Forbidden love(Four and Tris) Chapter 20: Part 2

Chapter 20 Part 2: Theo really?!

Heyo Twistinians, I’m sorry for what I have written and to the Guest reviewer, you’re not first one to tell me that you are gonna kill and I’m sorry for that, but nothings gonna happen to Tobias as there’s a twist in the story and I hope you’ll enjoy it. So guys relax as really nothings gonna happen to him.

Without further ado here’s part 2 of chapter 20.

-Tris’ pov-

Our mouths were pressed together, I felt a lot of emotions in that kiss with him. I know that Theo wants to spend time with him, but he just doesn’t want to let go off me and to be honest, I don’t wanna let him go and I know that we have to stop kissing eachother soon. I don’t know why it feels like my whole life depends on that kiss. After we broke apart, I saw something I never had, he was in tears while he was muttering something. “Tobias,”
“Tris, I’m dying and soon I won’t be there for you or Theo.”
“You are not going to die Tobias.” I said. “Yeah, I am!?”
“No, I won’t let you die.” I said. “But I am Tris,” he said and I replied back, “you die, I die too.”
“No, Tris you have to live for our son.” He said, the tears just spilled over my face, I couldn’t stop it, so I hugged him and he hugged me back. We both were mending eachother without words as it is the easiest way of communication, me in his arms listening to his heart beat and him kissing my forehead in a loving way. We were pressed together like pieces of a puzzle, just perfect for eachother. I looked up to him, kissed him with my emotions in display and he kissed back with same emotions. Our tears were mixing with eachother. “I’m sorry Tobias for what I put you through,” My eyes said to his, “but why didn’t you stop me from leaving?!”
“Sometimes it’s better letting go of the person, you love the most, because they will the find their way back to eachother.” His eyes replied back.
End of her pov

-Meanwhile Zeke’s pov (believe it guys)-
We knocked at the door of Four’s apartment with one arm or hand holding our children and waiting for someone to open that damm door. Soon the door opened and Theo was standing infront of us. “Where are your parents Theo?!” I asked with a sad smile and he answered back, “in their room.” Then he let us come in.

There was silence between us all we heard FourTris talking emotionally and crying with eachother. “What’s happening in there?!” Shauna calmly asked. “I don’t know aunty Shauna,” Theo said sadly, “when I went in there I saw mom and dad kissing.”
“Maybe they are planning for another child!?” Uriah joked while he was holding his one month old daughter Red. Theo glared at Uriah, who was shrinking, because of it. “Four jr. you have the perfect glare of your parents.” Eric said smiling brightly at Theo, who smiled back at him. “Yeah, but it’s scary!?” Will exclaimed. “Not my fault is it uncle William?!” They made me!?” Theo flatly replied back, the rest of us was laughing, except for Christina, who was lost in her thoughts.

After a while someone else had knocked the door, I went to open it and dad was standing there. “Granpa Max!?” Theo exclaimed happilly before hugging him. I closed the door and then dad casually said, “I think it’s time to tell them the truth.”
“What truth?!” Christina asked as she was the only one, who didn’t know about our plan to reunite FourTris. No one answered, so Theo simply said, “something that doesn’t concern you Christina.”
“Theo James Eaton,” Tris angrilly said, “that’s not how you talk to elders. Apologize to her now!?”
“No, I won’t,” Theo stubbornly replied back and he really is Four’s son as he has the same stubborness of his father, “because she does not desserve it.”
“What are you saying? Why don’t I desserve your apology?!” A furious Christina asked. “Oh, now you are playing the dumbo Christina?!” Dad asked her. There was the long silence again.

“As far as I know, you are one of the traitors, Dad continued, “Theo never trusted you, so he didn’t tell you about our plan.” Four’s eyes widened as he was shocked, so Tris took the opportunity and asked: “what plan?!” No wanted to teply as we knew that FourTris are gonna burst soon and everything will be a blo*dy mess.

“We had faked Four’s medical reports with the help of Jack Kang and some Erudites.” Eric answered back. “But what has our son to do with it?!” Four asked, so Theo answered back, “it was all my plan to reunite you and mom.”
“So, because of you I thought that I/your dad had blood cancer” FourTris said with high pitched voices, “and that’s a cruel joke.”
“I’m sorry mom and dad, but it was Christina’s fault,” Theo said and oh boy this kid is more intelligent than us all even more than his parents, “that you guys separated in the first place.” Christina paled after what Theo had said and everyone saw that there must be some truth in it. “That kid is lying.” Christina screeched. “I think Theo’s right.” Will said, ouch that’s a blow on Christina’s face. “If you remember clearly Christina always tried instigate you against dad, as she wanted him for herself,” Theo smartly said to his mother, “so that the only person in Christina’s way would be Nita and she acted like she’s on our side or on Jeanine Mathew’s side, but she always was selfishly working for her own goals.” Dad looked at him as he had spoken out his thoughts. Tris was thinking about what Theo had said. “I agree woth Theo and Christina has tried to make a move on me, but I rejected her everytime.” Four said while Christina looked at him desperately, he paid no heed to her as his eyes were only on Tris.

After a few minutes Tris shouted, “why did you do that Christina, why?!”
“You act like you don’t know anything.
“Yes, because I didn’t know that my friend was making eyes at my husband, who clearly isn’t interested.” A disappointed Tris answered back. Four hugged her, she hugged him back and hid her face in his chest. We told Theo to look after the kids so that the elders can talk about everything else that she has done.
End of his pov

Disclaimer: Part 3 is coming soon and will reveal some truths.

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