Forbidden love of Aradhya and Aryan…Chapter 3


Hey guys I am back with a new chapter

Aryan and Varun come to their room. Aryan is still thinking about Aradhya. Varun asks him what is he thinking. Aryan says he met a crazy girl. Varun asks how is she to look. Very horrible? ? So Aryan says no she was pretty but she is so impatient. Varun teases him saying that he shouldn’t think much about that girl or else he might fall in love with her. Aryan starts hitting him.
Next day Aradhya and Shivani come to the college. Both are very excited for the inter college competition going to be held in their college for which students from other colleges are coming. Shivani tells Aradhya that she is happy Varun is coming. She teases Aradhya might also find a guy. Aradhya says she won’t. Aradhya gets a call from Varun who informs her about the surprise birthday party and asks her to help him. She agrees.
Aryan and Varun come to Aradhya’s college with other students. Varun says he will meet Shivani and come. Aryan was roaming in the college and dashes Aradhya. Both look at each other shocked. Aradhya asks him what is he doing there. If he is following her. Aryan says he has many work other than following her. He says even he can ask what is she doing there. So she says it is her college. Aryan says he has come there for inter college competition competition. Aradhya says idiots like him come there to flirt with girls. So he says Miss angry bird mind it. She asks how dare he call her angry bird. He says that is her new name. Aradhya says his new name is Mr idiot. Both look at each other angrily and leave from there.

I hope you guys liked it

Credit to: Navi

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  1. It’s really good… I think they should make it a serial

  2. I loved it… It’s very nice

  3. I totally agree with Diya. The plot is very good.

  4. Very good episode. ..loved it …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  5. miss.angry bird n mr. idiot….
    lol… it was so funny…..
    thnks navi fr writing such a cut chapter….
    actually i read all d chapters now only…

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