Flipped (Confrontation) OS part 2

Yep it’s me Aashi with second part of the story flipped specially on your demand. Do read and tell how’s it!?
Ps:- It has a happy ending.

Incase if you haven’t read first part ot have forgotten it, here goes it’s link:-
Flipped confrontation Os
Part 1


Sanskaar pov

Love? This beautiful word is uttered by people like a honey on a tongue. But this sweet word has also side effects on the heart of its followers. Love is never just a name of delicate touches, sweet words or soft whispers, it’s also a name of painful memories, sleepless nights and continuous ache in heart of its victim.

That day at dusk she had left me, was my love not true that I had to lose her.

I know I had done a big mistake and want a chance for repentance. I wanted to meet her, wanted to make her mine.

I decided to go to Mumbai, I aimed of getting admission in University of Mumbai and with diligently hard work, I achieved it.

Missing her wasn’t the hardest part but once I had her is the hardest.

Pov ends

Authors pov

Mistakes are done by everyone, even Sanskaar had done long before. For 5 years he is trying to search Swara but in vain.

You can’t change what’s done , you cant go back in time. All you can do is to learn from your Mistakes and be a better person.

Everyone deserves a second chance.

Sanskaar tried all his best to search Swara, gradually the optimism inside him also started decreasing but Sanskaar Maheshwari haven’t lost yet. Though being hopeless he haven’t stop from finding her.

Pov ends

Sanskaar pov

I enrolled myself into university of Mumbai!!
Whole first year I searched for her, tried all possible contacts.
Asked from everyone, do you know her?
Alas! Barely any one knew.

My optimism started to decrease, I tried to enthusiast new hope in me everyday.

God puts rainbows in the clouds so that each of us — in the dreariest and most dreaded moments — can see a possibility of hope.

At the beginning of second year, I felt positivity , me heart started to saying I will find and make her this time for ever.

And then I met Laksh Khanna, I felt a special bond with him. Gradually we became friends, I told him about Swara. We both shared a similar story except for the fact that he had repented his mistakes and had a patch with love of his life Ragini Sharma.

One day we went and I showed him a single photo of her, which I had. Her two piggy chops hanging looked damm cute. Her eyes to lips everything was the best creation of God.

Laksh said,”,He has seen her.”

Yes , he has Swara was none other than the best friend of Ragini. They were like chaddi buddies always together.

When Ragini was told about it, she refused to help. I proved my love for Swara and yes she agreed to help me.

Pov ends

Starbucks cafe, Mumbai

Someone was restless for meeting his love after a long time. He was excited to see her, he made his appearance best he could and moved to cafe with Laksh.

On the other hand, Ragini tried to fool Swara, and took her to the cafe.

Swara had wore a baby pink dungaree and casual white snickers. She looked adorable with the lightest shade of pink lipstick on her lips and kohl on her eyes.
Her hairs tied in a high pony extending to the waist with providing clear vision of her studs.

On the other hand, Sanskaar had wore denim blue jeans with white shirt. His hairs were set into spikes. (similar hairstyle when he appeared for the first time with swara while entering the baadi).

Swara pov

When I entered I saw Laksh sitting with a guy next to him. His back was visible to me.
I approached them with Ragini. Ragini sat infront of Laksh and I sat infront of him.
And then I saw him, those scintillating eyes. They had become much more attractive. But why was he here? With Laksh. I could not react at that time because I haven’t told Ragini about him.

I was at highest zone of Uncomforts. Raglak introduced us to each other. I tried not to give any reaction. He was continuously staring me. I hated that gaze on me. I wish I could punch him right now.

Then the love birds moved privately for their romance, leaving us alone.

I tried not to look at him.

Hi, he said.
I gave him the best sarcastic smile I had with go to hell look.
He started,” Swara I am extremely sorry, I know what I had done was truly wrong. I shouldn’t have done that. I hope you understand it was just an age where I had done wrong. I hope you will forgive me.

I looked deeply into his eyes, they were true. All the words were true. He had accepted his mistakes. I had fell on his words and decided to forgive him.

“umm Sanskaar listen, I am glad that you have accepted for your mistakes. I can feel it through your words. I have forgiven you hoping that you are not a a*sh*le like before.”

He then extended his hand for friendship to which I readily agreed.

Pov ends

Sanskaar pov

As both of the besties went I pulled Laksh into a hugged. He was correct first repent for your mistakes. Dont directly propose her. I was happy for getting her friendship back. She had changed a lot. From those boycut hairs she had a beautiful long hairs. Her eyes were so serene. She was ethereal. She was a conflate of beauty and mind.

Initially from WhatsApp and facebook we both shifted on phone calls. Spending hours while talking to each other. I could feel the proximity increasing between us. Her comfort zone was increasing gradually. From a normal friend I became a close friend then the best friend. She used to share everything with me. We started hanging out together.

Spending time with her was my favourite. I felt completed with her. She had a felicitous face and was loquacious.

Pov ends

Swara pov

In my dreams I never thought that we both could be the best friends. He had changed a lot.

He was much more alluring than before. His eyes were much more hypnotic. I started hanging out with him.

He was not the Sanskaar I hated but the one whom I loved. After all the mistakes, he was at his most chivalry.

And I loved this Sanskaar. Whenever we meet, I always found myself staring at him. He was so amazing. He was the best.

Three months later

My phone ranged, it was of Ragini.
Os swara she said crying bitterly.

Laksh and Ragini both had a fight, a huge fight. Though their reason was silly but they converted a small thing into a big issue. Huhh rai ka pahad banana!!

I called Sanskaar, his phone was busy. Might be he was talking to Laksh.

5 min later he called me and we discussed about a plan to bring them together.

We plan to go to SOCIAL,
After lots of rona dhona finally they both sorted out everything.
Then the dance began, they both left us and started to dance.

Sanskaar,” will you pleasure me to dance with you.”

I chuckled and placed my hand on his,” why do you need to be formal you could have simply asked,”

“Then how come I could get your million dollar smile,”

This guy knows how to make me laugh better than anyone else.

We went to dance floor. He placed my hand on his waist and me on his shoulder

-> Heart beats fast
Colours and promises
How to be brave?
How can I love when I’m afraid to fall?
But watching you stand alone,
All of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow.
One step closer I have died every day waiting for you
Darling, don’t be afraid.
I have loved you for a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more

Time stands still
Beauty in all she is
I will be brave
I will not let anything take away
What’s standing in front of me
Every breath
Every hour has come to this

One step closerI have died every day waiting for you
Darling, don’t be afraid.
I have loved you for a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more

And all along I believed I would find you
Time has brought your heart to me
I have loved you for a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more

One step closer
One step closer I have died every day waiting for you
Darling, don’t be afraid.
I have loved you for a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more

And all along I believed I would find you
Time has brought your heart to me
I have loved you for a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more<-

We leaned on each other and our lips made way. I could feel whole zoo inside me.

Due to the sudden urge of adrenaline, we kissed, deepened it. It was flavourful.?


3 years later( continuing swara pov)

Ragini: Swara baarat aagayi!! (baaraat has come)

Today is the day about which every girl dreams, my marriage with the one and only who made me flipped for him, my Sanskaar.

Ready in red bridal lehanga with Banarasi embroidery. A beautiful head piece at my hairline to anklet at my legs, everything was heavenly and beautiful.

After that kiss, we realized how much we wanted each other. He was mine and I was his. Followed by confession and taking approval from my parents made me realized how much I am desperate for him.

Surrounded by my sisters and friend holding the garland I made my way towards the stage.

There was he!❤

Pov ends.

Sanskaar pov

There was she!❤

Coming with the garland. She was epitome of beauty.

After jaimal ( exchanging of garlands ), completing all the rituals:
I marked her as mine with a scared thread mangalsutra by tying it at her neck and with a pinch of vermilion on her head.

She was my sole mate and I was his.

Life is just like a roller coaster ride you never know what you are going to have next.

We got married with the blessings of elders.

From meeting at xyz park to my journey till Mumbai, meeting with her was God choice, repenting the mistake was mine and being together was of Ours!!

Who says every love story cannot be like a
blandiloquent fairy-tale! It could be of mine, of yours just you need to make it special.


So guys how was it, I hope I could reach your expectations. Kakali dear this is specially for you!!

Shoot your comments!!

By love,

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