Forbidden love of Aradhya and Aryan…Chapter 18

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Recap- Aryan Aradhya Varun and Shivani leave for the dinner.

The 4 come to the restaurant.
Aryan- Varun. . You have booked for the table right.
Varun- ya I have. .
They go near the manager. And the manager says that they have booked for the table for 2 not 4.
Varun- oh. . I am so sorry guys. Aradhya Aryan you both sit in this table. We will go to some other table.
Manager- sorry sir. No table is available.
Varun- I and Shivani will go to other hotel.
Aradhya- arey love birds. You both enjoy your dinner. I and Aryan will go.
Shivani- no guys. You and Aryan. .
Aryan- she is right. We will leave.
Varun (in Aryan’s ear)- dude I booked this table so that you and Aradhya can spend some time with each other.
Aradhya- Aryan lets go. .
Aryan- ya. .
They leave. .
Shivani- our plan became flop. .
Varun- but at least they are together. .

Aryan and Aradhya come out.
Aryan- now which hotel shall we go? There is one five star hotel nearby.
Aradhya sees a dhaba there.
Aradhya- Aryan dhaba. …
Aryan- you want to go to dhaba. .
Aradhya- you have any problem?
Aryan- no. . That’s a great idea. .

Aradhya and Aryan come to the dhaba. They order.
Aradhya- bhaiya. .. get the food fast. I am very hungry. .
Aryan- ya bhaiya. Get the food fast. Or else she will eat my head. .
Aradhya- Aryan. . I eat your head? ?
Aryan- Ya.. of course.
Aradhya- then why are with me now. .
They both continue their fight.
An old couple near laughing. Aryan and Aradhya turn.
Old man- these cute husband wife fights are necessary in life
Old woman- even we used to fight like this.
Aradhya- no no. . We are not husband and wife.
Aryan- exactly. . My fate isn’t that bad.
Aradhya- the girl who will marry you will go mad.
Old Man- I can see some connection between you two.
Old woman- there is so much love. .
Aradhya and Aryan get shy. .They have food and leave the dhaba. .

Aryan and Aradhya walk on the road. They are thinking about what the old couple said.
Aradhya- Aryan.. what you said in the dhaba. . Did you really mean that? ?
Aryan- what are you talking about?
Aradhya- a a a. .. marriage. . Your fate.
Aryan- No Aradhya. I was just kidding. . By the way why are you so much interested in this. .
Aradhya- no. Just like that. .
She blushes. .
Aryan- are you blushing. .
Aradhya- why will I blush? ?
Aryan- you should say why. .
They go to the hotel and leave with Shivani and Varun. .

Precap- Aryan and Aradhya are thinking about each other. .

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