Forbidden love(Four and Tris) Chapter 13: Our plan!

Chapter 13: Our plan!

Hola Twisties how are you all? Did you like the last chapter? This chapter will be about the attack in the point of view of Tobias.

-Tobias’ pov-
After Tris left the meeting room I followed her out, we were walking together and from the corner of my eyes I saw Nita with Jeanine Mathews, so I knew that they were planning something. Through my eyes I told Tris about seeing them two together and she knew that we have to act notmally as if we didn’t know that they were following us. As I had estimated the time of their attack, they slowly came towards us, one of them hit Tris a few times and the other one hit me, until we both blacked out, but I still could her what they said. I was hoping that none of us both looses our memories as I don’t wanna forget the times I have spent with Tris, I cannot forget that I love her more than anything in this whole wide world. When I woke up I was in a room with Tris, who smiled at me and said: “we have to act like we are on something, because I know that Nita will come into our room.”
“Okay, so lets make it look like we are doing it.” I suggested, she glared at me while she was blushing. “No, eww.” She said while I winked at her before saying: “oh come on I’m not that bad, we will be just kissing and making sounds.”
“Still it’s something I want to do it with my husband.”
“So lets act as if we are married, when Nita gets jealous and asks us about what we are doing.” I said and finally she agreed to it.
“Come here!” I said, she came to my bed and lay down next to me, we heard footsteps, so we acted according to our plan. When the door opened the whole gang plus Max and Nita were standing in the doorway, the expressions of the others were hillarious but the best one was Nita’s.
Ahhh!” Nita screamed out of anger and jealousy while tearing us apart. “What the hell. Who are you to separate me from my wife?” I angrilly asked her, it was so hilarious to see Nita’s expression changing from jealous to shocked.
“Baby, I’m sorry we shouldn’t be doing that, because we both got hurt and I cannot cause more pain to you.” I said while I was looking at Tris and she answered back: “But I want a baby!”
“I think that they gave FourTris peace serum or another serum that I don’t know the name off, so that’s the reason why they are behaving like this.” Like always Will stated the facts by analyzing our behaviour. “I think we should let them be!” Max said while Nita protested: “but what if they start doing that again? That would be against the rules.”
“So what, they like eachother and they will learn from their mistakes Nita. Whatever happens between them is non of your concern.” Max said while she kept quiet. I can see that the gang doesn’t mind the closeness between us as they have accepted Tris as a part of our gang while the exception is Nita, who cannot seem to stand Tris at all. I will make her pay for what she did. Soon they all went leaving us both together as we were tired, we fell asleep in eachother’s arms.
A few hours later we woke up as we thought that Nita might be coming back, we made the sounds again, but then when her parents, my mom and Max came in we both said at the same time: “who are you? Why are you naked?” The elders looked worriedly at eachother after Max told us to get ready, so we talked to eachother. “our plan worked Tris and now Nita will think that we both really have lost our memories.”
“I wouldn’t be able to stand if this happened, I fade away while you have forgotten me in your memories!” She said to me. “Yup we truly did a great job.”
“I love you Tobias!” She said with sincerety radiating from her body.
“I love you too Tris!” I said before I lovingly kissed her forehead. “We should meet the others, but we cannot talk to eachother until we are in our room without anyone else disturbing us.” She said and I agreed even though I’ll miss her.
We kept ignoring eachother to Nita’s delight and the rest looked at us like they don’t know us anymore. “The doctor told us that you both have lost the memories of the past few weeks. Meaning that you both have forgotten how you both met.” Andrew said, but they don’t know that I will never forget that day, when I met her and was spellbounded by her beauty. “So we thought that we will go to all the places you guys have been. So tomorrow we will start with, where and when you both met for the first time.” Natalie said. “Then we will recreate the leaders meeting, where Tris introduced herself as the head leader of Abnegation.” Max continued the next sentence for Natalie, I felt bad lying to them, but Tris and I want that Nita confesses her crime by helping Jeanine Mathews. “But why do we have to remember eachother?” Tris asked them and the gang answered back by saying: “because you both love eachother, your chemestry is rocking as well as perfect and you guys did the deed.”
“What deed?” We asked at the same time and Christina answered back: “nothing, I think you guys were under a serum, so you both don’t remember it.” We both yawned at the same time, so the rest said that they are going home and we went to our room after saying bye to them all. Luckilly I was able to lock the door, Tris looked at me quizically and then she knew about what will be happening behind the closed door. In two strides I was infront of her and crashed my lips to hers, the kiss was full of passion, intensity and love. After we broke apart we smiled at eachother and then I said: “I cannot wait to have a relationship with you.”
“Aren’t we actually having a relationship already?” She asked me and I answered back: “nope, not yet. I want you, but you need to start trusting yourself and maybe then we will be able to have a relationship until then I will be waiting for you.” I said. “Good night Tobias!” She said and I said back: “you can come here, because I need you you in my arms or else I won’t be able to sleep.”
“Okay I’m coming, but please don’t do anything while I’m asleep.”
“I won’t I promise.” I said while she came towards me, she laid down beside me, I covered us with the quilt, draped my arms around her waist, I kissed her neck and I could feel that she was shivering out of pleasure. “Good night my beautiful love.” I said, she turned around, kissed my cheek and then said: “I will have a good night, because you are here with me.”
“I will always be by you side.”
“You know what, I should never have broken your heart.”
“I’m glad you did, because our lucky stars have brought us together and now we are much closer to eachother than we were before.” Soon our breaths became steady and we fell asleep. I promised myself that I will fight for our love.
End of his pov

-Meanwhile Christina’s pov-
“Guys can you please excuse Nita and me as I need to talk to her.”
“Sure Chris!” The others said, so I took Nita’s hand and dragged her to an abandoned hallway. “What is it Christina?” She impatiently asked me, so I straightly asked her: “why were you so happy when you go the news that Four and Tris have lost the memories of eachother?” She thenrrplied back by saying: “because now I can make Four mine.”
“Are you delusional or what Nita, can’t you see that he loves Tris and not you.”
“No, I’m not but you know what Tris and Four cannot be together as their love will be counted as forbidden!” She said before storming off and I don’t why, but I have a feeling that she has caused the accident of FourTris. I went back to the gang and we decided to do a sleepover at Eric’s place without Nita of course.
End of her pov

Disclaimer: I hope you all are liking it, if not then please tell me why.

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