Forbidden love of Aradhya and Aryan…Chapter 5

It is Shivani’s birthday. Aradhya wishes her happy b’day. Shivani is upset. Aradhya asks her what happened. She says Varun didn’t wish her yet. He might have forgotten. Aradhya thinks she is feeling very bad. But when Varun gives her the surprise she will be very happy. She says that’s okay. We will celebrate your birthday. Shivani is still upset.

Varun and Aryan are doing the decorations. Varun says Shivani might be very upset. She is thinking I have forgotten her birthday. Aryan says she will be very happy once she comes over here. Varun says he wants to see the same happiness in her face. They finish all the arrangements. Varun calls Aradhya and asks her to get Shivani to there. Aradhya goes near Shivani and tells let’s go out. She asks where are they going. Aradhya tells just come with me.

Aradhya and Shivani come to the venue. The lights are of. Shivani asks what is going on. Suddenly the lights are switched on. Varun and Aryan come there saying SURPRISE. Shivani is happy seeing Varun. She hugs him and says you didn’t forget my birthday. He says how can I forget your b’day.

Aryan and Aradhya look at each other and are shocked. Both at a time ask what are you doing here. Shivani and Varun are confused. Aradhya says it’s her friend’s birthday. That’s why she is there. What the he’ll is he doing there. Aryan says he is Varun’s friend. Aradhya says how shameless is he. Being Varun’s friend how could he misbehave with Shivani. Aryan says oh god . How many times should I tell I never misbehaved with any girl. Aradhya asks him to stop lying. Shivani asks what is she saying. She is having some misunderstanding. She is meeting him for the first time. Aradhya asks if he isn’t the same guy from the mall. Shivani says no. It was some other guy. Aradhya is shocked. She looks at Aryan and says sorry. He says Ms angry bird listen to what other person has to speak. You don’t let the other person speak. I was trying hard to tell you but you didn’t listen to me. She says I am really very sorry. Shivani says let’s introduce these two to each other. Shivani says this is Aradhya. Varun says this is Aryan. They ask the two to shake hands. They shake hands. Aryan says hi Aradhya I mean Ms angry bird. Aradhya tells hello Mr Idiot. Both laugh.

Hey guys I need your suggestions. Aaba and Kumudini are enemies. Should Tulsi and Kumudini be krishnadasi or normal people. Plzz give me your suggestions.

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  1. Super
    Continue the story by tusi and kumudini as krishnadasi
    Because this story revolves over this only na!!
    But its u’r wish
    Whatever I love u’r fiction

  2. I wish Tulsi plays a innocent but bold character. The one who breaks all barriers ans fight

  3. continue with tulsi n kumudini as krishadasi…bcoz story is all revolved around krishnadasi’s…

  4. Awesome episode, please let them be Krishnadasi….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

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