Forbidden love of Aradhya and Aryan…Chapter 14

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Recap- Raghuveer’s entry. ..

Tulsi comes to hospital. She is very worried. She asks vishwa kaka how did this happen. He says all of the sudden she got chest pain. Then she fainted. Doctor comes to her and says she has got mild heart attack. Tulsi breaks down. Doctor says now you should be very careful. She shouldn’t take any tensions. Take good care of her.

Tulsi’s manager comes to Raghuveer. He says there was a emergency. So Tulsi had to leave immediately. One of his staff says what is all this. We came here to meet her. But she left. Nobody has ever done like this with our boss. The manager again apologies. Raghuveer says that’s okay. We will meet some other day. He leaves the place.

In the evening Aryan and Varun were putting bonfire. Aradhya and Shivani bring the food there. They all sit beside the bonfire and start eating. Varun says the food is delicious. Shivani says Aradhya prepared it. Aryan says I knew that. Shivani asks what. He says nothing. Aradhya says love birds now dance. Varun and Shivani dance. They say now you both dance. Aradhya says no no. Varun says please guys be a sport. Aradhya and Aryan come to dance. They dance for the song ishq wala love. The song ends but both are still holding each other and looking into each other’s eyes. Completely lost. Shivani and Varun start coughing. Aradhya and Aryan leave each other. Shivani asks guys what is going on between you guys. Both at a time say nothing. Varun says but I can see a chemistry. Aryan says nothing like that. They then go in. .

Precap- the 4 return from the guest house. Tulsi’s manager asks if she will come for the presentation. Tulsi says aayi is very ill. She can’t come.

Credit to: Navi


  1. Please navi try to post longer episode ….. I love your ff…..I always read your ff….I’m a silent reader and please carry on….I want more Arra scenes

  2. Hey navi always love love❤️❤️❤️?????? your ff…..I readed each and every episode you posted….and please navi I want more Arra scenes….please try to post some longer episodes…keep going lovely???????

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