Forbidden love(Four and Tris) Chapter 17: Fight for love

Chapter 17: Fight for love

Heyo Twistinians I’m back with the surprise chapter.

I hope you all will like it, maybe some bits of the prologue will be in this chapter, who knows.

-Tobias’ pov-
“I now pronounce you two as husband and wife. You may kiss your bride!?” The priest said, Tris and I got closer and then I just smashed my lips to hers. My mother and her parents were there, they were happy seeing us getting married.

“Wow, wow wait a minute, how did that happen?!” I asked the person that has writen this. “You know what Tobias, we should do a flashback and then you will probably see, what actually had happened and how you got married to Tris.” She answered back and I just glared at her. She glared back at me, but her glare wasn’t even scary and then she smiled at me evily. She came closer to me and injected me with a royal blue coloured serum, so I asked her: “what did you inject me with?”
“It’s a flashback serum, it will take you back to the events of yesterday night as well as what happened today. You will be in the flashback until you and Tris have gotten married. Be brave Tobias Eaton.” These were the last words I heard, before everything went blank.

-Flashback of Tobias and still his pov-
“You die, I die!” She looked at me, before tears were flowing down her face. “How can you love me so much?!” She asked me and I replied back: “I cannot express how much I love you Tris, but what I know is that I want to spend my whole life with you.” It wasn’t easy at all to tell Tris about my feelings, but I try to show her, my love with small gestures. “You won’t be able get rid off me now Tobias as I’m here to stay!?” She exclaimed, while she pulled me into the bed, I laid down next to her and she rested her head on my chest. “Why is your heart beat so fast?!”
“Because it only beats for you my love.” I replied back. She was laughing and then she said: “you are so cheesy Tobias.” I winked at her while saying: “only for you,” we talked for a while and soon we both fell asleep.

The next day we both woke up at the same time. “Good morning beautiful.” I said huskilly. “Morning handsome.” She answered back with a small smile. I kissed her before we untangled ourselves. She went to the bathroom and got ready to go back to Abnegation. She came out and said: “Tobias I’m hungry.” I listened to it and asked her: “what do you want to eat?!” She then replied back with enthusiasm: “blueberry pancakes.” I should have known it.

We both went to the kitchen, she started to make the dough, while I was preparing the blueberries for her. As soon as she was finished with the dough, I added the blueberries, then I put the pan on the stove and waited for it to heat. The pan was hot and I started to make the pancakes for us, Tris came towards me and hugged me from behind. “Tobias you look so hot while making breakfast!?” She exclaimed. “So I usually don’t look hot?!” I asked her, while feigning hurt. “You usually are s*xy, but not hot at all,” she said before she winks at me. “You are the dead of me Tris.” I groaned. “Then we are equels.” Was her response.

After I had made a few pancakes, I served them to Tris and I poured some maple sirup on them. She happily ate them and I made some for me. “So Tris are you ready for today?!”
“Yes, I am and I cannot wait to see everyone’s faces after that.” She answered back. “Same here,”I replied back before continueing: “I think that the Pedrads will throw a party for us both.”
“Or they will think that I’m pregnant.” She said and I just answered back without thinking: “I wish you were!?”
“What does that suppose to mean?!” She growled at me, while her cheeks were pained red, indicating the fact that she is blushing. “I mean it Tris, I think you will look hot, while being pregnant.”
“Shut up Eaton.” She teasingly said. “Your wish is my command!?” I exclaimed and bowed my head down in a dramatic way.

We were silently eating our breakfast, then Tris thanked me for making delicious food for her and I told her not to thank me as it is a pleasure to make food for her. She kissed me and she seducingly said, that she cannot wait for tonight and I just know, what she meant.

After clearing up the table, she went back, I will see her in a 2 hours again and it makes me nervous as from now on everything is gonna change forever. I went to my room to take a nap and fell asleep straight away.

After an hour I woke, went to the bathroom, took a shower and then got ready. After that I went downstairs to the garage, where my car was. I drove all the way to Candor, where Jack was waiting for us.

After a long drive, I reached Candor, went to Jack’s office, where Tris, her parents, my mother and Jack were waiting for me. “I need to show you guys something.”
Jack declared and we looked ar him as if we were telling him to continue, which he did anyways. He connected his laptop with a projector to show us a video of my father.

“Hello to whoever watches this video,
You must know that I’m probably dead or fighting for my life. I want my son to know that I love him and that I want the best for him!? In my case I won’t be able to see him getting married and I know the perfect girl for him, her name is Beatrice Prior but I call her Tris, because it suits her more. Tris is the only girl, who can save my son Tobias from the evil clutches of Jeanine Mathews and her daughter Nita. My only wish before dying is that Tobias and Tris get married within the next few months until half a year!?” He was going to say more, but someone kicked open the door of his office in the main building of Abnegation. Marcus Eaton, you are under arrest for cold blooded murder of Jeanine Mathews daughter Nita.” One of Jeanine’s sidekicks said. “I never killed her!?” Dad exclaimed. “Yes, you did.” Shouted an angry Jeanine, before pulling the trigger of her gun and that’s how the video ended. The utter silence was making me go crazy.

Mom’s face contorted to anger towards Jeanine just like mine did. Jack looked like he has just watched a movie full of cold blooded murderers. The Prior’s were ready to kill miss. Mathews. “Tobias and Tris, you both have to get married today itself,” Jack said and we all looked towards him, “because the half year ultimatum is going to finish tonight.” We all were perplexed except for my mother, who said: “it makes perfectly sense. We need to get Beatrice ready, but we don’t have a wedding dress.”
“I had bought something for Tris,” I exclaimed, “I hope it works out as a wedding dress!?” Now everyone’s attention was on me. Tris smiled at me and I knew that it was a part of our plan. So I went to my car, took out the bag with the dress, went back in, then made my way towards Jack’s office, gave the bag to my mom and she and Mrs. Prior took her to another room to make her ready for our marriage.

10 minutes later mom, Jack, Mrs. Prior and I were at the aisle, we were waiting for mr. Prior and Tris to come in. When they came in, I couldn’t take my eyes off Tris, because she looked absolutely stunning in that white dress. The sides at the waist of her dress were cut out, but still her waist was covered with the lace of her veil. Someone had to cough, inorder to make me pay attention to the priest.

“Today we have gathered to bless Tobias Eaton and Beatrice Prior for the new step of their lives. Marriage is something that is pure between the eyes of the husband and the wife.” He said then he was talking about marriage is one of the most important decisions of our lives and that we should cherish it with our whole lives.

Soon it was my turn to say something, I just say what’s in my heart.
“I, Tobias Eaton am taking Beatrice Prior as my lawfully wedded wife. This marriage is a promise that I’m always going to be by your side, that I’m going to cherish all the moments spent with you and that I’m going to love you in hardship as well in the good times and I’m always going to be a loyal husband. You die, I die is a vow between us forever.” I said while looking at Tris, who had tears of joy in her eyes.

Now it was Tris’ turn.
“I, Beatrice Prior am taking Tobias Eaton as my lawfully wedded husband. With this marriage I will promise you that I’m going to be a loyal wife towards you Tobias, I am always going to be by your side no matter what happens between us, loving you in the good and bad times will be something that I will cherish forever. The vow you said is the vow that is going to bind us together for an eternity.”

I slid a ring into her finger and she did the same afterwards.

“I now pronounce you two as husband and wife. You may kiss your bride!?” The priest said, Tris and I got closer and then I just smashed my lips to hers. My mother and her parents were there, they were happy seeing us getting married.
End of the Flashback

Finally I’m back to the real world. I then realized that I was still kissing Tris. After a while we stopped kissing and I rested my forehead to hers, while our parents and Jack were clapping their hands. “Four and Tris, you guys will be going back to Dauntless,” Jack said, “I will call the other leaders and tell them that the hearing will postponed for tomorrow afternoon.” We all agreed to that and made our way to my car.

At first we dropped off our parents and called Max to openly announce our marriage infront of the Mathews’ witches.

On our way to Dauntless, we were speculating about the reactions of everyone. “I think Zeke’s gonna faint after the announcement.” We said at the same time and laughed. “Jinxed.” It happened again, that we said something the same time. “Jeanine is going to say that we are lying about our marriage.” I said. “Don’t you worry about that,” she exclaimed with a smirk, “because Jack has vidoed the whole marriage!?”
“Great! Nita is going to freak out, when she sees it.” I whispered into her ear, earning a smack on my arm from her. “That wasn’t nice at all Mrs. Eaton.” I pouted at her and as an answer Tris said: “tough luck Mr. Eaton.” We were continueing with our little banter, soon after that I realized that we were already in Dauntless, so I drove to the garage, parked the car and we both got out of the car. She tried to take my hand, but I lifted her up in bridal style and carried her into the compound like that. We heard the gasps, noticed the jealous looks of the girls and guys, saw some people, who had fainted as well as the outraged Mathews’ witches.

“They cannot get married according to the rules their marriage is forbidden.” Shouted an outraged Jeanine. As a reply I said: “who cares about the shitty rules and it was Jack Kang, who told us to get married!?”
“He isn’t aloud to do that!?” Exclaimed the Nita. “Nita, he is a leader and he is aloud to do, whatever he wants to. There must be a reason, why got Four and Tris married.” Christina said, while glaring at her sister. “How can he marry her?” Nita spit at Tris and I growled at her: “I married her, because I love her and it was my father’s last wish, before he died, because of you and your freak of a mother.” I was going away with Tris and then I heard someone say: “I don’t believe you both are married,” Jeanine stated, “but if you ‘really’ are married to her, then prove it by consummating your marriage with her!” I know it was a challenge and we were already prepared for it. “Challenge accepted.” We said, while looking at eachother. “Are both sure,” Max said, “because it seems to me like you both are getting pressured to do it.” I scoffed at him. “She openly challenged us uncle Max.” Tris said while pointing at Jeanine.

No one said anything and I knew that it was our cue to go to my and now officially our apartment. Marrying Tris was the best decision ever. We were silent for a moment and then I asked her: “are you sure you want us to consummate our marriage tonight?!” She was silent for a while until she replied back: “yes, but we don’t have to, if you don’t want to.”
“I really do want to, but in a different circumstance than this as it is forced upon us.” I told her and then she said: “I do agree with you Tobias and I want it the way you want it, but we don’t have a choice.”
“You are right this time we don’t have the choice to fake it.” In this case we both were hopeless, but Jeanine thinks that she can control us, but she’s so wrong, because no one can break us apart.

After a few minutes of silence, we had reached our apartment, I opened the, closed it with my foot, took Tris to our bedroom and layed her down on it. Then I laid down on top of her and kissed her passionately. Admits the kiss she turned us around, while we were kissing and now she was on top of me. I kissed her neck a bit to hard, giving her a love bite. I don’t remember what else happened, but what I know is that the passion has overdriven us in a way that we had consummated our marriage on our wedding night. We fell asleep in eachother’s arms as we were exhausted.
End of his pov

I know that you guys won’t like this chapter, but I will try to make it readable for all of you.
It is maybe the longest chapter, but I’m not sure though?
It took me four days to write this chapter and now I’m exhausted.
If you guys wanna kill me just go ahead with it.
Lots of love Charms
End of the AN

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