Forbidden love of Aradhya and Aryan…Chapter 17

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Recap- Aryan plans for a date with Aradhya but Aradhya even calls Shivani and Varun. ..

In the morning Aryan is with Varun..
Varun- Bro. . You know what you are such an idiot. You spoiled your own date.
Aryan- it was not my fault. Aradhya. …
Varun- arey. You could have told her that you are asking her for a date.
Aryan- now forget it.
He goes from the there.

On the other side Shivani is with Aradhya.
Shivani- Aradhya… why did you call me and Varun for your dinner??
Aradhya- what you mean by why. Aryan planned it na.
Shivani- exactly. He planned it for you.
Aradhya- what are you trying to say.
Shivani- actually.. Aryan. ..
Shivani gets call from Varun. She goes out..
Shivani- Varun we shouldn’t go with them and spoil their date.
Varun- we will go with them but they will spend some quality time with each other.
Shivani- how? ?
Varun tells her his plan.

Tulsi comes to her office. David comes to her cabin.
David- Ma’am. . Now that we have got the project you need to meet Mr. Raghuveer.
Tulsi- ya. . You fix my meeting with him.
David- ya. . I will call him.
David calls Raghuveer and discusses about the meeting. David then cuts the call.
David- Ma’am. I have fixed your meeting with him day after tomorrow.
Tulsi- okay. I will meet him.

In the evening Aryan and Varun are waiting for the girls. Aradhya and Shivani are getting ready. Aradhya is wearing a blue salwar.
Shivani- Aradhya. .. you don’t like blue right.
Aradhya- ya. But I don’t hate it.
Shivani- you wore it because it’s his favourite right.
Aradhya- no. I didn’t wear it for Aryan.
Shivani- I didn’t even take Aryan’s name.
Aradhya gets shy.
Aradhya- let’s go now.
They come out. Aryan sees Aradhya and is mesmerised seeing her.

Precap- Aryan and Aradhya’s date. .

Credit to: Navi


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