Forbidden love of Aradhya and Aryan…Chapter 4


The episode starts with Aradhya talking to herself. She tells to herself that guy(Aryan) is so irritating. Shivani comes and asks her what happened. She says nothing. Shivani tells principal has called all students to auditorium. They need to go there now.

All students come to the auditorium. The principal welcomes all the students and wishes them all the competition. He informs about the 1st competition which is going to be a debate round. Students interested can give their names in the office.

Aradhya comes to the office to give her name. Aryan too comes there. Both look at each other angrily. Aryan says hello Ms angry bird. So Aradhya says hi Mr idiot. Aryan says she can win the debate competition easily as she fights so well. She won’t let the other person speak. She says she doesn’t let those people to speak who speak only useless things. He is the best example for that. She says she is not interested in fighting with him. She turns to leave but slips and falls. Aryan catches her. Both share a eye lock. Aradhya gets conscious and asks how dare he touch her. Aryan says he was just helping her. She asks him to leave her and he drops her. She falls down. She gets up angrily leaves from there.

Varun comes near Aradhya and explains her about the birthday party. He says it is her duty to get Shivani to the party on time. She says she will get her and says Shivani will love it. He hopes for the same

Credit to: Navi

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  1. Very lovely episode. …but too short….I liked the concept. ..plzzzz upload next part soooooooon…love you loads

  2. I just loved it. It’s awesome

  3. Plz make it longer one
    Loved it

  4. I will definitely try to make longer one from next time

  5. Its awesome n fastly upload next part as i am very much exicted

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