Forbidden love(Four and Tris) Chapter 12: What actually had happened!

Chapter 12: What actually had happened!

Hey Twistinians do you all wanna know what happened to FourTris, then you sadly have to read the evil witches pov:-(

-Jeanine’s pov-
Really I hate that Beatrice Prior a lot. What does she think of herself? There’s surely something going on between her and Four. I can see it, the way Four protected her in the first meeting when she declared herself as the head leader of Abnegation. If there is something going on between them I can use it against them, as their relationship is counted as forbidden and it will be in my benefit. Thanks to my secret little helper, I waited until Tris and Four passed by me without noticing me and my helper. Then as soon as we could take the opportunity we hit them a few times with a metal rod and soon they fell unconscious while holding eachother’s hand. The damage was done and maybe one of them will loose their memory, hopefully it will be Beatrice, as she is the only one, who can stand infront of me and intimidate me with her glare. “Thanks a lot for helping me. Erudite will reward you for it!” I said with a evil grin while my helper said and I thought that she is plain stupid: “I thought that we will only attack her, but not him.”
“We had to attack him as well as he was with her the whole time.” I said.
“Hopefully he won’t be as hurt as her. I just hate the fact that he likes her, but not me.” She said and I thought to myself that she could be useful for me, as soon as we heard that someone was coming we hid behind a pillar. When Eric saw both of them laying there, he called someone else to help him to take them to the infirmary. Soon a girl came, she carried Beatrice Prior while Eric carried Four. As soon as
they were out of sight I went to the train tracks, so that I can go home.

At home I started planing the next step in killing the Abnegation and everyone, who comes in my way. I still don’t get it why Andrew left Erudite and then got married to Natalie instead of me. I wished it would have been me, who could have been married to him and have his children. To be honest I like Caleb a lot as he does whatever you want him to do without asking any questions, but on the other hand Beatrice is quite the opposite of her brother with her stubborn nature and tendancy towards sarcasm. Maybe Beatrice doesn’t like me, because she knows that I’m planning to kill all the people, who chose Abnegation especially her mother Natalie. It could be that she has an insider on her side, who tells her everything about my ultimate plan to destroy Abnegation. “I think I’m going crazy, because Beatrice Prior isn’t as smart as I am, so won’t be able to stop Abnegation from getting destroyed.” I said to myself as loneliness is my best friend.
End of her pov

-Back to the Dauntless compound where FourTris are getting operated. Starting with Max’ pov-
“Who the hell did that to Tris and Four?” I asked the gang and no one seems to have an answer. “We need to find out about this accident or planned murder as soon as possible.” I said, but only someone’s expression caught my eye and I knew that this person had helped to have them both in this state, because of that stupid feeling named jealousy. “What if we ask all of the people, who passed by that hallway, id they heard something.” Christina said, but I didn’t like that idea that much. We all were thinking about other ideas, but we didn’t find any. “Maybe we will get a clue in the control room.” Eric suggested, I liked the idea a lot, so I agreed with him. The doctor came out and told us what happened, but he couldn’t tell us if any of them has lost their memories and we will find that out as soon as they wake up, which will be aproximately any minute from now on, so we had to postpone our plan for now. A nurse came to us and told us that FourTris are awake and are in the same room. We all ran into their room, where these two were doing something they shouldn’t be doing. I closed my eyes like the others, as we were embarassed that we barged into their room, while they were doing god knows what.

“Ahhh!” Nita screamed out of anger and jealousy while tearing them apart. “What the hell. Who are you to separate me from my wife?” A angry Four asked her, it was so hilarious to see Nita’s expression changing from jealous to shocked, just like the others, but especially hers.
“Baby, I’m sorry we shouldn’t be doing that, because we both got hurt and I cannot cause more pain to you.” Four said while he was looking at Tris and she answered back: “But I want a baby!”
“I think that they gave FourTris peace serum or another serum that I don’t know the name off, so that’s the reason why they are behaving like this.” Like always Will stated the facts by analyzing their behaviour. “I think we should let them be!” I said while Nita protested: “but what if they start doing that again? That would be against the rules.”
“So what, they like eachother and they will learn from their mistakes Nita. Whatever happens between them is non of your concern.” I said while she kept quiet and I knew that I have to keep an eye on her. I can see that the gang doesn’t mind the closeness between FourTris as they have accepted Tris as a part of them while the core exception is Nita, who cannot seem to stand Tris at all. We all left from the room, separated our ways and some of them went with me to find the truth out while the others went home or went to the dining hall to eat. When we reached the control room Gus was waiting for us and said: “I have good news but as well as a bad news.”
“What’s the bad news?” Zeke asked.
“The bad news is that someone covered the camera of that hallway with a piece of clothing, so we cannot see, who did what. The good news is that I have seen two people near that hallway waiting for them.” Gus said with a smile saying good riddance to someone without him using the words. Then he showed us the video, we could see that it was Jeanine and as per my suspicion it was Nita. The guys weren’t happy at all, but I calmed them down while I told them a plan how to trap her. They liked the plan a lot as they were smirking and then we decided to see what our little lovebirds are doing. When we came to the infirmary, Natalie, Andrew and Evelyn were outside the door of FourTris’ room. “Hello Evelyn, Andrew and Nat.”
“Hi.” They answered back and then Uriah asked them: “why are you all outside of the room?”
“Because they were doing something we didn’t want to watch.”
“How do you know that?”
“We heard them!” Natalie answered back, Zeke and Uriah said at the same time, really my sons think alike to much and its disturbing: “oh. We accidently barged in this room while they were doing it.”
“Shut up!” I whispered yelled at them, while Evelyn had a disturbing look in her face.
“My dear brother, you should control these little devils in that room, while we will control yours.” Natalie said with a smirk, so we all went inside and FourTris asked respectively to eachother: “who are you? Why are you naked?” Shit that’s gonna be a long day as we have to explain, who they actually are and what their relationship status is. “Guys calm down and we will tell you, who you both are to eachother.” I said and the others looked at me like I’m crazy, but I just shrugged. “Call us when you both are dressed.” I said and they agreed. I was next to the door and I heard them saying: “our plan worked Tris and now Nita will think that we both really have lost our memories.”
“I wouldn’t be able to stand if this happened, I fade away while you have forgotten me in your memories!” She said to him. “Yup we trully did a great job.”
“I love you Tobias!”
“I love you too Tris!” He answered back and I decided not to tell anyone that FourTris haven’t lost their memories as I feel they desserve a chance to be together. I can thank the stars for bringing these two together as the fire that ignites in them, makes them stronger and an unbeatable team. I went to the others and soon after that FourTris came completely ignoring eachother. The rest of the gang was here and looked at them with shocked expressions except for Nita, who was smirking to herself.
End of his pov

Disclaimer: The plot of this story still belongs to me.

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