Swara’s POV :-

“Why don’t u stay here for a bit until u find an apartment ?” he asked . Shocked, I could only stare up at him . He shrugged. “I know when someone is at the end of their rope.”
At the end of their rope ??? I glared up at him . I hate looking up at someone when I talk to them so I got back on my feet . He was still taller . It made me angrier. Listen pal, I may be homeless but I’m not accepting charity .” “Where else will you go ? A homeless shelter ? Listen.” He raised a finger to my face . “One , I live by myself so you’ll only have pleasure of my company. Two ,”he raised second finger ,”you’re certainly safer here because you have me to protect you .And three, ” he raised a third finger, ” ding, ding , ding ! You can stay here for free.”

I narrowed my eyes . It all sounded too good to be true. “Why are you helping me ?” Life has beaten me enough that I know nothing came for free. He opened his mouth but nothing came out . then he shook his head . ” I don’t know.” Live with Sanskaar Maheshwari . In this huge palace. For free . That or go to the shelter or live on the streets . ” I’m not going to be your pr*stitute . ” He looked insulted . “Woman , a pr*stitute is what I won’t ever need . Have u seen this body ? Do u really think I need one ? Besides, he added, grinning , “when u decide to sleep with me , you’ll be the one paying me .”

Wow . The size of his ego must constantly give him headache. I gave him a disguste look and pretended to yawn . “Please keep talking . I always yawn when I’m interested .” Those green eyes widened and honed in on my face . I thought I pissed him off this time but the most unexpected thing happened . He started laughing . ” I like you ,” he chuckled . ” I mean you’re a knock-out but I didn’t think it went beyond that.” Did he just insult me ???

” You strike me as a smart person . I’m offering you a way out of your misery . Why don’t you grab it ?” HE plugged his nose with his fingers . But…… ” Then what do you want in exchange ?” ” NOT everyone wants something from you ,” he replied grinnly. ” Oh , is that what you think ?” I laughed bitterly . “Everyone wants something fro you one way or another. Haven’t you learned that yet ?”

He tilted his head to the side and studied my face for a moment . I wondered what he saw when he looked at me . My exotic looks and shape of my body usually gave boys the impression that I was always looking for fun . Little did they know that was the last thing on my mind , if at all . I was too busy staying alive , too busy working for my next meal to think about anything else.

” I could clean ,” I offered . Was I really doing this ? why not ? The world hadn’t given me a free ticket in so long . I was overdue for one . ” I already have someone come in three times a week for that ,” he answered . ” I can cook .” He frowned . “Don’t string me along like that . That’s not very nice .” I rolled my eyes . “Can you really cook?”
he looked like a little boy who found the last cookie at the bottom of the jar . “YES .” “DEAL !” This was too easy . you said you live by yourself , but how can u afford this place?”
He looked uncomfortable . I hoped he didn’t think I was trying to find out how much money he had in bank. That I was a gold digger . But why wouldn’t he ? He didn’t even know me.

” Look,” I hissed, feeling angry whenever I was confronted about my morality. I might be poor but I wasn’t a freeloader . My hands proved how hard I worked and I was proud of that . One more year and I would get that diploma . I’d get my ass off to get a good life . I Never needed much . a steady job , simple house and a servicable car was more than enough to make me happy , And I would never go hungry again . I’d get there without anyones help . ” I was curious. If u think that I’m some gold digger ……..”

He held a hand up . ” Will u stop putting words in my mouth ? Contrary to what u think of me , I don’t go around telling everyone I’m rich . I’m well awre that I din’t earn this .” He gestured to the whole room . “But I will . In my own way .” His jaw was set and hands fisted . Taken aback I fell silent . Then he opened his mouth again , wiggling his eyebrows . ” Know what , you can do my homework while you’re cooking my dinner tonight .” So much for his speech about erning it . ” Hold on . I didn’t even get your name.”
” Swara Bose.” “Swara.” The way he drawled my name did something funny in my stomach . ” I’m Sanskaar Maheshwari .” I didn’t smile back, didn’t tell him I already know who he was . Who didn’t ? I was sure everyone in our college knew about him .

” Which college are you attending ?” I cut him off . ” Letting me stay here doesn’t mean I have to spill my guts , does it ?” Hmmm…… he agreed . Was I doing right by staying here ? Where else would I go ? ” You can stay in that bedroom where you slept last night . It has its own bathroom .” He went behind the counter distancing himself from me.” I’m leaving soon . Make yourself at home.” I nodded feeling awkward . was this really for free ? How could he leave me alone in this place when he didn’t even know me ? I could steal him blind for all he knew . “Thankyou . I ……” I paused unsure. ” Thankyou,” I repeated, meaning it . He nodded . I turned away from him, bitng my lip. Where the hell was that oom again ? I looked to my left , thren to my right . His apartment was enormous and I was in a panic when I left the bedroom. “Problem ?” he asked behind me . I jumped , spun around. ” I ….I forgot where the room is . Just tell me where it is and I’ll stay out of your way . ” I could fell myself blushing. When he didn’t reply , I looked up to find him staring me with a small smile . ” What ?” I demanded . “Geesh , hostile much ?” He proceeded in front of me . ” Follow me .”

I walked behind him , trying not to stare at his body too much . I almost yelped when he turned all of sudden , then winked at me and said , ” Welcome to my flat , RED . I hope you enjoy your stay .”

***************************************************** to be continued **************************************************************************************************************************************
I’m really sorry for late update but I was really struck up with something important and soo I made sure that todays update is longer than usual plzz comment to let me know that u r allliking the story ……..

Credit to: sai

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    1. I’m sry 4 late update bt I am caught up with xams so I’m bit busy anyways I’m happy that u like d plot ?

    2. I’m sry 4 late update bt I am caught up with xams so I’m bit busy anyways I’m happy that u like d plot ☺

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