Forbidden love (Four and Tris) Chapter 7: What did I do?

Chapter 7: What did I do?

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-Tris’ pov-
A few day after I had broken Tobias’ heart, I felt like someone was stabbing me in my heart, I have locked myself in my room and haven’t opened it since that day.
“Beatrice Prior can you please move your ass and come down here!” My mother angrilly shouted, so I opened the door and ran downstairs as fast as I could, then I saw that the gang was here with saddened expressions.
“Hey guys what’s up?” I asked and Lynn replied back: “Four met with an accident and is in a bad state.”
“What? How did the accident happen?” I sadly asked while mom and dad were looking at me with concern written all over their faces.
“He was doing some work in his apartment, when someone knocked at the door, he then opened it and there were some guys, who hated Four for what he has done for Dauntless. At first they were nice to him, he asked them if they wanted something to drink, so one of them said yes! While Four was in the kitchen, they attacked him from behind and he had no time to defend himself, so they got the best out of it.” A pales face Shauna said while tears were flowing down from her eyes.
“I need to see him!”
“You should meet him as the doctor said that Four kept saying your name.” Eric said and I went out without saying another word and ran to the Dauntless sector without listening. I heard some people calling my name out loudly, but I didn’t care, because I needed to see Four. I asked and said to myself: “what did I do? He is in a bad state, because of me.” I fell on the ground as I slipped and I cried, but not for myself but for Tobias. Someone came running towards me and hugged me while trying to calm me down.
“It’s my fault! I shouldn’t have broken his heart.”
“Shh, Tris it’s not your fault at all!” Marlene soflty said and I kept repeating the words all over again and again that it was my fault.

Soon the others were by our side and told me that Four was heart broken and that he kept himself busy with work inorder to forget the pain of a broken heart. I tried to keep myself steady, but I can’t anymore.
“His heart broke because of me and now he is paying the price, which he doesn’t desserve at all. It’s me who should pay the price of it. I’m the who brought the pain upon him, it’s not fault but mine!”
“Tris I want an honest answer from you!”
“About what?” I asked and Christina responded back with a question: “do you like Four or are you just playing with his feelings?”
“What kind of question is this?”
“I just want an answer!” She said, so I answered back: “yes, I like him a lot, it pains me a lot, to know that he isn’t well at all. Telling him that everything between us was a mistake, was the biggest lie ever and it felt like a stab into my heart!” I said.
“Then why did you break his heart?” Will asked.
“Because I cannot be with someone who is forbidden!”
“What do you mean by forbidden?”
“I and Four cannot be together, because if the other factions find out about us then they will kill us both. Our relationship has to be a secret and I can’t take the risk of loosing him. That’s the reason why I broke his heart.”
“That actually makes sense, but don’t you think that a forbidden love story is more thrilling and s*xy than an open relationship.” The girls said at the same time excluding Lynn, who said: “I’m outta here!”
“I’m coming too my dear pumpkin!” Eric said with a small smile towards her.
“Aww, you guys are so cute!” Christina squealed out of joy.
“If you say that again Christina, I will cut you thoungh out your mouth or Eric will let you hang over the chasm like last time!” Lynn threatened her. Then we walked to the Dauntless compound in silence.

“So Trissy what happened between you and Four, before you broke his heart?” Christina asked me so I threatened her too by saying: “if you call me Trissy again then I will throw all your make up away as well as I will make sure that all the stores, which sell make up get closed down.”
“Oh shit, she’s just as scary as Four is.” A scared Will said.
“That’s why they are perfect for eachother.” Eric said while the others agreed. After we had reached the infirmary the nurse asked: “who is Tris from you guys?”
“Me!” I said with a smile and she looked at me with utter disgust before saying: “Four wants to see you.”
“Okay in which room is he staying?”
“In room number 6.” So I went to that room and knocked the door, before someone said: “come in!” I went inside, closed the door and went towards him.
“Are happy now Tris?” He angrilly asked me.
“Why should I be happy?”
“Because of you I’m in this blo*dy situation!”
“I never wanted you to get hurt!”
“But still you did hurt me!” He said.
“I like you a lot Tobias, I really do, but I cannot risk that you get hurt, because of me. Because of the shitty secret that I have to keep hidden from everyone, who I love a lot. Breaking you heart was a stab into my own heart!”
“Wow, Tris you are the best liar I have ever met, at first you break my heart into pieces and now you are telling me that it hurt you.

But let me tell you one thing clearly and that is that you have broken me. I never ever want to see you again except for the meetings between the leaders and I won’t talk to you as you don’t exist for m anymore.”
“If you never ever want to see me again, so be it like that. I will change my path when I notice that you are walking the same way. You can ignore me, but I won’t stop liking you as you already have my heart and you are welcome to play with it if you want to.” I said while wiping the tears away from my face, then I went out of the room, while looking at him for the last time and he didn’t even look at me. The hatred in his eyes for me, hurt me a lot, but it’s my fault that this happened and I won’t ever be able to forgive myself even if the guilt eats me up from the inside. I was walking aimlessly until the gang stopped me, told me to stay at his apartment and then they gave me the key to the apartment.
“Are you guys sure that he won’t mind me staying in his apartment?”
“He won’t Tris.” They said, so I accepted their offer and Lynn took me to the apartment. I locked the door, went to a bedroom, which smelled like him, whenever I smell his scent it’s comforting me and I feel safe. I laid down after changing into one of his oversized shirts, I hope he won’t mind and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning when I woke up, someone’s arms were around my waist, so I turned around and saw that he was holding me closer to him, so I screamed and then he woke up and asked: “what are you doing in my bed?” Then I countered back: “why are you holding me by my waist and why am I so close to you?”

Disclaimer: These crazy ideas belong to me, but I’m not a great writer, so I’m off to write more chapters?

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