Forbidden love (Four and Tris) Chapter 8: The accident!

Chapter 8: The accident!

So this chapter will be on Four’s pov about the few days before the accident and why his behaviour towards Tris has changed. Everything will be explained through out the chapter as well as the part of chapter seven.

-Four’s pov-
The sleepover was good as I had completely forgotten about my broken heart. I was trying to plan something when an unknown number send me an video. I looked at the video which had me completely broken as in the video, I heard how Tris said that she was playing with my feelings and that she doesn’t love at all. This is it, I’m never ever gonna forgive her for playing with my feelings, so I decided to hate her and not have feelings for her. I showed the video to my friends, some of them believed the video and some didn’t. They were trying to tell me that video was fake but I didn’t believe it. My friends went back to their apartment to do their own business and I was alone again. When I went to my room, I saw the package that mom had sent, so I took into my hand, unpacked it and there was a letter.

“My dear son, when you will read this letter than I’m probably dead. I just wanted to tell you that you should trust Beatrice as she’s the only one, who knows about the person, who will be behind my death. “She is a good girl, she even is ready to die for Abnegation, only to make all of us survive, that’s why I decided to make her the new leader after me!”
“With lots of love dad.” I was so angry that I crumpled the letter. I didn’t look what else was in the package as I wasn’t in the right state of mind. “How dare she! Now everything makes sense, she has killed my dad, because she wanted to be the head leader of Abnegation. I will make her pay for her deeds. I hate you Beatrice Prior, I really do.” “I can play as dirty as she can.” After that I planned my revenge as my father didn’t desserve to day.
“Beatric Prior I will make your life hell, you will beg for your own death, but I won’t let you die, not until my business with you is finished.” With a content smile on my face I fell asleep.

The next morning I didn’t meet up with my friends as I was busy planning my revenge. She thinks that she can outsmart me, but she is so wrong. “Yes, this is perfect!” After a while someone knocked at the door, I thought that my friends came, but I was wrong because when I opened the door there were someother people here, who I never have seen in my life. At first they nicely talked to me, I asked them if they wanted something to drink, so one of the guys said yes. While I was getting the glass of water, someone attacked me from behind I had no time to defend myself as I was already on the floor, so they got the best out of it and everything went blank. When I woke up, I was on a bed in the infirmary, I asked myself, how I got there, I was trying to sleep when someone knocked, so I told them to come in, the person came in and to my luck it was her. She came towards me.
“Are happy now Tris?” I angrilly asked her.
“Why should I be happy?” She asked me with confusion written all over her face, but I know that it’s fake.
“Because of you I’m in this blo*dy situation!”
“I never wanted you to get hurt!”
“But still you did hurt me!” I said.

“I like you a lot Tobias, I really do, but I cannot risk that you get hurt, because of me. Because of the shitty secret that I have to keep hidden from everyone, who I love a lot. Breaking you heart was a stab into my own heart!”
“Wow, Tris you are the best liar I have ever met, at first you break my heart into pieces and now you are telling me that it hurt you. But let me tell you one thing clearly and that is that you have broken me. I never ever want to see you again except for the meetings between the leaders and I won’t talk to you as you don’t exist for me anymore.” I said while pouring all my emotions out.
“If you never ever want to see me again, so be it like that. I will change my path when I notice that you are walking the same way. You can ignore me, but I won’t stop liking you as you already have my heart and you are welcome to play with it if you want to.” She said while wiping the tears away from her face, oh gosh she is so confusing at times, then she went out of the room, while looking at me for the last time and I didn’t look back at her. I could see in her that she herself was hurt about the situation.

A few minutes later my friends came into my room and told me about how she feels about me, I pretended like I was listening, but to be honest I have no interest in her anymore. As soon as I got discharged from the infirmary, I went to my place, when I got there, I unlocked the door, then I locked it again, I went to my room, changed my clothes and fell asleep.

The next morning I didn’t notice that someone was in my room until I heard a scream, I opened my eyes, saw her and she was very close to me, do I asked her: “what are you doing in my bed?” Then she countered back by saying: “why are you holding me by my waist and why am I so close to you?” Opps and now I realized that I was holding her bare waist as the shirt she was wearing moved up when she was sleeping and then I realized that it’s my shirt.
“Why are you wearing my shirt?”

“Because my clothes were dirty and I didn’t want to sleep naked.” She sarcastically replied back, so I said: “then why don’t you undress yourself.”
“Are you crazy, I won’t undress myself infront off you!”
“Oh really then why did it nearly happen a few days back in my office?”
“If you wanted to see me naked then just tell me that dumbass!” She angrilly said and wow she looks so hot in my shirt.

“Can you please let go off me, so that I can get changed.” She said with a slight annoyed voice, so I let go off her and she went to the bath room. “Oh god, why can’t I control myself when she’s near me. But I have to, because she has killed my father.” I told myself, I didn’t notice that she came out of the bath room and was drying her hair infront of me. I kept staring at me until she asked me: “what’s wrong with you Four and why are you staring at me like that?”
“Because damm you are so hot and I want you!”
“Really, because I don’t believe you at all!” She said. Oh no she has oversmarted me, so I went nearer to her, hugged at her from behind and said before kissing her neck: “welcome to hell Beatrice Prior!”

“Actually it should be welcome to paradise Tobias Eaton!” She said before kissing my naked chest and then she went like the wind, leaving a perplexed me behind. “Dammit, she knows how to play dirtier than me and I cannot let her win, because if she does then I will fall right back to her.”
“You already have!” She said with a smirk.
End of his pov

Disclaimer: These crazy ideas belong to me, but I’m not a great writer, so I’m off to write more chapters?

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