Flirtholics vs danceholics {intro}


Hiii I am back ..with a new ff and bore you all….as my ff contains sanskaar in good this making sanskaar in grey shade …
Sanskaar:boss of gang …a drunkard…only loves to drink and play with girl’s dignity
Laksh :same as sanskaar
Kavya:tries on sanskaar
Kavita:tries on laksh
Rajat: a ragger…
Swara:captain of dance team
Ragini:same as swara
Sahil:tries on swara
Karthik: tries on ragini
So this is a unique love story …..may be confusing And shocking..with lot of twists…..
I will post janam janam rehna saath mere thrice a week
Flirtholics vs danceholics also thrice a week it on alternate days
Swasan and raglak ka love after marriage on Sunday
Hope you love it

And when I will end one of the the ff I will start swalak and ragsan
Vyshu di sorry for updating swasan and raglak ka love after marriage on Sundays

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  1. Mica

    waaa,, seem soo tempting janviityas…
    keep it up dear.

  2. Teja

    Interesting intro yr plzzz continue

  3. Is this raglak/ragsan

    1. Janviiivyas

      raglak and swasan

  4. Sreevijayan

    Interesting cs

  5. Akshata

    nice intro

  6. Vyshu10

    kiddo….aur kitne surprises dogi mujhe?

  7. nice…pairs of this ff?….

    1. Janviiivyas

      swsan and rglak

  8. Again an awesome ff by u dear…waitng for it…loved ragini…keep rockng dear ..

    1. Janviiivyas

      tysm fairryyy di for lovely comment

  9. Shrinjal

    Excellent and can you please read my ff??

      1. Shrinjal

        There are three ffs one is

        Sau Tarah Ke…Taud de..Ishq Ka harz kya hai?

        Kismat connection.

        I am planning to quit Sau Tarah ke…

        A more ff that is – How much do you love me? ( but I already quitted that)

        HOPE TO SEE YOUR WONDERFUL COMMENTS THERE! Both are my new ffs….

    1. Janviiivyas

      Thaankkkkkk u

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