Forbidden love of Aradhya and Aryan…Chapter 7


Next day Aryan and Varun come to college. Shivani comes there. She says hi. Aryan asks how was the party. She says it was her best bday. Varun says he just wants her to be happy. Aryan asks where is Ms angry bird I mean Aradhya. Shivani says she is taking part in debate competition. She is in auditorium. Aryan says she will definitely win. On the other side Aradhya got the topic of women empowerment. She speaks very well. She wins the competition.

Aradhya comes out and goes near Shivani who was with Aryan and Varun. Shivani asks how was it. She says she won it. All congratulate her. Aryan says he knew she would win. She argues very well. Aradhya says she take that as a compliment. They ask treat with her. She says she will give treat to them. They head towards the canteen.

The 4 come to canteen. They order. Varun says in 2 days competitions are going to end. And next month our exams will start. So let’s go on a trip after these competition. Aryan says that’s a good idea. But where shall we go. Aradhya says there is a guest house in the neighboring town. I have heard that it’s very beautiful. We can go there. Shivani says people say it’s haunted. Aryan spits the water hearing that. Aradhya asks what happened. He says nothing. Let’s not waste our time there. Aradhya asks if he is scared of ghosts. He says he is not scared of anything. Aradhya says then lets go there. He says you girls might get scared. She says they are not scared. It is he who is afraid of ghost. Admit it. Aryan says he is not. Aradhya says prove it. Aryan says ok fine. Let’s go there. Shivani and Aradhya cheer listening this. They eat and leave.

Varun says to Aryan that he is scared of ghosts. Aryan says even he is very scared but says there are no ghosts. So they shouldn’t be scared. Aradhya and Shivani come there and say booo. .. Aryan and Varun get scared. Aradhya and Shivani laugh. Aradhya says they are scared now itself. What will be their condition when they reach there. Aryan says they were just acting. Aradhya says we will see your courage once we reach there and leaves. Varun says he doesn’t know whether ghosts exist or not. But these two girls will definitely give them a heart attack. Aryan says be brave. Nothing will happen. He will do something. They leave.

Credit to: Navi

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  1. nyc one waiting for the next episode…pls do add precap

  2. it awsm dear…
    i was missing ur updates…

  3. Awesome, wowwww it’s superbbbbb n very interesting m…I’m so excited for this trip n haunted house. ….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

  4. super duper awsom

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