Following each other….OS (Kumkum Bhagya)

Hi everyone! Maya here again with random thoughts! Below there is extra info for this funny OS….

Following each other…….

I am following her for so long and she is not yet here today…..Does she knows that I am following her?

I like him following me but does he know that I love him to be the only one following me? I am also following his actions…..

In the town of my love, I feel she is my street and her smile is the street lamps that brighten and light up my street….

In my heart of love, his laughter is my heart beat where I always want it to happen….without that I can’t live a second without it….

Where is she? I am waiting for her at the same place but she is not here yet!

He felt someone patted his back….He hoped it was her….and Yes! It was her!

Pragya ” I need to move in front…can u give me way?” Abhi ” Can I move in front with u too? Can u be the way all my life?”
Pragya tried to understand his lines again…Is he proposing me indirectly…Abhi ” I am proposing u and u no need to think about it! This period of time waiting for u made me realised that I should have told u before that I always want to follow u…” Pragya ” Waiting for me made u realise that?” Abhi ” No! Looking at u everyday made me realised that I want to follow you and your love for all my life!” Pragya looked deeply into his eyes….Abhi ” Will you let me follow?” Pragya ” I want only u to follow me and my love….as I am always a follower of your actions towards me….” Abhi ” Then shall we follow each other now with our love?” Pragya ” Not follow anymore but we allow each other to follow our love for each other….” Abhigya walked by side by side holding their hands in their town of love……

-The end-

Extra info: Haha i was watching tv for a while and then a song was keep on repeating with the town of love….and also follow something so I got this random idea and used this in the OS here! Hope it’s nice and really hope u all can understand as I myself cannot understand why I wrote this!

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  1. Nice one yaar..

  2. Randomly Random! Good one yaar!
    Take Care Sweetie!

  3. Asmithaa

    It was beautiful like ur name…

  4. Trisha

    Wonderful randomness?

  5. Maya

    Thank you Nirmal, Riya, Asmithaa and Trisha for the lovely comments!

  6. Lovely random os ??

  7. Hey really super yaar. nice proposal..

  8. Angita


  9. And now let’s follow Suga’s random OS ? i loved this one seriously and that to core! In short My Addiction got me more addicted ?

  10. Nice one

  11. Awesome!???

  12. So this is os time.. This one is awwww?????Such a cute os ka..???? seriously it was soooo amazing.. I loved it to the core??????.. It was one of the bestest????..

  13. Saranya24

    ??akka of course we undrstand its really cute????

  14. Very nice story.u write awesome Maya.loved it!!

  15. Prathi

    Don’t worry I will continue to follow you ? Lovely thought by the way Maya loved it

  16. Maahi

    and in dizzzz town of love i am lost smewhre pls help me in gettting back to reality which i nvr want to happen my god Its MAGIC TIME ur Magical Maya reallllllyyyyy ur a maya u make me crazzyyy nd how come u find it funny nly god knows may b ur brain is again under maintenance girl ur crazyy nd making us crazyyyy amazing OS keeeeep rockingggg sia

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