Forbidden love of Aradhya and Aryan…Chapter 10


Hello guys. . I am back.. I am really very sorry. I was busy with my exams. Finally all my exams are done. Now I can regularly post. This is the 10th chapter. Do comment. I need your support and suggestions.

Recap- Aryan Aradhya Varun and Shivani come to the guest house. The boys make a plan of scaring the girls. But the girls are missing.

Aryan and Varun go upstairs to search for the girls but they don’t find them there. Varun says what If the ghost do anything to the girls. Aryan says don’t be negative. Nothing can happen to Aradhya. Varun looks at him. Aryan says I mean Aradhya and Shivani. They hear some anklet sound. They see a shadow passing from there. Varun says bhoot. Aryan says let’s go down.

Aryan and Varun come down. They again hear the anklet sound. This time it’s very close. They turn but don’t find anyone there. All of the sudden the lights go and this frightens them. Varun screams. Aryan asks what happened. He points at the stairs. They see a lady wearing a white saree holding a candle is coming. Her face was very scary. Filled with wounds. Aryan and Varun fall on the floor and start screaming. She says chup. I hate noise. Aryan and Varun shut each other’s mouths. She says she will take one them with her. Who is the bravest among the two. Varun says Mai toh fattu hoon (I am a coward). Aryan says Mai toh iss se bada fattu hoon. She comes close to them. They start screaming.

The lights are switched on. Shivani comes there laughing. Aryan and Varun are confused. She says you guys are such cowards. The ghost removes the mask and it turns out to be Aradhya. Aryan asks what is all this. They were so worried for them. Aradhya says you were scared. Varun asks how could they do like this. Shivani days even you guys planned to scare us right. We heard it. So we thought of teaching you a lesson. Aradhya says I never thought you guys are such cowards. Aryan asks whose master plan was this. Shivani says Aradhya. Aradhya says ya it’s me. Aryan says miss angry bird you are so dead. I won’t leave you. Aradhya runs from there and Aryan chases her.

Precap- Aryan and Aradhya fall on the bed. They share an eye lock. He leans to kiss her.

Credit to: Navi

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  1. Hey navi. .. Welcome back. . Loved the episode. It’s awesome. Very funny

  2. superb really awesome…….plz next part

  3. Really good.. missed it. Can’t wait for next f2f. Waiting.. hope u post fast

  4. fattu aryan………..bada fattu……….lol…………waiting 4 next episode…..

  5. Awesome episode, Navi very funny. ….aryan big fattu…lol….keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads.

  6. Sree Nandana S

    navi i wanna watch it as a video…

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