Forbidden love of Aradhya and Aryan…Chapter 12


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Recap- Aryan and Aradhya romance. .. Shivani asks Aradhya about her feelings for Aryan and Varun asks Aryan.

It’s morning. Aryan and Varun come out. They see Shivani arranging the table. Aryan wonders where is Aradhya. He asks where is your partner in crime. Varun asks if he is missing her already. Aryan says nothing like that. I was wondering if that angry bird is still sleeping. Shivani says no no. She is in the kitchen. Preparing for breakfast. Aryan says oh. Let me help her. Varun says ok… you are very interested in helping her.

Aryan comes to kitchen. Aradhya is preparing roti. Aryan was mesmerised seeing her. He was completely lost. Aradhya notices him. She calls Aryan twice. But he doesn’t respond. Finally she screams Aryan.. He gets conscious. He asks what happened. She asks what is he doing there. He says he came to help her. He will prepare roti. She asks if he knows how to prepare. He says he is a expert. He starts. Aradhya laughs seeing it. She says it looks like amoeba. Aryan smiles seeing her laugh. She comes near him. She slips and he catches her. They share an eye lock. She says don’t drop me. He says I won’t. They again back get into their cooking work. He washes his hands and then puts water on her. She says Aryan stop it. He again puts water. They both continue. .

On the other side in krishnavati Tulsi is busy reading a file. Kumudini comes to her and asks her to come for breakfast. Tulsi says she is a little busy now. She needs to complete her work. Kumudini asks how much will she work. Tulsi says this is an very important deal. I need to get it. Even Aaba is working on the same deal. If the client doesn’t like our presentation then he will not give the deal us. Kumudini says you will definitely get this Deal. When you started this company 21 years back you had nothing. But now you brought up your company so well that it is at top. Even that Aaba is nothing in front of you. Her manager comes there. She asks what happened. He says the foreign clients have come. She asks by the way what is his name. Manager replies Raghuveer Singh.

Precap- Raghuveer’s entry…

Credit to: Navi

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