Forbidden love(Four and Tris) Chapter 18: Worst act of love, betrayal!

Chapter 18: Worst act of love, betrayal!

Hiya Twistinians, I think the title says it all. I hope you guys won’t hate me as a major missunderstanding is gonna happen and everything will be a blo*dy mess for a few chapters. The whole prologue will definitely be in this chapter as a flashback written in bold.

-Tris’ pov-
The next morning, when I woke up, Tobias wasn’t anywhere to be found. “Where the hell is he? Did the night mean nothing to him? No, I know that he loves me more than anything and that’s why he was so careful. He was scared of breaking me.” I said to myself while calming myself down. Soon Tobias entered the room. “Good morning beautiful.”
“Morning babe,” I said, “do you still remember our conversation.”
“Which one princess?” He asked me, while being confused, so I answered back: “the one where we talked about our love being forbidden!?”
“Yeah I do.”

-Flashback of Tris-
“Being a leader wasn’t something I dreamt of, because I’m not a typical Abnegation girl!”
“Then why did you sacrifice yourself and became an Abnegation leader?” My forbidden love asked me and I answered bach by saying: “because Jeanine wants to kill all the Abnegation leaders except for my dad Andrew Prior!”
“What the hell is wrong with her?”
“Everything, that’s why she killed your dad as he was the head leader and she thought that my dad will become the head, but I ruined her plan!”
“But why is she so obsessed with your dad?”
“Because my grandparents promised her that my father will marry her and even assured her that dad will stay in Erudite!” I replied back with a small smile.
“How do you know all that?”
“Because my family isn’t a typical Abnegation family just like yours. That’s why your parents supported you when you choose Dauntless instead of Abnegation and now look at you, you have become one of the most important Dauntless leader!”
“But what about is Tris?”
“Our love is forbidden Tobias, uf anyone finds out about us then…”
“Then what?”
“They’re gonna kill us!”
“I don’t mind getting killed, because I will die with you Tris and that’s what makes our life more beautiful!”
“You are insane Tobias!”
“Nope, I am insanely in love with you Beatrice Prior!”
End of the flashback

“You know when you told me that you were insanely in love with me,” I started saying, “my whole world stopped for a while and I didn’t even answer back to you, but now I will and it’s game over Tobias Eaton.” His expression was so blank, that I wasn’t able to read his eyes, because they always tell the truth. “You know what our marriage was fake!?” I screamed at him, while I was puttingg clothes on, I didn’t notice that the whole gang was here. “What did you say?”
“The marriage was fake and that means that we are not married.” I growled at him. The girls gasped at the revelation and I was waiting for him to explain everything, but he didn’t. “For you everything was a game,”
“No, you are wrong nothing was a game for me.”
“So tell me,” I asked, “why did you betray my trust?!”
“I never did!” He lied straight into my face, so I showed him the video after our talk that day. He looked at uncle Max and emotionlessly said: “I can explain that.” Uncle Max wanted to sy something, but I didn’t let him and said: “there’s nothing to explain.”
“What about us?!” He asked, I must say that he has guts to ask about that. “There’s no us!?” I exclaimed.

I went out of the room, he didn’t stop me at all, I was going to run out of the door, when uncle Max stopped me. “Tris, this is for you.” He took out something from his pocket. “What is it?!”
“Something you should open, when you are ready for it. Goodbye Beatrice, take care of yourself.” When he said that, I realized, what he meant, he told me to go, start a new life, it should be away from here and that’s what I’m going to do. I thanked him and went back to Abnegation.

When I reached my parents place, they didn’t believe me that Tobias would do something like that to me. Evelyn was the only one, who believed me and she told me to that I should take a break from everything. Once in my lifetime I should think about myself. I packed some clothes and went to the Abnegation airport, where I will be going away from here forever and nothing can stop me. “Goodbye Chicago forever!” I know I shouldn’t have lied to Tobias about our marriage as it is as real as my feelings for him. I will be bounded to him forever as Mrs. Beatrice Eaton.

Leap of 5 years
The years without him were the worst years of my life and I’m 100 % sure that he has moved on, he must have. I was the only one, who was truly in love, he wasn’t. I had Tori and Bud, who supported me here in London, they gave me a job in their Tattoo parlour, helped me with everything and they even gave me space to live.

A month after I came here, I found out that I was pregnant with his child. I never was able to move on from him. My son Theo is just like him, like the man I fell in love with. Someone called me and told me something that I never had expected.
End of her pov

Sorry guys for what I did. As I said it was already preplanned even before I wrote the first chapter.
End of AN

Disclaimer: Kill me now!

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