Forbidden love (Four and Tris) Chapter 4: Tris in Dauntless!

Chapter 5: Tris in Dauntless!

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–Tris’ pov–
The next morning I woke up at nine o’clock got ready for the meeting, I told mom and dad about it and that I’m going to Dauntless. They said goodbye to me and that I should take care of myself. When I was at the door of my house, Evelyn came out, asked me, how I am and if I am going to Dauntless. I said yes and then she asked me to wait for a minute as she has something for Tobias, she asked me if I could take it there, so I said yes. Then she said good bye to me and went to finish her work. I went to the train tracks, where I waited for the train for a few minutes. When it came I jumped into it and waited till my stop came by. I jumped off the train, then off the building. “Hi Tris!” Eric said with a smile, I smiled back and said: “hi Eric!”
“I was going to the dinning hall and Four should be there actually. Do wanna join us and our gang?”
“Sure, I’m in!” We walked to the hall in the silence until Eric said: “Hey Four look who I picked up on my way here!” Everyone turned around until I saw Four who smiled at me.
“Hey Tris! You are here earlier than I thought!”
“Hi Four! I know that I’m here early on my way out I met your mom, who gave me something for you!”
“Oh thanks Tris for picking the small package for me! It’s very kind of your family to visit my mother after dad’s death.”
“I know that your mom feels lonely, so it’s our duty to spend time with our fellow members.”
“I’m sorry guys, I forgot to introduce Beatrice Prior. As well as the new head leader of Abnegation!” Four said with a big smile.
“Hey Tris, I’m Zeke, this my girlfriend Shauna, this is Eric’s girlfriend Lynn, that’s my idotic brother Uriah with his girlfriend Marlene, this is Will, that’s his girlfriend Christina and that’s Nita, she is Christina’s sister. It’s really nice to meet my best buddy Four’s girl!” That guy Zeke said while that girl Nita was daggering me with a stare.
“Sorry, but I’m not his girl!” I sadly said while Nita’s stare faltered away from me.
“Then why were you two messaging eachother at night with many winkies?” Uriah asked while I most definately blushed.
“Oh yeah by the way how did you get my number Four?”
“Your father gave your number to me!” Nita looked at me with hatred.
“What? How? When?”
“When you were insulting Jeanine and vice versa! He secretely gave it to me.” Four said with a wink, so I asked him a question that made him blush, while I winked at him: so did you sleep well Four?”
“No, I couldn’t sleep as someone wished me to have hot dreams. Wasn’t it you Tris?” He said with a big smirk and Nita’s glare grew, while the others found it amusing. So I played along and asked: “oh really did I?”
“Tris why don’t you just sit down next to me?”
“Yes, of course I will sit down next to you!” I said. I really love playing the flirting game with Four as I sat down next to him, I rested one hand on his thigh. He uncomfortably looked at me, while I just “innoncently” smiled at him. When he wasn’t paying attention I went higher and higher with my till my hand was on his waist. Soon I wandered down back to his thigh while I was stroking him. I didn’t realize that someone’s knife fell on the floor, as a reflex Four held my hand and someone shrieked. We all looked at Christina who asked: “why are you two holding hands?”
“I got scared so out of reflex I held Four’s hand!” I lied.
“I’m sorry Tris I thought that there was something going on between you both.”
“Why did you think that there’s something going on between us?” I cautiously asked her and she answered back: “because Four never flirts with a girl and he always runs away from them!”
“Your assumptions are wrong Christina as I am nothing special, I’m just an Abnegation girl, with Dauntless blood in my veins!”
“What do you mean by that?” Christina asked while the others were looking at me with interest, while I sensed a particular stare and that stare was from Four.
“She meant to say that she is the daughter of the Dauntless princess and my niece.” Uncle Max said while the rest looked at me with awe.
“So does that mean that Tris is our cousine!” Zeke and Uriah asked at the same time.
“Yeah she is a Pedrad by heart and a Prior by soul.” Uncle Max said.
“Tris we should get going as the meeting is gonna start in 5 minutes!” Four said, before we both got up. We walked into his office in silence. “So Tris I wanted to ask you, what were you doing with your hand on my thigh?”
“I was stroking your thigh as I know that you want me but you won’t get me!” I said with a smirk playing on my lips.
“How do you know that I want you so badly Tris?”
“I have seen it in your eyes Four, I have felt it when your hand touched mine and when you were holding my hand without leaving it.”
I explained, while looking deeply into his beautiful ocean blue eyes.
“Then I cannot do that!” He said, before I could register his words, his lips were already on mine, I felt like I was flying, the kiss was giving me a beautiful feeling as well as butterflies in my stomach. I wish that this moment wouldn’t end, but sadly it did. I already miss his lips on mine.
“What did you do?” I angrily asked him and he replied back with an hint of sadness: “I kissed the girl I like and I liked the kiss a lot! I know that you probably hate me!”
“No, I don’t hate you Tobias, I want you too, but we aren’t in the same faction! The possibilities for you to find another girl is high, I can’t take the risk and get my heart broken, because I fell in love with a Dauntless leader.”
“I would never look for another girl, because I have found the one for me!” He said while he scooped me up from the ground, carried me towards the desk, set me down on top of it and he sat down next to me.
“Tris when I first saw you I was spellbounded by your beauty and I wanted to know, who you are. You made me do things I never did before, I flirted with you without any hesitation. You are so brave, determined as well as you have the fire in your eyes that had drawn me towards you.”
“You know what I would love you to do right now?”
“What?” He asked with confusion written all over his face.
“Kiss me!” I said.
“Gladly!” He answered back and then his lips were on mine again.
Before it could go more heated, I said: “we should stop Four, before we make a mistake. We should forget about what happened between us! I know it will be akward between us, if he have to work together without having the urge to kiss one another. But I cannot be with you. I’m sorry Tobias, I really am. I really like you, but I cannot be yours!” I said without waiting for an answer I ran out of his office, he ran after me, then I hid behind a pillar and he ran past me. I cried and cried until someone found me and said: “Tris please calm down. I will do whatever you said even if it breaks my heart. But you have to know that I really like you a lot and I want to see you happy, because whenever you smile my heart beats faster then it usually does. Let’s go eat our lunch and then I will drop you, so that you don’t have to walk home.”
“Thanks Four. Here’s what your mom gave me to give it to you. He took the box from me and put it into his pocket. We went to eat lunch with his friends, we kept ignoring eachother, I said bye to the others and he came with me, we went towards his car and he dropped me home.

As I wasn’t in the mood of talking to my parents, I went upstairs to my room and cried myself to sleep.

Disclaimer: I sadly don’t own Divergent or its characters.

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