Flirtholics vs danceholics {Part – 2}


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Pt 2
Flirtholics were following swaragini

Swara was driving access very fast on a crowdy road a old women wants to cross the road ragini asks swara to stop the scooty
Swara stops and ragini gets down …
Ragini:granny may I help you

Granny:yaa sure my little child
Then granny holds ragini’s hand ..but the vehicles doesn’t stopped at red light also so swara get down and got stand at the middle of road all vehicles stopped
Then swara gave a long lecture to them
Ragini and swara made granny to cross the road …..
And then granny puts her hand on swaragini’s head gives them blessings
Sanlak looked at them stunned with their mouth open
Kavya and kavita were jealous
Kavi kavya

In mind
Sanlak didn’t ever looked at us like that they are seeing at them ..they got stunned …we tries alot but all in vain … You both …just wait and watch
Then sanskaar ordered flirtholics to get down
Sanskaar goes near granny puts his hand around her shoulder and talks to her while walking
Sanskaar:do you know them
Granny:no way
Sanskaar: really
Granny :really
Sanskaar again reaches the other end of the road were she was standing before swaragini’s help

Granny takes out umbrella and starts beating sanskaar with it….
Granny:you idiot …those two girls helped me and you again got me at the same place ….now have …have more…one more
Sanskaar:sorry . sorry.sor….sorry
Then sanskaar’s gang comes to help sanskaar but she beats them too
Granny:ohh so you all are friends ..okk.. now …have ..more more
Flirtholics,:ahhhahhh ….sorry uuuiiii …Granny please ….
Scene 2
Ragini:where you are ( on phone)
Voice:kali baadi
Ragini:we are coming
At kali baadi
Two boys were dancing on road
On song bhangada paa o bhangada paa…
They were dancing energetically and giving finish to every step
There was a cap kept in which people gives money for their entertainment
Than they stop dancing and all people goes and swaragini arrives
Swaragin:how many rs.
Boys :let us check

They puts their hand in cap
And takes it out and their was only 1 coin of one rupee
Swaragini:burst in laughter
Hahahahahaha hahahah…hahahahahaha hahahah….
Boy :will you please stop it
Okk okk ! With our dance mr. Sahil and rajat you are not going to get money ….
Flirtholics reaches there
Sanlak sees swaragini laughing

Hahahahahaha: laughing:
They gets stunned
Then sahil and rajat ignores swaragini
Swaragini comes to them and hugs them and they too
And they were about to leave and a terrorist attack that area
Swaragini runs .. while running swara’s ear ring and ragini’s hanky was left there …
Sanlak picks them up ….
To be continued

Hope you like it …and I loved that part when granny beats sanskaar …imagine if it happens in real swaragini and sanskaar will look so cute ee
Sorry for late and short update

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