Forbidden love(Four and Tris) Chapter 20: Part 1

Chapter 20 Part 1: Love, what have I done?

Hola Twistinians I hope you like it even though I had preplanned the seperation as well as the reunion of FourTris.

This chapter will have another two parts as it will be the longest chapter alltogether.

In this chapter there will be a quote of an indian movie, I have translated it for you all and it will be in italics.

For all Bollywood lovers, I think you guys will guess the right movie.

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-Tris’ flasback as well as pov-
A few days back someone called me and told me something that I never had expected. “Why do I have to come back Jack?!” I asked while being annoyed. “Tris, you have to as the last suspect hasn’t gone through the truth serum yet,” he explained, “because he wants to justify himself infront of you.”
“Why does he want to do that?!”
“Because he is your husband!?”
“What why does Four want to do that?!” I angrilly asked and he replied back, “he wants your forgiveness, so that he can die happilly.”
“What are you saying Jack?!”
“He is dying Tris with blood cancer.”
“There must be a cure to that. What if Theo has it too.”
“Who is Theo?!”
“Our son!” I bluntly stated. “So that means that you were pregnant with his child when you left.”
“I wasn’t at that time as I found out about my pregnancy a month later.”
“Are you coming back Tris?!”
“Yes I am as Theo desserves to know, who his father is.” I said and hanged up my phone.

After that phone call I couldn’t think straight, so I just booked two tickets for Chicago.

Later that day I told Theo, Tori and Bud that Theo and I are going to Chicago. Tori and Bud were slightly shocked, so after Theo went to bed, I told them why I’m going back to the place, where I have left so many memories, the people, I love and a part of myself. That night I couldn’t sleep as I cried for him of all people as no human being desserves to die like this, all alone without anyone knowing about that person’s health. I may have to kill a part of myself to make his life memorable and hopefully we will find a cure for him. Maybe I should talk to Cara, I think that she might have the cure for it. So I will do it, when I’m in Chicago, I’ll go to Erudite for that.
End of her flashback

Today is the day when we will reach Chicago, I will go to Abnegation at first to meet everyone there and at night I will have a meeting with Jack and him. Tomorrow Theo and I will meet the rest as well as Tobias, his name brings back the good and the bad memories back into my mind, but now I have to be there for him, because I have realized that I cannot live without him even after everything that had happened between us. He is a part of me and I am a part of him (hopefully). I slept through the whole flight, which was good as I didn’t sleep at all as I was doing my research for blood cancer and how to cure it.

Few hours later Theo shook me to wake me up by saying, “mom we are landing soon.”
“Already?” I asked him and he answered back, “yeah as you were sleeping for almost 10 hours.” Then I remembered that he was right. “Sorry baby I had a lot in my mind.”
“It’s okay mom. Can you please tell me a bit about my dad?” His question about his father always made me a bit nervous, but my boy desserves to know a bit about his dad, before he meets him. “Your father is a really great man, you look a lot like him, he loves us both a lot and he cannot wait to meet you.” I know I lied a bit to him, but I couldn’t tell him that his father doesn’t have a clue about having a son.

Soon we did land, we retrieved our lugage and then we went through the customs. We waited a while for Caleb, who promised to pick us up. Soon he came and when he saw Theo, he was surprised, so he asked me: “Bea is he your son?!”
“Yes, he is!?”
“Nice to meet you, what’s your name?!”
“Hey uncle Caleb my name is Theo.”
“Lets go guys.”
On the ride back to my parents place, I asked him, “how’s everyone?!”
“They are fine, but Evelyn is still ignoring Four and he is trying to make it up for everything,” Caleb said, “he visits Abnegation everyday, he helps Susan and I with our sons Alexander and Jerremy. He helps mom and dad a lot and he has become skinnier and skinnier.”
“Who’s Four?” Theo asked, so I answered back, “he is your father!?”
“But why does he have a number as his name?!”
“It’s his nickname as he only has four fears and his real name is Tobias.”
“I prefer his name more than his nickname. Can I call him Tobias?!”
“No, you can’t.” We the Prior siblings said at same time with the same voice. “You both are weird.” He mumbled to himself before saying: “okay I will call him dad.”

The rest of the ride by car was quiet until we had reached our destination. My smilling mom opened the door, let us in, my parents, Evelyn, Susan and I suppose his cousins were slightly confused when they saw Theo, so I told that he is their grandson, nephew or cousin. “Tris, he looks a lot like Tobias did, when he was younger.” My mother-in-law said. “Yeah, now I can ses the resemblance too.” My mom said and dad agreed. “So you are uncle Toby’s wife.” One of the twins asked, so I nodded before saying, “yes, he is my husband and I’m your father’s sister.” I said a tad bit emotionally.

After an hour Jack called me and I knew that it was time to leave, so I said bye to everyone and went.

When I had reached Candor, while I was going to Jack’s office, I accidently walked into someone, I was going to fall, so he caught me by my waist and a current was passing through my body. I opened my eyes and looked at him, before saying, “Tobias!?” He knew that it was me as his smile grew, Caleb was right he is skinier than he was before. “Yes, it’s me Tris.” At first we were lost in eachother’s eyes and then I started to glare at him. I was going to go, so he pulled me towards him, I fell on top of him as he had lost his balance. Suddenly I froze as he just crashed his lips to mine. I missed his touch, his kisses and him, the most. Whenever I thought about him, I felt his kiss on my lips and that’s how I always fell asleep at night even after five years he still does have an effect on me. I got off from him, glared at the same time and asked him, “what was that for?!” He then got up, went towards and whispered into my ear, “I love you Tris!?” I know that he does love, but I acted as I didn’t, after that I went into Jack’s office and he followed me. “Welcome back Tris and it’s nice to meet you Four.” Jack said with a smile. “So why are we here?!” We asked at the same time. “It’s about your marriage as well as your status. So Four do you have another woman in your life?” Jack asked and he replied back, “no, but if you don’t believe me, I’m ready to go through the truth serum.” I was so shocked that I looked at Tobias with a shocked expression, while Jack said, “okay, so it will be scheduled for tomorrow. So Four what do you feel about your marriage to Tris?!”
“What I feel doesn’t matter, but what Tris feels, that does matter.” He said before saying good bye. I stayed there listening to Jack, while my thoughts went back to Tobias, why does he want to prove himself innoncent? Does he think I can forgive him? I may do it, but I can never forget the betrayal.

After saying good bye to Jack Kang, I went back to Abnegation, changed my clothes and fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

The next morning I woke up a bit earlier as I wanted to go to Dauntless with Theo, so that he can meet the gang and his father. I got dressed and then I woke Theo up, he got ready as well. Then we said goodbye to all of them and headed out towards the train tracks. “Mom where are we going?!”
“To Dauntless and we are going to meet your father and some friends there.” I replied back and he happily nodded at me. Soon the train came I jumped into train with him and the we were talking about the friends he is going to meet, while we waited for our stop. As soon as the the stop came we jumped. Theo was a natural in jumping, then we jumped down one after the other. As he was a bit shy, he hid behind me, when he saw someone coming towards me. Hey and wow, what are you doing here Tris?!”
“Hey Eric, I’m back. Theo say hello to him!?” I said with a small smile.
“Wait a second who is Theo?!”
“He is my son.” Theo came a bit forward and Eric’s expression was priceless. “What I thought I was the first one to have a child, but Four again beat me to it!?”
“In my, Zeke and Four’s initiation class, he said with fake tears, “I ranked second and Four ranked first.”
“Where are you heading off?” I asked him and he answered back, “to the dining hall. Are you coming too?”
“Yes, we are uncle Eric.” Theo replied back for both of us. “So lets go Four jr. or else your aunty Lynn is gonna kill me.” So we went to the dining hall, when our friends looked at me, they ran towards us and engulfed me in their arms. “Mommy are you okay?!” Theo asked me as he saw that they all were crushing me and that’s when they saw him. “Tris, is that your son?!” They asked at the same time except for Eric, so I replied back, “yes, he is my and Four’s son.”
“How does Four always end up beating us all?!” My both goofball cousins said at the same time. “Because I have something that you both will never have.” Tobias said, who just came in, we locked our eyes for a second to long. “What is it?!” Uriah asked like a kid.
“Brains.” He answered back with a small smirk. “Please excuse me guys, I began, “I have to talk to Four and I would love to introduce myself to all of your children.” The other said that it’s okay for them.
“We can talk in our apartment.” Tobias said without looking at me, so I took Theo with me and we followed Tobias. We went to the apartment, where we had consummated our marriage before I left Chicago years ago.

I closed the door and that’s when he looked at me and then at Theo, he widened his eyes. “Theo can you please go to another room, so that I can talk to your father.” I said while emphasizing the word father. There was silence between us until he broke it by asking, “is he my son?!”
“Yes, Theo is your son.”
“Why didn’t you tell me?!” He sadly asked. “Because I found out about my pregnancy a month after I had left Chicago.” I answered back. “Tris, don’t you think that I desserve to know about my son?”
“Yes, you do and that’s why I have come back to you.”
“Why now and not before?” He asked me, so I said, “because I would have f-” he cut me off by asking, “you would have what?!” Then I just said it without thinking about the consequences, “I would have fallen in love with you again and you would not have fallen in love with me again!?”
“For being so deadly smart,” he said, “you are an idiot, because sweetheart I always had and will love you.” I couldn’t register what happened, but I could feel his warm and kissable lips on mine. I surely kissed him back until Theo asked, “eww, what are you both doing?!”
“Am I not aloud to kiss my wife? Am I my little raven?!” He asked while being fake annoyed. “Nope, you are not dad as I want to spend some time with you.” Theo pouted and he finally gave up by saying, “I’m coming buddy.” When Theo went back to the other room, Tobias sneaked up to me and kissed me again.

To be continued…

Disclaimer: What’s gonna happen next? It’s time to guess!

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