Hiiii !!! frendzz I’m really sorry 4 uploading it late … I’m bit busy nd stressed becoz of my xams hope u will understand …….soo here I present u the next part of FOLLOWING HER it will be a bit long as compensation nd today u will get to know about RED….

The soft warmth of sunlight on my skin woke me . I savoured the clean white sheets covering me , thinking of how sweet my mom was 4 changing them . I smiled and
burrowed . My mom . It wasn’t possible . My mom was dead. I shot up from bed , dazed. Blinking several times, I looked around and swallowed the panic climbing up my throat at the unfamiliar room . Where the hell am I ? and what is that horrible smell ?
I decided against panicking as at least I had my clothes on , even though they were soiled with dry vomit . That was where the stink came from . It was me . Good God .I could remember everything that happened yesterday except of last night . Blurred images floated in my head but nothing concrete to give me clue. Getting kicked out of my apartment becoz I couldn’t pay the rent for two months was brutal . Leaving most of my belongings was easy since most of it was old and cheap and from sultan bazar . I had only taken my clothes and momentos of my mother , stowing everything in the campus locker. For the first tym I stepped in club not to serve drinks but to get drunk . It was my version of giving life the finger . I checked myself carefully to find all body parts in order and I studied room more closely.
To call it room was an understatement . It was larger than my whole apartment , furnished with expensive , tasteful things . I must be in a high rise building since the city looked small from the window of my room . Did I do ssomething wilder than getting drunk last night ? Like may be ….God forbid , sleeping with a stranger ???
Lifting my butt I did some Kegel exercise as if that would tell me if I had lost my virginity . Well, I wasn’t sore . I was panicking again…….
“deep breaths , swara . deep breaths.” { yup, red is swara….} I quietly removed myself from the bed, feet sinking into plush white carpeting . Whoever owned this place must be loaded, and I had no intention of meeting him . What if he was drug lord ? Before I could make my way out I used washroom and cleaned up myself .
As I made my way out I set eyes on someone standing in what looked to be kitchen. His shirtless back was to me , and I could tellhe was tall, with tan skin and defined musscles rippling as he moved his arm . Like a stupid , I stood there nervous and sced . As if he sensed my presence, he turned around suddenly . His eyes widened as he took in my appearance . I knew that face . Sanskaar ……. SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI !!! Oh no, not him !! this was not happening . I woke upin the lair of the campus man whore .
A piece of bread fell out of his mouth as he continued to gape at me . His eyes leisurely travelled from top of my hair down to my toes then went back to my face . I could swear I felt my toes tingles . ” Hey , baby , you look like you’ve had a busy nyt ,” he drawled . Oh , God ” Did we …. did u ….?” I was suttering , and in defence I crossed my arms to hide my chest from his lascivious gaze . One dark brown lifted as he waited for me to finish my question . My mouth felt dry and my head was starting to throb . ” Just tell me .” “Tell u what exactly?” his eyes were laughing at me , dimples popping out. He knew exactly what I was talking about, but he seemed to find joy in torturing innocent people. JERK. he started to step forward and I stepped backward . I started searching for weapon and he told me that some pervent wanted to take advantage of my situation and he saved me . But I don’t trust guys so I asked him What if that pervert was him ???????

I hope this is long enough… plzz do comment and encourage me and silent readers plzz do comment becoz I take in effort to type all this part soo if u kinda like my story plzz appreciate my effort by commenting and raglak parts will be coming up soon so in this part I’ve made pairs clear its swasan and raglak …….

Credit to: sai

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