Hiiii frendz I’mback with d first part of following her hope u like it…..

the whole dance floor glowed with red nd green laser beams shooting out from rotating lights from ceiling. It was friday night and the club was packed with people dancing and jumping to the DJ’s music…….
Sanskaar ,what d hell iz wrong with u ? yelled laksh in my ear, giving me a friendly punch on arm.
sanky- what , what is wrong with me ??
laksh – come on dude that was the 4th hot chick u turned down tonight……
sanky- I’m bored of this meaningless s*x and flirting. Alright s*x I dont mind but I’m looking 4 a change and thrill lately….
laksh – thrill ????
sanky – a thrill of following her , thrill of chase……
omi – check that out man , he screamed……
In the middle of the dance floor was a girl who was dancing so sensuously that everyonce couldn’t help bt stare……
sanky pov – I couldn’t help but stare her . She moved like ….s*x comes to mind , seducing a number of eyes on her . A short tight dress covered her body like a second skin. it was in make -me-sin RED . damn…….. I might have drooled a little as she bent over , then did something dreamy with her hips so than her long hair was flowing down her tiny waist
“Shit . I’M taking her home with me ” yelled omi excitedly …..that literally made me annoyed becoz omi had a girl friend nd I hated cheaating….. I might be a man whore but I hated to cheat……..
sweety – laksh wud u lyk 2 join me over d dance floor ????
laksh – ofcourse sweetheart…. bye sanky…..
riya – hello team captain ….
sanky – hiii
riya – y dont u sleep with me tonight nd we revive d last time’s memory ???
sanky – oh god, y did I sleep with her ?????
riya – ok fine atleast buy me a drink becoz I dropped mine looking at your hot muscular body……
sanky -monolougue – ah one drunken night nd now I’m struck…

” Hey , babe .” my eyes widened in surprise as d girl on dance floor I was shamelessly ogling earlier wrapped her hands around my waist, rescuing me from riyas grasp.
she was lokking stunning nd I forgot 2 breath….shewas s*xy red
Red – He’s with me ……[turning toeards sanky aren’t u ????] sanky was mesmerised by her eye catching face nd sharp high cheek bones that he kept staring her without answering when he didn’t reply she started 2 take away her arms from hiswaist but he caught her arms and placed them around his neck before she cud get away……

To be continued…………………………..

who do u think is d girl whom sanky named RED ??????
y do u think she said riya that sanky was with her ??????
will she be lyk anyother girl 2 sanky or different ??????

kindly answer them …… nd plzz let me know whom u want the girl to be swara or ragini ?????? plzz do comment nd tell me if u lyk d plot or not ….silent reders plzz do comment….

Credit to: sai

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  1. Ragini…..

  2. My message to all ff writers

    If u can not decide urself about lead and pairs,plz stop writing. Vote is not solution.k.because of voting u r giving hopes to readers and after they feel if u can not decide,live dis site and write your story to anothersite by using another names.swara sanskar ragini laksh.these are not last name of this world.

  3. I mean leave this site.sorry i do not want hurt anyone.

  4. Swaraaaaaaa plz …!!

  5. it seems to be ragini from the description. i am wondering if she was putting this act in front of sanky because he messed up with someone close to hers and she wants him to feel the pain of following her now.

  6. only swara

  7. Ragini

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