for a change (swaragini) Episode 17


Hii darlings pavani hear

Dayal:blessed laksh nd rag nd said puu goo nd show our house to bu nd laksh

Puu:saw rag who is giving him a deadly look noo prblem dad they will see nxt time they have some imp work

Rag:I didn’t have any work come lets goo

Puu:ohh I forget I have imp work my md called mee iam leaving (ha ha ha he knows ragini to ajj bajadagi uski band)he left

Rag:in mind I will not leave u puu

They all came out
Rag:iam really sorry Laksh for what have pu told

Laksh:its ok I have noo problem

Bu:u have noo problem with puu story ?really?yaa u have noo prblm with ragini

Laksh:gave a killing look
Bu:ok sry ok yar rag we will leave now bye
Laksh:signed bye to rag through his eyes
Rag also replied with eyes
Rag felt strange

Laksh nd bulbul went to jail

Bulbul:badi maa u know what bhai was in love

Janaki:I know ragini right

Bulbul:how do u know
Janaki:explained her every thing
Bulbul:soo u have seen ur bahu first only with a sad face
Janaki:haa but his marriage was ur responsibility
Voice:then what will I doo
Sak:hugged janaki I don’t talk to u u completly forgetted mee
Janaki:how can I forget u

Fb shows
When police were taking janaki
Sakshi:don’t worry Janaki he is also my son from now I have 3children

chota Laksh:noo maa I won’t live with that creap

Janaki:he is ur dad laksh

Laksh:my dad died I don’t have any dad I have only mom nd chachi

Sakshi:ok u don’t stay in our house but u stay near to mee nd janaki don’t fear I will take care of him

Janaki left
Raj came there
Sakshi:I will leave laksh in my mom’s house nd come
Raj:noo need he will come with us
Raj:ok leave him nd he tooked shou who is 3 years then nd left from there

Sakhi took the responsibility of laksh as his own mother but didn’t told to shourya as he is also an evil like his father from his childhood.if he comes to know about laksh he may feell insecure nd harm him .she used to take only bulbul by saying shou that she is going to his mom house .

Raj knows but didn’t bothered
Fb ends
Janaki:u took care of him u have more rights on him than mee

Bul:ok now rag will defnetly suffer
Bul:see maa how enthusiastic he iss because the two will fight for u then how can u spend ur time with rags

Sakshi:hold her ears nd said u r becoming naughty dayby day

Bu:maa its paining

Janaki:hold it hard she informed me about her brother but didn’t told about her love

Sakshi:surprisingly lovee????

Laksh:ha mama she is in love infact we met his father nd told him he agreed too but told that he should not bee harmed by ur hus band

Sakshi:he won’t leave mee nd bulbul he will kill her love also

Laksh:don’t worry iam hear only naa I know how to handle him

They all have group hug

Pu:entered his room secretly
Pu went to wash room nd a shadow is shown to us

And puu sat on bed nd is checking his laptop.

A person with a rad nd knife is shown in dark ness

Puu listened some sound
Pu:who is there

Some shadow comes near puu
Nd stabed him on his stomach
Screen freezes

Recap:don’t know
Happy sriramanavami
Ur darling pavani

Credit to: pavani

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  1. Too good akka..??my doubt has clarified and sri rama navami subhakanshalu….

    1. Tnk u.chelli ha ha ha nenu anukunnaa everu adagaledu em ani nuvvu adigav

    1. Hmmm too sad na tnk u sindu darling

  2. sanskriti ( die hard fan of swasan )

    Happy sriramanavami akka Mali chala baga rasevu kani akka evaru aa shadow vadu kani akka chala bagundi luv u akka ?

    1. Hmm suspencee nd tnk u chelli

  3. happy sri rama navami. epi is superb. i hope the shadow is rag or bulbul. i think. just for fun they can do it. am not sure

    1. Ha ha ha u guess may be right nd iam very predictable every one guesses correct ff hmmmmm

      1. we r not concentrate on study atleast we’ve to guess this only correctly na

      2. Ha ha ha every one have their own talent its not necessary that every one should get 90% only iam always a80% student

  4. what a twist……cant wait for next part……

    1. Ha ha tnk u kriya darling

  5. Wow.chala Mandi Telugu vallu unaru.happy srirama navami to all

    1. Ha ha ha there were many but we dont know it

    1. Tnk u rakhi darling

  6. V.nice di . What a twist, great . Keep it up.

    1. Tnk u abbu darling

    1. Tnk u lovely darling

  7. sanskriti ( die hard fan of swasan )

    Akka meru e urur ninchi sorry uruke adigenu

    1. Ha ha ha ma mummy valladi srilkakulam nd I completed my studies in vishakapatnam nd my hus works in bilaspur soo iam in bilaspur

  8. Very nice n I think it’s dream or prank of rags …I hope

    1. Tnk u naimi darling nd ur guess may be right

  9. Akka police endku janki ma ni teesukuvellaru

    1. am also have same doubt

  10. I am confused

    1. Hmm that will bee shown later

  11. Happy Sri rama navami akka &….epi was really nyc

    1. Tnk u megha darling

  12. Nyc purab got stabbed

    1. Hmm nd tnk u priya darling

  13. happy sriramanavami pavani and i am 1997 born should i call you akka or chelli?/
    and by the way as always epi was awsomee

    1. Tnk u rags darling u can call mee akka iam 6years bigger than u

  14. Oh good

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