Forbidden love of Aradhya and Aryan…Chapter 6


Hello guys. .. I have decided to continue my ff by making tulsi and kumudini as krishnadsi. …

Aradhya and Aryan laugh remembering their fights. Varun says let’s cut the cake. Shivani cuts the cake. They start dancing. Aryan tells to Aradhya let these two love birds spend some quality time. Let’s go out.

Aryan and Aradhya come out. Aradhya says they fought for no reason. Aryan says yes. You are really very dangerous. You threw water on me. She says she is really very sorry. If he wants he can throw water on her. He says that’s not a bad idea. She asks if he is really gonna throw water on her. He says he has no such plans. He was just joking. Aradhya says she is very hungry. Aryan says she doesn’t look like she eats. She says that was a bad joke. He says okay fine. Let’s go and eat something.

Aryan and Aradhya come near a pani puri shop. Aradhya says let’s see who will eat more pani puri. He says he is a champion in eating pani puri. She says let’s see. They start eating pani puri. Both eat a lot. At the end both at a time say enough. We cannot have more. They pay the money and come. They walk on the road when Aradhya sees a shooting star. She says to Aryan shooting star. Make a wish. Aradhya closes her eyes and makes a wish. Aryan looks at Aradhya and is mesmerised by her beauty. She opens her eyes and notices Aryan is starting at her. She asks what happened. He says nothing. What did you wish. She says wishes shouldn’t be revealed.

Aryan and Aradhya come near Varun and nd Shivani. Varun ask where had they been. Aryan says they didn’t want to become kabab me haddi. So they went out. Shivani says these two enjoyed each other’s company. Varun says you are right. Aradhya says Mr idiot is not that bad. Aryan says yes Ms angry bird. All laugh..

Credit to: Navi

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