Flirtholics vs danceholics {Part – 1}


Hii guys I am back …
Pt 1
Scene 1
There were 6 people sitting and having beer ….
There were 3 boys and 3 girls
All girls were sitting in the lap of boys and having beer ….
One boy have finished 3 bottles and he was a drunkard …
Suddenly 2 girls were passing from there …
Then all the boys who were having beer gone to them and blocked there way ..
Girl 1: please let us go
Girl 2: we are requesting
Then one of the boy was going closer to them …..
Then a voice came from behind
Sanskaar stay away
Yes the boy was sanskaar a drunkard
Sankaar:ohh professor I am not doing anything to your daughters …but yaa if you fails me and my gang in exams then I guarantee you that they would be not spared….
Come on flirtholics
Let’s move
Scene 2
2 girls were sitting on access and riding it and talking
Suddenly the car of flirtholics came
Girl1:how dare they … Kept me backwards
Girl2: leave na swara
Swara : no way ragini
Then swara raises the speed and the speed metre was on 105

Swara came near the car
There was a war going on between swara gini and flirtholics
For a sec the scooty is forward and in another sec the car is forward
Then the car hits the scooty and swara gini falls on road
Swaragini : ouchhhh hhh! My hand ! My leG
Then flirtholics stops the car and gets down
Sanskaar:miss I think you have done this because you want to sleep with me ..!
Laksh:yes many girls have gone this
Karthik: ohh of course by the way we are handsome hunks
Kavi kavya:by the stay away they are ours
Neha :kavita kavya I agree

Swara stands up and slaps sanskaar
Swara:do you all doesn’t have some manners how to speak with girls …and you too girls are also girls aswell …and yaa don’t overact
If you are smart then I am smarter and if you are smarter then I am better stay away And respect us not us actually everyone
Come on ragini let’s leave

They both leaves
Sankaar now it is time for betrayal ..come on let’s follow them and collect information
Flirtholics get in

Precap : not decided
Sorry for late And short update…….
Please comment … negative nd positive .. it means alot to me …..

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Janvi gadodia with swasan collage
Swara in yellow dress

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