hiii !!!!! frendz thank u 4 all ur love nd support…… sooo here is the next part of “FOLLOWING HER”……

Sanskaar’s POV :-

“Sanky!” I heard another girl yell behind me , but I was no longer in the mood for anything but my bed. I closed my eyes inhaled the refreshing air as I stepped out of club. I had parked my car at the end of the lot and walked hurriedly into it , afraid that someone would see me and push me back to the club. I’d rather chew my arm than go back in there.
My steps faltered as I spotted the unmistakable silhouette of a woman leaning against the filthy brick walls of the club parking lot. She probably had too much to drink and was puking her guts out. I would have been happy to leave her in peace but when I glanced her again I noticed a man leering at her from few feet away . My instincts to protect kicked up as a man straightened and walked towards her.

The woman shifted and the poor lighting from the street lamp touched her face . My eyes widened as I recognised the girl at the club who had snubbed me. I didn’t need to think twice and went straight for her. the man hadn’t noticed me yet as his gaze was concentrated on her . on the prize . The only prize he was getting tonight was a blo*dy noce if he didn’t stop.

When his hand closed around her wrist, I nearly growled. The anger surprised me, but I had to shake it off or this night would turn ito a storm. I knew he finally saw me when he froze.

“Hey, baby!where have u been ?” I exclaimed, deliberately making my steps light and easy. I refused to look at her for fear what I’d see there. If she looked even scared , I was going to hit this dumb shit in the face. “I’ve been looking everywhere for u. I got her now.” When he refused to let go of her, I widened my stance , stretched my neck from side to side reflexed my arms and stared him down . Seeing my actions he started running in opposite direction.

“Dumb shit,” I said under my breath. “What did u call me ?” Surprised she heard me, I studied her face . How drunk was she? “Not u. although I guess dumb id debatable. What r u doing here alone ?WOAH.”My hands shot out to hold her up as she swayed on herfeet again. “You all right?” It was dark inside club to notice but I could see her face was pale now, eyes glassy. Without waiting for her reply, I scooped her up in my arms. She let out a weak protest.

Confirming that she would not puke anymore I settled her in my car . “Where do u live? I’ll derive u there .” “H-homeless,” she whispered, surprising me that she’d responded. “Kicked out of my p-place.” Leaning against the headrest, I took a deep breath and rubbed my face. Now what? I could drop her off to a hotel , pay her lodging for a few days so she’d have a place to stay while she looked for a new place ,a job , whatever she needed. IT was more than wht a stranger would do . But ithen I glanced at her and all those plans evaporated in air .

What do u all think our hero wud do ???? wud he drop her at some hotel or take her to his home ???? him saving her nd all d recent happenings r they d start for new love ????
kindly answer them…… nd plzz do comment nd encourage me….. nd next episode will reveal RED…….

Credit to: sai

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