Hiiiiiii !!!!!, frendzz !well, firstly I would thank u all 4 ur comments nd suggestions…. I hope u all r liking my story…..soo here is d next sequel of following her…..

Sanskaar’s POV :-

when I didn’t respond and just stared , her brows drew together in askance . I caught her arms quickly before she could get away , placing them around my neck.
Leaning close to her, I let my lips barely touch her earlobe and whisper, “where have u been?” A smug smile split my lips as I feel her shiver . “I’ve been looking 4 u my whole lyf.” Leisurely , as if I had all the tym in d world , I glided my nose just under her ear down her throat, but before I could do anything else, she stepped away.

“She’s gone you’re safe,” she smirked. “Now you can buy me a drink for saving u.” I placed my hands in my pockets to stop mysef from reaching heragain. I alredy missed the feel of her in my arms.”Sure, what would you like?” She shook her hair back and I couldn’t stop myself from watching her. I was captivated. “Something strong . Tonight I want to be some one else. I wantto …..forget.” That was my cue . I slid my hand on her back , pulling her towards me so that our faces were inches apart. “You can be anyone u want with me .” Her scent drifting to my noce . IT was addicting. ” why don’t we leave this place and go somewhere where I can forget , RED?”

HER eyesturned cold before her palms flattened against my chest and pushed . “Nice meeting u 2 a*sh*le .” She waved and left me staring after her like a lost puppy .
What the hell just happened ??? Did she just reject me ????

The feeling was soo unfamiliar that all I could do wasvwatch her until she disappeared in the crowd . She was swaying a little, like she had toomuch of drink . I almost ran after her to make sure she was all right , but she probably would spit at me . I’m sure her frendz wud take care of her……… but what the hell did I do wrong ??? She was sending all the right signals that she was interested . Did she want me to buy her a drink first ????? Funny howI was wishing for a challenge , thrill tonight and when it was staring at me in her face I screwed it up like an idiot……..

I hope this is a bit longgg than previous part as my finger are paining……. but plzz don’t forget to comment and encourage me……. nd coming to d girl her identity will be revealed soon till then let her be sanskaar’s RED…………

Credit to: sai

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