for a change (swaragini) Episode 19


Hii Darlings

Manav:take this hidden camera
Rag:but this is glasses
Manav:yaa it is a hidden camera every thing u see there will bee seen in my laptop nd take this bluetooth keep ur phone on.
Rag:ok sir

Out side the factory
It is very far away from city there is nothing there in its surroundings .

She hidedback of three nd observed that noo one will come hear except the asraf that too there is a special bus for the staf
Nd every one have identity cards which are compulsary to enter

Rag returned to office
Manav:soo miss ragini ur work in only through talk nd we don’t need that type of employees

Rag:I came back not due to fear but I think there is something fishy there

Manav :what do u mean

Rag:I think it is not only the matter of chaild labour it is something more serious than it

Manav:what made u to think soo

Rag:don’t know but that atmoshphear is different plzz give mee some time I will find out

Manav:y I should trust u

Rag:ok u don’t trust mee its ok I will doo it with my own it is very necessary for me nd she went from there with a full rangee nd in a flow she forget to remove her spects

Manav:(in mind)this range I want to my employee I know if I raise ur ego u will defnetly doo my work fast

Next day
Rag:ohh noo I forget to return these spects its ok I will return it after my work done

She again reached the place alone nd was thinking how to get in

She saw a car entering into it nd saw who is it nd saw he is shou


She knowingly get caught by the goons
Nd they took her to shou

Shou was shocked seeing rags

Shou:in an anger what r u doing hear

Rag:following u

Shou:following mee?

Rag:ha I came to know what u r doing hear .how cheap u r (actually she dont know but acting so that he can spell it out )

Shou:soo u came to know the truth its great but u have done a mistake by coming alone by the way voo where is ur boy friend

Rag:I don’t have any boyfriend

Shou:don’t act he told us every thing nd for u hee warned me nd my dad how dare hee

Rag:what r u talking about

Fb shows

That day after taking the signature from rajnath Laksh was about to goo nd stopped again nd turned back

Laksh:came near rajnath nd said:she is ur elder daughter in law u better say ur son to stay away from her

Shou was glaring him angryly

Laksh:common bro she is ur bhabhi soo give respect to her .nd haa if once again I come to know that u interfired in her lifee u both (bap aur bate ka pungi bajadunga)father nd son can’t tolerate my villanism
Fb ends

Rag:he really told that

Shou:y r u laughing have u gon mad?
Rag:due to u I came to know about his feeling tnk u u unknowingly helped mee

Shou:its intresting soo I will take my revenge on him now .see what I will doo with u

Rag:u can’t do anything to mee

Shou:to goons bring her to our place

They took rag to an under tunnel .rag was shocked by seeing the place

Episode ends with shocking face of rag

Recap:some one came to help rags

Tnk u for ur support
Urs darling pavani

Credit to: pavani

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  1. sanskriti ( die hard fan of swasan )

    Nice twist akka chala bagundi

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  3. really nice . is that manav or lak or sanky. 90% i think its manv. illegal business is abt girls or drugs my guess is right or wrong akka

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      1. Iam almost fine now di.,.me too missed all of u..

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