Forbidden love of Aradhya and Aryan…Chapter 15

Hello guys. . I am back with the 15th chapter. .

Recap- Aryan and Aradhya dance. . Kumudini is admitted to hospital. .

Tulsi is very worried for Kumudini. The doctor comes to her and says she can meet her now. But don’t talk too much. She needs rest. Tulsi comes to the ward. Kumudini tells you thought I will die so soon. Tulsi says don’t talk like that. Kumudini says don’t worry. . I will not leave you and go. Tulsi asks her to rest. She gets a call from her manager whose name is David. He reminds her about the presentation. She says aayi isn’t well. I can’t come. You please handle it. She cuts the call.

Aryan and Varun are waiting for Aradhya and Shivani. Varun says these girls take so much time. He calls out Shivani’s name loudly and says come fast we need to leave. Shivani comes there. Aryan starts looking for Aradhya. Varun says Aryan lets keep these bags outside. Aryan doesn’t respond. Varun screams Aryan. Aryan asks what happened. Varun asks what happened to him. Shivani says Aradhya is in room. You come with her. We will wait for you outside. Varun says this is what he wanted. Aryan smiles.

Aryan comes to Aradhya’s room. She was searching for something. She didn’t notice him yet. He comes near. She turns and both come close. They share an eye lock. Aradhya steps back. He asks if she was searching for something. She says her earring. He says he will also help her. Both start searching. He gets the earring near the bed. He holds the earring in his hand and remembers the moments he spent with her. Aradhya who was still busy searching asks if he found it. He keeps the earring in his pocket and says he didn’t. She says she might have lost. It’s okay. Let’s go. They come out and the 4 leave the place.

David comes to Raghuveer’s office. Aaba and his manager are already are there. They go to the conference hall. Raghuveer was there. He asks David where is his boss. He says she couldn’t come. She is having some personal problems. Aaba says maybe she got scared. Raghuveer says it’s okay. Lets start. First Aaba’s manager. Then David. The presentation ends. Raghuveer says I will give this project to Aradhya industries. Aaba leaves the place in anger. Raghuveer asks when can he meet his boss. He needs to discuss about the project. David says he will talk to her and fix their meeting.

Precap- Aryan asks Aradhya for a dinner. .

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  1. Awesome ep navi.i liked the earring part very much but try to post longer plz this is too short. Post nxt soon 🙂

  2. Hi Navi…..the precap seems nice?????????…..but such a short episode please try to post longer episode?????….and nice episode??????❤️❤️❤️…..keep it up????????????

  3. earring thief!!!!! lol………keep writing

  4. Awesome episode, love you loads

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