Forbidden love of Aradhya and Aryan…Chapter 16


Recap- Aryan Aradhya Varun and Shivani leave the guest house. Raghuveer gives the project to Tulsi. .

Aryan drops the girls in front of the girls hostel. Varun too is with them. .
Aradhya- guys I have an wonderful time.. Thank you so much
Shivani- mee too. .
Varun(in Aryan’s ear) – dude ask her out for a date.
Aryan- no… why would I ask her for. ..
Varun- stop acting. I know you like her. Just ask her.
Aradhya- what are you guys talking so seriously?
Varun- actually Aryan wanted to tell you something.
Aradhya- ya Aryan. .
Aryan- nothing. This guy is gone mad. .
Varun- Shivani, I want to talk to you. Come with me.
Varun and Shivani leave. .
Aradhya- Aryan you wanted tell something.
Aryan- okay. . Can we go out for a dinner tomorrow??
Aradhya- ya. . That’s a great idea. .
Aryan- so you have no problem with it. .
Aradhya- why will I have any problems? ? We 4 will spend some more time with each other.
Aryan- 4???
Aradhya- ya. .
Varun and Shivani come there.
Aradhya- guys. . Tomorrow we 4 are going for a dinner. Aryan has planned for it. So get ready han. .
Shivani- but Aradhya. .
Aradhya gets a call and she leaves
Shivani- what is this Aryan? ?
Varun- I asked you to ask her for a date. Why did you invite us.
Aryan- I didn’t invite. She did. .
Varun- Shivani now I think we only have to do something. .
Shivani- ya. .

Precap- Aryan and Varun are waiting for the girls near their hostel… The girls come. Aryan is mesmerised seeing Aradhya. .

Guys today’s episode was a little short. I am busy with my 12th results. .. I will try to give longer updates from next time. ..

Credit to: Navi

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  1. Ya the ep was short but its completely ok. All the best with results. The ep was but waiting for nxt part 🙂

  2. Heyy guys….!!m a silent reader but navi aftr reading ur ff ican not stop myself frm commntng so m commntnggg…..navi ur ff is just ossummmm….i jst luv….its suprb…keep it up…n plzz don stop writing…keep writing lyk this….n i also lyk it when aru spoils aryan’s plan….so jst mind blowing….luv♡it….ummmaaaahhh..

  3. It’s so good to read this rather than watching nowadays episode s. Really. .. great writing. Waiting for a long update

  4. Thanks Sree Aara lover and Maleesha. ..

    1. The pleasure was all mine c-:

    2. The pleasure was all mine…

  5. Awesome episode, love you loads. …all the best for your exams results. … 🙂

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