FLIPPED Chapter 6


Hey guys I’m back with 6th part of flipped.
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Third person pov~
While swara was going, somebody had caught her wrist.
Person: Swara this letter is by sanskaar. He wants to meet you in private.
Swara- but why?? Ohh had a break up with kavitha so now trying to play with my feelings! ?
Person- nope dear! It’s nothing like that. He’s not proposing you.
Saying this the person went away leaving our swara confused.
Sanskaar pov:
I was happy today. Somewhat I feel everything was going to be fine between us. I just feel like to express my feelings with her. I wanna announce that I love her! These incidents , making swara jealous only proved I’m in love with her! ??…
While walking through the streets making my way towards school, everything seems to be happy and living.

The birds were chirping,everything was happy, indeed blissful. I reached school. I sent a letter through Rohan to swara mentioning to meet me at xyz park at 5 o’ clock.
During assembly I found myself staring at swara.. Magic of love indeed. It’s so. Pure, it was beautiful. I can’t believe I was in love, but to make swara mine I had to talk to her first.
I had a feeling of jubilation.
Swara pov:
Ritika told me ssankaar was staring. What? Oh my god? Is it? Ummm….wait swara..all boys are the same and sanskaar is even one of them. The flirty, exuberance fliter and player. I don’t know about what he is going to talk. Hope for the best!
5:00 pm at xyz park!
I went there to found him standing near the lake. I tried to control myself not to go but damm my heart for it! Why had I fallen for him? Not answerable, just because of his eyes. Stupid, infact naive . I cannot hunch even for what was going to happen.umm state of obscurity
He’s now standing in front of me holding my hands. What he proposed me? Seriously I can’t believe it!
Sanskaar: I love you swara. I don’t know why are you ignoring me? Why don’t you sniff my hair but I want that pleasure back. I want to see you staring at me, passing me the weird smiles. I don’t know when n’ how I had fallen for you but swara trust me I had flipped for you!
The boy who is my childhood crush , the one who I wanted to share my kiss is proposing me!! Those scintillating eyes were speaking a lot, they were pure filled with eternal love for me, at an instance I was reminded by my mind that I had a vow to my mother. I can’t break it.
Me:(pushing him) you moron, after playing with kavitha’s feelings you’re are trying to play with me. Go hell with you Mr sanskaar maheshwari. I know your games. The day when you were talking to Rohan at library.
Himanshu: Is your plan working?
Sanskaar: Yepp kavitha had believed on that page, just now I want to make her jealous.
Himanshu: You had turned into a possessive lover! ?
Sanskaar: Huhh! Anything for her. How was I. afraid to drop that page down at kavitha’s path.
Himanshu: Yaa, but she was giving a bit heed yrr.. Something is to be done.
Sanskaar: Lets think of something better!
Himanshu: Hope for the best!
Sanskaar: Yes’s! My partner in crime.
__________________________________FLASHBACK ENDS!
Me: You’re just player. I cant believe you can do this. This was not the sanskaar for whom I had fallen !
After finishing my tirade for this imbecil person. I swirled and started moving but then he caught hold of my wrist making me crush on him! I could feel his hands on my waist.
Me: Sans…..sanskaar leave me! Please!
Sanskaar (husky voice): No…you know what that plan was made to make you jealous
Before he could complete….. I pushed and ran away!
All the boys are same, even sanskaar!
I hate him! I never want to see his face again! I never want my life to be spoiled like my sister.
Thank God I’m shifting to Mumbai. It’s better to stay away from him.
Sanskaar pov
When she pushed I realized what was I upto! Damm it I proposed her! How can I be such a jerk.. Shit!
What does she think of me?? A player?? Seriously? Am I a player? How to make her believe that this plan was her! Everything had got into wrong path. It all happen in an extempore! I lost her. Day after tomorrow she’s leaving to Mumbai forever. Leaving me alone. Broken. Was my love not true? I don’t know whether I will meet her again! I was here to confront her not to propose. Watching srk movie had made me enough of cheesy and filmy! This is real life dude..every story is not a blandiloquent fairytale.
Two days later:
Today at dusk she left me. She went to Mumbai leaving me. I was so immersed in swara that it’s seem impossible to forget her. I want a second chance to rectify everything, to fix all broken things! To eschew all the hurdles!
I went to that park again, the petrichor reminded me of the mistake I had done. I had to seek for forgiveness from her. This incident left me jejune! I wish I could meet her, confront her. I’m missing my swara like a hell!
So guys how was it?? I hope I could break silence of you people! Please tell me should I continue or not. Today’s comment will decide that I should continue or not.
Ps : Clementine I want to thank you because you I could try something new . I don’t whether you liked it or not! But your comment meant a lot to me! Thanks dear.
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From love,

Credit to: Anamica

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