Forbidden love(Four and Tris) Chapter 20: Part 3

Chapter 20 Part 3: Truth hurts sometimes

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Without further ado here’s part 3.

-Tobias’ pov-
I’n still overhelmed with the fact that Theo did everything to reunite Tris with me and now she is here laying her head in my chest. Today she gained something and lost one of her friends at the same time. I cannot believe that Christina was the reason that Tris and I got separated. I glared at Christina, who winked at me, making my anger rise. “You knew, how much Tris means to me,” I said while my anger was on peak, “but still you played your nasty game with us. What did you gain after separating us?” Tris looked at me, I saw the tears in her eyes, because of Christina, who was her best friend. I wiped her tears with my thumb and I reassured her that everything will be fine soon, hopefully. “Can’t you see that everyone wants you Four?!” Christina asked me incredulously. “No I don’t see it as I only my eyes on the only woman I want,” I replied back making her wince as I’m glaring at her, “who is the mother of my child, my future children and she is my wife.”
“I love you!” Tris whispered into my ear, making me shiver in delight and smile. “Ahem,” Uriah broke our moment by asking, “what did Tris tell you?!”
“That’s non of your concern Uri.” Tris said glaring at him and he just said, “now I get it!?”
“Get what?!” Zeke asked. “That Theo has the glare of his mother,” Uri said innoncently, “but the eyes of his father, making him a perfect blend of his parents.”
“Go play with the children Uri.” Marlene said to him, he pouted at her, but she glared at him and he went to the other room, while glaring at us all. Yup are you surprised that the funloving goofball Uri can glare too, but I’m not at all fazed by that.

After silence I felt agitated and asked Will, “did you know about your uncommited girlfriend being like that?!”
“Honestly I did not. When I saw her flirting with Al, I was ready to break up with her,” Will answered back sincerely, “but I couldn’t, because she was pregnant at that time.” Tris then asked him, “were you in another relationship, before Christina?!”
“Yes, I was. Her name’s Rain,” he replied back with a longing look on his face, “she was the opposite of Christina in every way.”
“Oh, come on,” she scoffed at him, “I made you a favour in breaking you both up and same thing I was doing for Tris and Four.” Tris went towards Christina and slapped her, before saying, “you didn’t do us a favour, because of you and your blo*dy dead damm sister, I left the man I loved.”
“You are being so dramatic Tris?!” I would love to kill that witch right now, right here. “You have no right to call me Tris, it’s Mrs. Eaton or Six for you Christina,” Tris mocked her, “you have to respect a leader’s wife.”
“Four and Six sounds so perfect.” The rest said, while Christina had an evil smile on her face, which meant trouble is coming soon. She was going to attack Tris, so I said, “Tris be careful.” I didn’t have to say anything as Tris defended herself perfectly, then she punched Christina on a pressure point, knocking her out in seconds. “I think we have to make her confess her crimes in Candor.” Max said. “Today Four’s going under the truth serum, so maybe we could even arrange Christina’s.” Tris suggested and everyone agreed. We handcuffed her. Marlene said that she’s going to stay here to look after the children with Uriah. We agreed to it and went.

In the garage Zeke took his car and took Shauna, Eric, Lynn, Max and Hana with him, while I took my car, in which Tris, Will and to my displeasure Christina were with with me. The car ride to Candor wasn’t as long as it normally is, so we luckilly reached there without any problems. I parked the car and waited for Zeke to reach here anytime.

Finally after 10 minutes Zeke reached his destination too and went to Jack Kang’s office. I knocked at the door and he let us come in. “So what brings you all here?!” He asked and Max replied back, “today Four is going under the truth serum and because of some occurance we found out that Christina Hernandez was working with Jeanine Mathews and her stepsister Nita.”
“Is it that bad?!” Jack asked.
“Yes and she had something to do with Four and Tris’ separation, so we want to know the truth.” Eric said, while looking at his sister with utter disgust. To be honest I do feel bad for Eric as he loved her a lot and when he found out that she was his sister, his happiness had no bounds. I even feel bad for Will for putting up with her, for loving her, but I can see the regret in his eyes and I know that he loves Rain more than he ever loved Christina.

An hour later everything was prepared. It was my turn at first. I went to the hearing room where the quetioner was waiting for me. He wanted to inject me, but I asked him, “may I do it myself.”
“Do you have experience with injections?!” He asked me while being perplexed. “Yeah I do.” So he gave me it in my hand and I injected myself. “So my name is Nils and I will ask a series of question, while you are under the truth serum.” He said and I just nodded. The serum was already working even though I’m aware of the serum.
“What’s your name?!”
“Tobias Eaton.”
“Your parents names?”
“Marcus and Evelyn Eaton.”
“Did your father abuse you?!”
“No, he never did that.”
“Then why did you choose another faction?”
“Because I had Dauntless and Abnegation as my aptitude test.”
“Where do your loyalties lie in?!”
“In Dauntless and with the people, who were against Jeanine Mathews. My loyalties lie in humanity.”
“Are you married?”
“Yes, I am.”
“Did you have an affair with Nita Mathews or Christina Hernandez?!”
“No, I never had an affair with Nita neither with Christina. I had a mission to do and that was gaining Nita’s trust, so that I find out about their plans.”
“What plans?!”
“How they want to destroy Abnegation!?”
“So did you find out anything?!”
“Yes, I did!”
“That Jeanine Mathews had killed all the head leaders of Abnegation before Beatrice Prior, who is my wife. Jeanine Mathews was obsessed about Andrew Prior, who was a great friend of hers once, who choose Abnegation, because he fell in love with with Natalie Pedrad.”
“So Jeanine was trying to destroy Abnegation as Andrew Prior choose someone else over her?!”
“Thank you fo your honesty Mr. Eaton!?” Everyone said, so I went towards Tris, who invited me me into her arms and I hugged her. “After the 10 minutes break we will have the hearing of Christina Hernandez.” Jack announced.

A minute after the announcement Tris looked at me like she wants to say something, but she decided against it. “Tris what’s wrong?!”
“I’m sorry Tobias, that I called you a betrayer, when you weren’t one and were doing your work.” She said, while her head was hanging downwards. “Tris please look at me.” I said but she didn’t. So with my thumb on her chin, I turned her head upwards and I saw the unspoken tears in her eyes. “Tris, it’s not your fault as you saw what you did and thought what you did!?” I said, while kissing the tears away from her face and then I crashed my lips to hers. “Tris after the hearing is finished, I have planned a surprise for you.”
“What kind of surprise?!” She asked. “Not telling you anything as it’s a surprise.” I misscheviously said. “What about Theo?!” I replied back with a wink, “the gang will take care of Theo as they have a fear for Four junior.”
“Yeah I can see that.” She replied back with a small smile. I cannot get enough of this woman.

Soon the ten minutes were up and now we all will know what Christina has done till now or was going to do. “So lets proceed with the next hearing.” Jack said and Nils nodded, went towards Christina and injected her with the truth serum, she was trying to fight it off, but she cannot as she isn’t a Divergent. “What’s your name?”
“Christina Paoula Hernandez.”
“From which faction are and to where did you change?!”
“I was from Candor and changed to Dauntless.”
“Why did you change?!”
“Because I hated Candor and I never fitted in there.”
“Where does your loyalty lie in?!”
“My loyalty lies in my myself as I do whatever I want to.”
“So what have done till now?!”
“I separated Will from Rain and tried to separat FourTris, but that didn’t work.”
“Why did you do that?!”
“Because I wanted to feel superior over all of them and I wanted them to fear me.”
“Why should they fear you?!”
“Because I wanted to take over Chicago and destroy all the factions, who are protecting the Divergents.”
“The Divergents haven’t done anything to you, then why do you want you murder all the innoncent people?!”
“Innoncent people my foot.” She screamed, she was coming out of the truth serum and the decision was made by Candor to sentence her to jail where she will die a natural dead. I’m happy that she got the punishment she desserves. I really feel bad for Tris though as Christina planned to kill her as she’s Divergent.

After everything we all went home, some of us were sad, some didn’t know what to do and some were trying to cope with the truth.

When we were going out of the hearing room, Christina shouted at Will, saying that their son Jackson isn’t his son but Al’s. We all saw how heartbroken Will was, after finding out about her true clours.

When we reached home, the gang excluding Will were discussing how to make Will get over Christina and we all decided to take care of Jackson, giving Will time for himself.

After that I told Shauna to get Tris ready for a special date. She took Tris with her to shop clothes for it and I cannot wait to see my wife, when she’s ready for the date I will set up with the help of Zeke and Eric.
End of his pov

-Tris’ pov-
After everything that Christina had done, I felt lifeless like she took a part of me away. My worst mistake was to trust her and letting her instigate me against my Tobias. Shauna had taken me shopping as she was told by Tobias to do so. After an hour or so we had found the perfect dress. I got ready and she did simple make up for me as well as the hairstyle was done in waves as I know that Tobias loves my hair that way. I met Tobias on the way to our apartment, he stared at me the whole time, before saying, “wow babe you look so beautiful.” I looked at him and saw that he was wearing a suit, so I replied back while whispering in his ear, “you look so hot sweetheart, I won’t be able to control myself.”
“Then don’t!” He said. “We are going out, so I have to.”
“Yes and sorry darling, I have to blindfold you for that.”
“Why?!” I asked, he chuckled at me and then he said, “because it’s a surprise.” He blindfolded me and took me somewhere. Soon I knew that I was seated in the car and he or someone else was driving the car. I fell asleep and rested my head on his shoulder. I think that te journey didn’t take that long as he kissed me awake. “Wakey wakey beautiful.” He said with his velvety deep voice.

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