Forbidden love(Four and Tris) Chapter 19: Is it over forever?

Chapter 19: Is it over forever?

Heya I’m back for ya Twistinians.
I hope you all can forgive me for separating FourTris.
Flashback will be written in bold.
Without futher ado lets start the chapter.

-Tobias’ pov-
Five years ago I let the love of my life go. Someway or the other the separation was needed as distance makes a heart grow fonder for the person, you truly love and that’s why I let Tris go as she needed the break as much as I needed it. I will never give up on her, because I love her too much. Tris was the only one, who has completely stolen my heart even without trying. I still remember that day clearly after she left me.

Flashback still in Tobias’ pov-
“What the hell was that?!” Christina asked me, before Max came back into the room. “Christina, I had a mission to do and in that mission I had act as if I’m helping Nita and Jeanine.”
“I do remember that, Max actually offered the mission to me, but I didn’t take it.” Eric said in a thoughtful way. “But now Tris thinks that you betrayed her and she wven videoed you with Nita!?” Shauna stated. “Man you have lost the girl of your dreams now.” Uriah sadly said. “Yeah and of all the people he fell in love with had to be our cousine sister.”
“Hopefully she will realize how much she has hurt you Four.” Marlene said and I disagreed by saying: “I have hurt her more than she hurt me.”
“She is just angry and when realizes that you weren’t at fault, she’ll come back to you.” Lynn said, shocking all of us as emotion is a foreign language for Lynn. “Why are you guys looking at me like that?!” She sarcastically asked. “Because said something about emotions,” Will answered back at first. Max came into the room and I asked him, “is Tris alright Max?!”
“Yeah, she is fine, I gave her a letter and hopefully she will read it.” He said with a sad smile plastered on his face. “What was the letter about?!” Zeke asked.
“It is about our legacy and why Tris is the chosen one like Four!?”
“What’s a chosen one?”
“Someone, who should be a leader, someone, who can destroy the evil in himself and in others.”
“What’s so special about it and why are Four and Tris the chosen ones?”
“Because it’s a legacy of the Priors, Eatons and Pedrads,” Max said, “there are always two, who are the chosen ones and they are destined to be together and no power can separate them.”
“That’s all just bullshit,” I exclaimed angrilly, “there’s no legacy, that’s all made up shit!?”
“A legacy does exist Four and everything happened the way it was said years ago.” Erill(Eric and Will) said and I must say that the blo*dy Erudites do know a lot about legacies and they’re keeping it away from us. “I can’t believe it, I’m sorry, but I can’t!?” My phone rang and it was Andrew. “Tobias,” a stressed Andrew said, “Tris is leaving Chicago and going away to another city.”
“Andrew, where is she going?!” I asked and he answered back, “we don’t know, she just left for the airport.”
“Andrew she needs time, if I will go after her, she’ll just get more angry at me.”
“I know that Tobias, she thinks that you betrayed her and I tried telling her the truth about mission,” he sadly exclaimed, “but she didn’t listen and said that she is going away for a while!?”
“It’s going to be hard for me Andrew, because I love her too much.” I said while I was crying. “I’m sure that she will come back to you Tobias.”
“I don’t know about that Andrew,” I said, “but my heart will always belong to her and I will be waiting for her!?” He listened to me, when I poured my whole heart out and I know that he believes me. Before we ended the phone call, he said, “she loves you Tobias, keep that in mind.”
End of the Flashback

Andrew and Natalie do call me everyday to ask me, if I was alright. How can I tell them I’m not and that I miss their daughter a lot. My mom hates me as she thinks that I have driven Tris away from here. It is my fault, but she was the one, who decided to go somewhere else and live there. The past five years without her were unbearable, but still I lived for her. If she has moved on from me, I will let her go, like I did all these years ago, because her happiness is my happiness and I will happily live my life as I know that she has found someone, who desserves her more than me.

So much has changed. Her brother Caleb Prior is now the head leader of Abnegation, Jeanine and Nita were executed, the parents of Christina are getting a divorce as well as the mother of Eric is divorcing him too. Since Christina and Eric have found out that they are siblings a lot has changed. Every friend of mine are either getting married or having a baby.

Jack Kang called me today and told me to meet him in Candor as soon as possible. He didn’t elaborate much, so I took the next train there and arrived there after approximately half an hour. I was walking towards his office and someone walked straightly into me, she was going to fall, so I caught her by her waist and a current was passing through my body. She opened her eyes and looked at me, before saying, “Tobias!?” I knew that it was her. “Yes, it’s me Tris.” At first we were lost in eachother’s eyes and suddenly she started to glare at me. She was going to go, so I pulled her towards me, she fell on top of me as I had lost my balance and I just crashed my lips to hers. I missed her touch, her kisses and her, the most. She looks even more beatiful than ever. She has a tattoo of three Ravens on her collarbone. She got off from me, glared at me and asked me: “what was that for?!” I got up, went towards and whispered into her ear, “I love you Tris!?” I know she doesn’t believe me, she went into Jack’s office and I followed her. “Welcome back Tris and it’s nice to meet you Four.” Jack said with a smile. “So why are we here?!” We asked at the same time. “It’s about your marriage as well as your status. So Four do you have another woman in your life?” Jack asked, so I replied back, “no, but if you don’t believe me, I’m ready to go through the truth serum.” Tris looked at me with a shocked expression, while Jack said, “okay, so it will be scheduled for tomorrow. So Four what do you feel about your marriage to Tris?!”
“What I feel doesn’t matter, but what Tris feels, that does matter.” I said, then I said good bye and went back home.
End of his pov

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End of the AN

Disclaimer: Tris is back in Chicago.

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