephews and nieces akka Four juniors and Tris juniors.”
“That guy has gone nuts.”
“Yeah, he has!?” I sadly said, because I think that she doesn’t want more children, but I want to have more children. It feels like she knows that I’m a bit sad, so she ordered, “Tobias come to me!?”
“Why?!” I was a bit confused, so I asked her. She just grabbed my hand, kissed my neck and lips, while walking backwards, we fell on the bed and because of the impact it broke. We couldn’t do the naughty deed she asked for. We changed our clothes and slept on the couch pressed together.
End of his pov

Disclaimer: I hope you all liked the last part of the chapter?


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