Forbidden Love (Part 1)


So here with a new brand ff hope u like it..

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1)Rejected Princess
2)Devil that owned an angel

Link for Rejected Priness:A shivika SS



Knowing my FF will bore u at start..but keep reading..coz u if u dont read the start u cant understand the last..
DO comment an let me know ur views..

It was a cold night..
those strong breez were such that it could have conquered the whole world within a single grip..
cloud had set in d sky n moon hidden somewhere fearing for the gangreous danger clouds..
In such a night there stood a boy….he had his PA with him..(yup u r guess is right the boy there is shivaay but u r wrong the girl i.e. his PA is not Anika..stop giving stress to ur litlle brain and now read further)

she had fear in her eyes for him..but loved pored her eyes too..
she said sir ,its too cold can we go my mom is calling me again and again..
and u said me u ll drop me..
the guy said yes sure…just 5 min….is it ok for u..?

PA- just nooded here head
U plz sit in the car tia,said the boy in a single tron of trip i ll just come..
the boy replied and went to a garden..
tia followed him..

The guy came to a garden..and said i m back..
tia-to whome is he speaking?i must find it..
the guy went in..
tia followed him and was shocked to c such a secnic beauty in front of her eyes..

Differnt Roses,dafodills,lilly and many flowers like a blanket spread out as if the god had blessed out his mercy and felt like heavens are poring out over here..
tia was so pleased by this that her happiness was in peaK..
[do imagine theses sences,then u ll feel the most happiest person to]

The guy is revealed to be shivaay,
a fair tall 5.3 wala banda,with fair complextion..
so handsome that any girl would fall for him(need not explain u guys na,as i know all love him)

He slowly went and sat near the bench..
he took a trophy which he had hid in his coat..
he gently placed it near him on bench..

tia saw this ,this trophy..


Its seeen that there is a huge crowd among which lied two memebers,shivaay with tia ,his PA..
It was a award Function
for the best CEO,
It was announced that shivaay has been awarded..all flatered in flaws..
and huge round of claps was heard..
tia -Congrts Sir,
shivaay just gave a smile and hed towards the stage..

He climed the stage..
and the award was handed to him..

He was asked to speak few words..
“Well..hello to all..
I shivaay oberoi,very thankful to all my staff as it stood with me..
Suported my decisions,
so thanku to all”
Host-sir,whom would u like to dedicate this award too?
shivaay-Well,to Aria..
Host-Aria..whos this sir,
shivaay gave a typical one eyebro up look..and continued i neva share my personal life..
Host-Well we think shes important part of your life..
shivaay just hused off..
tia followed him..


She looked towards shivaay..
she could not hear what he said..
so she decided to stay there silently..

shivaay-Dek na yar..I kept my promise
abb mein CEO ka award bhi jeet gaya
(Now i won the best CEO award also)
abb toh ajja
(Atlest now come back)
U wanted me to get this..i got this and now u are not with me but i know where ever u are u might be cheering for me..

His alaram starts ringing..

Abb tu soch ri hogi Y alaram?
Vo..actually now i became panctual..
n i said my PA that just 5 min..
so times up..
he takes the award and is leaving..

tia sees this and immediately runs towards the Car

shivaay comes back..tia was breathing she had huridly ran and came back..

shivaay-are u ok ?
tia-yes sir..
shivaay-come i ll drop u..
shivaay-so ehat are the meetings for tommo?
tia-sir Taneja company’s CEO is willing to meet u..
shivaay-oky..i ll call him personaly and talk later..
tia-sir,u know them personally?
shivaay-(stares her)
tis-i mean i din give u number
shivaay-u very well are aware of the fact and still..neva mind..heres ur home..and yes plz for god sake be on time

Just then when shivaay was taking U turn..
heard the scream of a girl..

hows it?

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  1. Jayashree

    Sounds nice.. I’m waiting for next part 🙂

    1. Crazyfunky

      ohh tq dear

  2. Akansha

    nyc n different… plz continue this… waiting fr d nxt

    1. Crazyfunky

      sure ll continue dear and thanku

  3. Samaira20

    Superb one…. excited to know the important person in Shivaay’s life….ur other two ff are also awesome….keep it up….

    1. Crazyfunky

      thanks samaira glad u liked all my ffs

  4. Nithu

    Crazy u attarct ur readers…like a magnet….loved it yaar

    1. Crazyfunky

      if i m magnet then r u guys iron /metal body?
      ntwn thanks dear

  5. Enthralling….cont soon

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  6. Wow? Loved it.

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  7. ShubhangiRokxx

    its something different luving it

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      same cmmnt from u for the 2nd time dear thanku

  8. Sat_9492

    Awsm….. Waiting for next episode……

  9. Nansshivika

    Waiting to know who is aria and like always this story also different from ur ffs ,interesting.

    1. Crazykipuh

      U ll find d mystery f ArIa

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