Forbidden love of Aradhya and Aryan…Chapter 11


Guys I am really very sorry. I tried many times to post it but it would always get failed. I hope this time it gets posted.

Recap- Aryan and Varun search for Aradhya and Shivani. But the girls were actually doing a prank on the boys.

Aryan chase Aradhya. She enters a room and Aryan follows her. She runs around the bed and he tries to catch her. Finally he catches her. He holds her waist. She tries to escape and both fall on the bed. They share an eye lock. He leans to kiss her and she closes her eyes. They almost kissed. But Shivani and Varun enter room. Aryan and Aradhya get conscious. They get up. Varun and Shivani close their eyed and say we didn’t see anything. Aryan says nothing like that. Varun asks then what were you both doing. Aradhya says we were just fighting. Shivani says like this. Aryan says I am very sleepy. Aradhya says me too. They leave from there. Varun says to Shivani I guess these two like each other. Shivani says I an sure.

Aradhya and Shivani are in their room. Shivani asks her if she likes Aryan. Aradhya says no ways. How can she even think like that. He is Mr. Idiot. So irritating. Shivani says you always notice him. Aradhya says you have become detective. I am sleepy. She puts the blanket and sleeps. Shivani too sleeps.

Varun asks Aryan what does he feel for Aradhya. Aryan says she is miss angry bird. She can never listen to others. Fighter cock. .. Varun says so you feel she is short tempered. Aryan says yes. Varun says she keeps fighting With you. Aryan says yes. Varun says she is very irritating. Aryan says yes. Varun says and you like her. Aryan says yes. And then he realises what he has said. He says no no. I don’t like her. You have gone mad. He then goes to sleep.

Precap- Aryan helps Aradhya in kitchen. They share some romantic moments. Tulsi is preparing for a business deal…

Guys in my story Tulsi is a very successful businesswoman. She is as rich and powerful as Aaba

Credit to: Navi

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  1. U write very nice FF ? I always read ur story. Keep writing?
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  2. Wow it was too good. .. I am very happy that tulsi is a very strong and powerful woman. .. loving it

  3. Ya nisha…. I read your ff. And I love it. ..

    1. Sree Nandana S

      navi i thought u stopped ur ff…i like this ff so much…its my fav…

  4. Missed ur ff.u update very late. ???but ur ff is very good. Good Tulsi is a business. Happy to see that her character is bold…

  5. plzzzz update fast…. missing ur ff a lot

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  7. Awesome episode, love you loads

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